Sony Confirmed PlayStation 5 Release for 2020


Back on April 26th, we reported what we DID know and what we DIDN’T know about the PlayStation 5.  

While speculation is always fun, it’s nice too see the payoff in the form of an official announcement.  Sony has done just that and has officially confirmed the next generation platform, and it appears to be called simply.. PlayStation 5.

They have announced that it will launch for the 202 Holiday Season, but have not spoken about price point yet (but still.. better start saving up now!).  There were rumors earlier this week (and today is only Tuesday!) that it was going to release in February of 2020, but this new announcement has, in effect, killed that rumor.

Two major bits to come out of their blog post was the new PlayStation 5 controller:

  1. It will use something called haptic feedback that will replace the “rumble” tech.  Essentially it will still “rumble” but at different intensities.  Crash into a wall while playing a driving game and it may very well shake like crazy, get tackled on a football field and it’ll have a different burst of “rumble”.
  2. Adaptive triggers, this basically means that the triggers are sensitive to how hard you squeeze them.  Imagine playing an archery game, the harder and faster you pull down the trigger, the more power you are putting into your pull. 

Additional details keep coming out, and now that we are past speculation, you can bet we will start seeing some specifics about the PlayStation 5 hit the news.  Some of the bigger confirmed ones are:

  • The PS5 will have a solid state drive.
  • PS5 discs will be able to hold up to 100GB of information
  • It will have a drive for physical games and 4K Blu-Rays (Yay I can still watch Twin Peaks from A to Z on my PS5!!)
  • Ray-Tracing acceleration is in the GPU hardware (we detailed this in our previous article).

We still don’t know what the PlayStation 5 will look like or exactly what it’s going to cost us, but hey, we’ll take the official Sony confirmation that it’s due out in 2020 just the same!