Oblivion’s Edge on Steam?

Through Steam’s Greenlight system (that’s where the community of Steam players can help pick games that Steam will release and also provide feedback directly to the developer), MMO Ventures presents Oblivion’s Edge.



What is Oblivion’s Edge?

Think back to the days of pumping quarters into games like Asteroids, and Galaxan, and Defender.  You flew ships and fired off as many shots as you could, tried to destroy all the UFOs that you could, while trying to dodge an incomming hail of laser fire.  Oblivion’s Edge is this era’s version of that, only it’s super-charged with acid for blood!

It’s official description from it’s Steam Page:

“Oblivion’s Edge is a twin-stick shooter inspired by our favorite arcade and bullet-hell shooters”


Visually you can certainly see where the imspiration came from.  It’s free-roaming in nature and it appears that you can fly endlessly while shooting and destroying (well, trying to destroy) everything in your path.

The storyline is not overly complex, as in; this game is arcade in nature so you can jump right in and play without needing to read a tome of instructions.

The storyline?  What is it?

The description given on it’s Steam Page:

Our solar system has been invaded by a mysterious and powerful alien army. Any attempt at fighting back has failed.  We lost contact with the fleet, they are assumed to be destroyed. Now the battle has come to Earth. Our resources have dwindled; our defenses are destroyed. Staging an assault is impossible. Our only chance for survival is you, Earth’s last pilot.

In essence, you and you alone (you last starfighter!) can save the galaxy! The odds are stacked against you in Oblivion’s Edge but you do have several weapons and defensive items to help you out.

There are 3 difficulty settings for each game mode and there are 4 different game modes to choose from!

You have: Survival Mode, Defend Mode, Minefield Mode, and Earth Defense Mode (hit their Steam Page for a full description of these game modes).

Check out this video of the gameplay in action:




Oblivion’s Edge is a Single-Player game and is playable on PC, Mac, AND Linux!

Be sure to hit their Official Steam Page, give it a look and help these guys out by giving it a Thumbs Up YES!

Personally, I love the look of it!  It has a very “retro arcade” look but with modern day play!  I’ll grab this one for sure, and I can’t imagine it would cost more than a couple cups of coffee, certainly less than ten bucks, and my pockets know I’ve certainly pumped more than ten bucks worth of quarters into games over the years!


Incantris from RAINN Studios – Our Rundown

RAINN Studios is running a KickStarter campaign for a new board game called Incantris and we want to give you all the information we can to help you know all there is to this wickedly cool game.

When you roll up a character in your favorite online MMO, such as World of Warcraft, Rift, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge, Neverwinter, The Elder Scrolls Online, or when rolling up a new character in your favorite pen and paper RPG such as, Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, Tunnels & Trolls, Mage from WhiteWolf, OR when you put together an army in your favorite miniatures battles game such as Warhammer Fantasy, do you typically lean towards the spell slinging magic user?

If so, then Incantris is the game for you!

Even if you only occasionally play a magic user or healer then Incantris is the game for you!

In fact, if you simply enjoy playing fantasy based game, Incantris is the game for you!

Okay, so here’s the deal, you get to take on the role of a spell slinger and you duel it out with other spell slingers.  It’s like a PVP battleground that caters specifically to Mages.  That’s the game boiled down to it’s basics.  The concept here excites me greatly and of course it’s much more complex than a basic PVP session.

Let’s explore some of the inner details of Incantris!

The Game:


Incantris takes place in a world of fantasy.  The Kingdom of Aldramere has seen it’s share of battles.  This war, however, is one of magic and it may very well rip the very kingdom apart.  The most powerful wizards are summoned to the Ruins of Orleal to battle it out with the winner becoming the Champion of Aldramere!

This is not a rush into battle and roll some dice and leave everything up to chance type of game.  There is a great deal of strategy involved, with over 25 different spells, a modular game board, 3D terrain, and 12 different miniatures, this game is unique each time you play it.

In Incantris the magic users are referred to as Wizards, even Druids and Sorcerers.  It’s just a convenient way to refer to them all at once.

Each player takes on a team of 3 wizards, Shaman, Sorceress, Druid, Shadow Weaver, Arcane Knight, Sorcerer, and can wield magic from the Spirit, Astral, and Elemental realms.

To Win:

The winner is the player left standing.

The Miniatures & Their Spells:


As you can see, there minis are very detailed, and I’m sure with a steady hand could be painted to personalize them.  The minis each have a 1″ circular base and stand between 29-34mm tall.

Each wizard comes with a reference card that shows the spells they can cast, the different magic abilities they possess, their life points, and movement points.

With 25 different spells to sling, this game gives you plenty of fire power to defeat your opponents.

The Terrain:


The game board itself is modular and can be changed to a different layout at the start of each game (or in some cases it can actually be changed during game play!).

What All Is In The Box?


I think the graphic above explains that!

This is a KickStarter campaign and there are several Stretch Goals, and the best part?  All the stretch goals will be included in your $49.00 pledge!

Incantris is slated to be released in May of 2017

Warcraft Gold & Levelling Guide

With this guide I was able to earn just over 100K gold in just under 1 week, playing for about 2 hours a day on one of my characters (Warrior, he started off with just under 2k gold).


This past weekend, I used the same guide and methods to gain just over 12,000 gold (Hunter, she started off with just at 11k gold).


And just to further test it, I used the information in this guide on my newly created Demon Hunter and in 5 of creating it, I made this:


All total, I’ve made just over 150K in gold with this guide.

It also has a levelling guide, but honestly, I’ve not used it.  Interested in checking it out to see how much gold you can make?

Check it out: Hayden’s World Of Warcraft Secret Gold Guide


See you in game and you better have your pockets full!

GameMasters and the Stupid Adventure

Sometimes we feel the need to get out and see what’s new.  Sometimes we feel the need to go on a grand adventure and see the sights and plundar hidden treasures.

This is not one of those times.

This is..

GameMasters and the Stupid Adventure.


Sometimes.. Adventure is just stupid…

Warcraft Facebook Stream Test

Blizzard launched it’s new streaming service today via it’s Launcher program.  It’s currently in Beta so you can bet that things will change and get tweaked as it progresses forward.  Currently it streams only to Facebook Live, but I’m sure it will change as there other social media sites that are also integrating a live streaming feature into their platform.

My first impression is that it’s pretty cool, however there is a tremendous amount of lag and latency within the game itself that I do not experience when using just an overall screen streaming program (such as the XSplit Gamecaster or XSplit Broadcaster).  Using Blizzard’s streaming service, I started off with seeing a 1986ms Home latency coupled with a 1665ms World latency.  Those numbers grew and topped out at around 4300ms Home and at about 3500 World.  That translates to about a good 4 to 5 second latency in the game to any action you try to perform.

You can check out my video play of it here (I actually took two of my streams and blended them together for this video):

The first thing I noticed is that the ending of my streams (roughly 3 to 4 minutes) were totally missing.  It still informed me in game that it was streaming, according to Facebook I was streaming live at those times, but when I went back to review to recoding, the endings were just not there.  This happened across 3 different tests.

I am not sure how viable this streaming service is going to be for players that do Twitch.tv since it only goes direct to Facebook (for now).  It makes me wonder if Facebook is going to allow people to begin to monetize their live streams just to try to garner some of that Twitch.tv crowd.  I mean, listen, if you are on Twitch.tv and are actually making money with it, why would you want to suddenly start streaming onto Facebook and not make money?

While my FPS in the test was lacking (I was pulling down 16 FPS at the lowest point), I don’t think it was as a result of the streaming service.  I’ve been suffering from bad FPS issues since they updated Warcraft to patch 7.0.

All in all, Blizzard’s Streaming Service is pretty cool, but because of the bad latency I was getting, I doubt that I’ll return to it any time soon.  I will, however, keep checking back with it to see what new streaming platforms they add.

I think I’ll go unplug my webcam now…


Assassin’s Creed : Leap of Faith Jump

Could you jump from 125′ without wires and land without injury?

In the new movie, due out this December, Assassin’s Creed Leap of Faith, that jump is totally real.  It’s not CGI and there are no safety wires.

Check out this mini-behind the scenes clip of the Leap of Faith!

Could you do that?

Nuka World Fallout 4 Map

Starting NOW players can head over to their local Gamestop and pick up a physical real-world Nuka-World theme park map for the game Fallout 4! (better hurry though, they are limited!)

We at GameMasters.com love maps, so you can bet your sweet.. well.. we’ll be there to pick one up.


This will be Fallout 4’s final add-on and will be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on August 30th (the last Tuesday of this month).

In regards to that, on August 21st, if you are in North America and Canada you can hit your local Gamestop and EB Games to get a physical version of the map (obviously for a limited time).

Can’t wait?  Want to see the map now?  Bethesda offers up a LARGE .pdf file of it here (link takes you to Bethesda’s site where you can download the .pdf map):

Nuka-World Fallout 4 Map


Like may theme parks, Nuka-World is broken down into various “areas”: World of Refreshment, Kidding Kingdom, Safari Adventure, Nuka-Town USA, and Galactic Zone.  Each zone provides a different take on different experiences (sci-fi, western, etc).

Bottom line… go grab that map, either the electronic one or the physical one!


Warcraft how to spawn the Dread Infiltrator

Keep in mind that this is only going to work during the Invasion leading up to the release of the newest expansion for Warcraft, Legion.  Once Legion is released this guide will no longer be accurate.

The big thing right now is a toy that drops off of the Dread Infiltrator,Pocket Fel Spreader It’s selling for 25K plus gold on most servers and is also only going to be available for a limited amount of time (the drop that is, once you have it, it’s yours forever).

These are the steps to getting the Dread Infiltrator to spawn so you can get that toy:

1) Locate a Doomsayer (either in Stormwind or in Orgrimmar).

2) have active something that will allow you to see demons (hunters can use demon tracking, demon hunters can use their spectral sight, other players can use Cursed Vision of Sargeras, or the elixir of detect demon.

3) This is where it gets tricky.. You now have to fly from Doomsayer to Doomsayer (there are about 14 or 15 in each city) and click on them to open their dialogue. Most of the time you will be faced with them wanting to give you a pamphlet. Randomly there will be a second option…

4) Click that second option and start your fight!


These Demon Infiltrators hit HARD so you want to announce in /2 exactly where you are about to spawn it ’cause you will need help!

Also, from the pattern I have noticed, the Doomsayers will have that second option appear about 15 minutes AFTER YOU have spawned it previously. I am still looking to see if it’s a personal cool-down or if it is a global cool-down. I’ll update this article as I discover that. I will note too that the cool-downs are hidden.

Be prepared for lots of whispers asking how you spawn it! Just link em here to this page (GRIN) : http://gamemasters.com/wdi

The Guild Adventurer #4

The Guild Adventurer #4 – Available now


Adventurers Wanted!


Iron Crown Enterprises, the inventors of the critical hit and the creators of such roleplaying games as Rolemaster and High Adventure Role Playing are pleased to announce their latest release. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you: The Guild Adventurer Issue #4!


The greatly anticipated fourth issue of The Guild Adventurer has arrived and is available now through OneBookshelf. The Guild Adventurer is a compilation of original adventures and adventure-related material for Rolemaster, Shadow World and HARP. The fourth issue features five brand new adventures:


  • Who Saves the Savior – a high-level scenario by Robert Defendi for the Echoes of Heaven setting, statted for Rolemaster and HARP.
  • Unusual Heroes – this low-level scenario by Dennis Larsen pits ordinary folk who might aspire to become adventurers against the braggadacio of experienced sellswords; it is statted for Rolemaster and HARP
  • Muck and Mire – this standalone scenario by Marc Rosen statted for HARP and Rolemaster will give your PCs an opportunity to get their hands dirty and their feet wet;
  • Keep of the Damned – this standalone scenario by Ward Miller will satisfy the needs of your HARP and Rolemaster players for a dungeon crawl and general smiting of the Undead.
  • Eyes of Stone – Terry Amthor reveals some of the mysteries and magic of southeast Emer in this Rolemaster adventure for the Shadow World setting.


The Guild Adventurer #4 is available now from OneBookShelf (via RPGNow.com) as a pdf for just $8.

Loot Crate : Vs March 2016 Unboxing & Review

This month’s Loot Crate theme is Vs.  That’s ‘Versus’  if you are not into the whole brevity thing.  Up to this point it’s been ME vs. LOOT CRATE, but after this review, I think there will be no more battle.  I love the idea behind Loot Crate, but I’m just not convinced that the contents I get each month are worth it.

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of canning this subscription box and going on to something else, and after this review… We shall see…


The Breakdown:

Monthly Sub is $13.37 plus $6.00 for shipping. Loot Crate states there will be $40.00 worth of goodies in each box.  I’m going to list the contents and their respective prices so we can add them up and see if this month’s Loot Crate was worth it.

My Video of Unboxing:

Fun video?  Yeah, I ran through the box fast.  I’m already feeling the disdain for this month’s box.  Let’s go ahead and jump into the review…

Up first..

Spock T-Shirt:


Okay, this is a cool shirt.  I always loved the classic Mirror Mirror episode.  However, while this is a neat looking t-shirt, it’s not exactly my style, so it is doubtful that I will actually wear it.

Value: $18.00 (based on that I was able to find this EXACT same shirt design on Amazon for this price), okay, the shirt color was black over there and not oatmeal, but still.. close enough for me to get a value.

Batman V Superman Wallet:


This wallet is made from the company Mighty Wallet.  You know the wallet, you can dunk it water, try to rip it, etc. and it will never die.  It holds cash, cards, all that jazz.  I just don’t need it because MY wallet features an embroidered saying on it, one made famous in the movie Pulp Fiction. (yes, that was supposed to sound like it was being said by an 8 year old trying to one up his friend)

Value: $15.00 because that’s what they sell for on DynoMighty’s website.

Vinyl Alien Vs. Predator Figure:


From the 2004 movie comes a classic piece, the Alien.  This one features the grid cuts made when the Predator cast it’s net on it and caused it to bleed acid.  This figure is from Titans.  I like it well enough, and I’ll toss it among my various zombie vinyl figures.

Value: $10.00 (based on that Think Geek sells a similar style – given it’s not exact, but retail value is the same).

Harley Quinn Issue #1 Comic:


Evidently this comic was made specifically for Loot Crate.  The story line is that Harley finds a genie bottle at the bottom of the sea.  I promise I’m not making that up.  I can’t even do the research to see if there will be any more issues beyond this one.  I would say NO, only because it does say “One Shot” on the cover.

Value: $4.00 (because comics should just not cost any more than that).

DareDevil Vs. The Punisher Beanie:


Given, this is a neat hat.  It even fits my big fat melon head.  I like that it’s reversible too.  Problem is… we just hit spring and it’s just not cold enough outside for me to wear it.  Guess I’ll have to wait several months first…

Value: $20.00 (personally I think that’s a bit high, but that price is based on similar beanie hats found online).

Loot Pin, LC Magazine, Word Gush card, and LC Box:


Okay, all at once..

Word Gush: We have a game that Look Crate advertises to present called Word Gush.  It’s a free game download for your favorite Apple or Android device. It’s a game that’s based on “What Am I?”.  You know, you have a card on your head and you ask questions and then try to guess what or who you are.

Value: Free (it’s a free app download).

Loot Crate Pin: Head over to LC’s site and this pin unlocks a complimentary movie rental courtesy of VUDU.  I’m not sure if you can pick any movie or if it has to be either Aliens or Predator.  At the time of this review Loot Crate has not opened up this month’s pin unlockable so I’m having to go off of information provided to me via the LC Magazine.

Value: $0.99 to $5.99

LC Magazine: Explains everything in the box.

Value: Free (do I really have to justify the free here?)

LC Box: it’s just a box that the loot came in.

Value: Free.

I know I did a lot of complaining with this review.  I’m just really not all that impressed with the items.  I know there are some comic geeks out there that will love some of these items, and I know there is an Alien fan that will go crazy for that vinyl figure, but to impress ME, I have to really like what is being presented, and I just don’t care for this month’s box.  However…  All of that aside, I still have to fairly ask..

Was it worth it?

Spock Shirt: $18.00

BvS Wallet: $15.00

AvP Figure: $10.00

Harley Comic: $4.00

DD vs TP Beanie: $20.00

Word Gush: $0.00

LC Pin: $0.99 to $5.99

LC Mag: $0.00

LC Box: $0.00

Total: $57.99 to $62.99 (because of the variable VUDU rental value).

Yeah, I mean from a value standpoint this month’s Loot Crate box most certainly goes over LC’s $40.00 claim.  However, for me, I just don’t think I’m going to return to Loot Crate.  I think I’m going to try out a new subscription box service and see how things go from there.

RPG Crate – Newest Subscription Box for Gamers!

A few days ago I was playing with some D20’s (I actually rolled 3 20’s in a roll – too bad I wasn’t actually playing a D&D game at the time) when I got a Facebook alert.  I tabbed over to see what was up and found that one of my Facebook friends, Chris, had sent me an invite to a new page he had created.

Now, I don’t go hitting like buttons all willy-nilly so I first set myself to check the page out.  A few moments later I was clicking the like button.  The page that I liked was for a small business that Chris was putting together called RPG Crate.


As you can guess, based on the name, it’s a subscription box that caters to gamers.  At least, it will be.

RPG Crate is a little past it’s infancy stage, but they are not shipping just yet.  My next step was to hit Chris up for some info.  I needed to know more…

GM:  How far into the process are you?

Chris: RPGCrate is in pre-launch, collecting interested party emails, and getting the minstrels ready to take stage and sing a song of treasures!

GM: Do you have some big names lined up for inclusion into the crates/boxes?

Chris: I can’t let the kobold out of the bag just yet, but we’re working with some incredibly talented and popular content providers.  Some of the names will be well known, and some will be more INDIE style.  One thing is for sure, you don’t want to miss out.

GM: About what average size would the crates/boxes be?

Chris: I’m working with a custom box manufacturer now, so the final box isn’t finished yet but my goal is 12x10x4-ish, which will allow me to include full sized hardback books.

GM: Do you have an estimated time frame for the 1st shipment?

Chris: Launch early-mid summer 2016. Pre-orders will begin about 30 days prior to Alpha Launch.

GM: Do you have a rough subscription price plan set up?

Chris: This is an excellent question and I want the value as well as quality to be earth elemental solid.  It seems $35-$55 is a good starting price.  Best of all, I plan to have a couple options; something for the bargain hunter as well as the serious gamer…

GM: Will there be different crate type options?

Chris: Multiple tiers – not all classes fit a player, not all boxes fit a wallet, but RPGCrate fits everyone! 

GM: Will this include all forms of RPG games, from fantasy (like D&D), to Sci-Fi, to modern?

Chris: Alpha & Beta Box will be Fantasy RPG – more themes will be launched afterwards (probably quarterly themes).

GM: What are some example items that you are going to include? Dice, minis, etc?

Chris: In RPGCrate you can expect to see treasures like modules, books, dice, miniatures, maps, full rule systems, and all sorts of other accessories.

GM: About how many people do you have signed up so far, or is it at that point yet?

Chris: 1200+ people signed up to the mailing list in the first week! I’ve stopped quoting numbers – it’s growing too quickly to keep up.

As a RPG gamer I love, LOVE, this idea.  As you guys know I have subscribed to Loot Crate in the past, and I currently am getting Horror Block for review on my ZombieMall.com website.  What that means is that RPG Crate is most certainly going to be a natural fit for both ME and for content for this website.

You can find more info about RPG Crate here:

Their main website, currently taking emails that will in turn alert you to when it all starts to happen: RPGCrate.com

Their Facebook page, great for getting up to date news: RPGCrate Facebook

On Twitter? They are too! RPGCrate Twitter

Instagram also! RPGCrate Instagram
Tumblr too? Tumbler too! RPGCrate Tumblr


Check em out and break out your wallets, I for one am ready to throw some cash to this!

Satellite Internet and Streaming Video Games

I live out in the sticks.  I mean waaaay out in the middle of nowhere land.
For me, the only option for internet is Dial-Up (yeah, that still exists) or Satellite Internet.  I can’t even get decent 4G coverage out here.  Maybe if I hold a spoon in one hand and lean to my left side – then I might get 1 bar of 4G.

Point is, I have satellite internet and for a gamer, that’s harsh.

An Observation:
I’ve been a gamer since I was 8.
Zork, an all text adventure game was my first delve into the gaming world and I’ve never looked back.

Currently I am able to play some online games on my PC.  I can play Hearthstone and Warcraft, stuff like that.  But forget trying to go on raids, there is a tendency to experience what we call latency spikes, and when that happens, you can wipe the raid and not even know it.  Literally, you’ll still be fighting then things will speed up in fast-forward and then you are dead.

Fast Forward to Yesterday and Today..
I have a somewhat successful website here with GameMasters.  We do lots of reviews and other fun stuff so a logical step for me is to stream some game play and try my hand at monetizing that.
I’ve just always figured that satellite internet simply wouldn’t allow for it. Regardless, I signed up for a Twitch account (mainly because I’ve seen how much money some of these pro-gamers can make on there) and decided to give it a run.
I figured because of the latency that there would be issues, and I discovered that, for the most part, it really wasn’t an issue (at least not in terms of game play). There was latency in the game itself due to the satellite connection, but it’s always been like that. The streaming was fairly smooth.

I did a 30 minute game session on Twitch… During that time things did slow down about 5 times that were fairly major (about a good 30 to 50 second “lag”). When I watched the play back I noticed that the times that it would “lag” that my stream went into an automatic Be-Right-Back mode until the “connection” was “re-established”. Certainly not good for someone who is wanting to monetize their game-play stream, as the moment you go into a BRB mode, you stand to lose viewers thus dropping your monetizing potential. When it happens 5ish times per 30 minutes, you might as well not even try.

I was also wondering how it would mess with my data plan. I figured that since I was streaming UP to Twitch’s servers that it (my data plan) would see it as an “upload”.

Not so!

I was streaming at 480p and that 30 minutes chewed up roughly 500MB. I’d really not want to stream at a resolution any lower than that, in fact, I really don’t want to stream lower than 720p, but the 480p was just a test really to see how much data would be used.


A lot of game-streamers will stream for 8 hours at a time, 5 days a week and they can make some MAD cash doing that! When you extrapolate that out; an average of 500MB per 30 minutes, OR 1GB per hour, you are looking at 8GB per day in streaming, OR 40GB to 48GB per week!  Toss in that I have a fairly high data plan (as far as satellite plans go), which is 50GB per month.

Suddenly, the option to monetize your game streams with satellite just become hopeless.

The Future…
Hopefully as we move into the future, faster and better internet access will become available to me, but for now…  I guess I won’t be streaming any of my games any time soon.

Photo Friday #1 – Wampa

I like to take photos.  Generally of landscapes, but I also take a lot for my various websites.

I present to you a new weekly addition here to GameMasters: Photo Friday!  Each friday I am going to add a new photo (and I’ll do my best to keep it game, geek, entertainment related).

We had a slight dusting of snow last night… and well… I couldn’t resist…


Hearthstone Howling Mine Deck

I enjoy playing card games.  I go all the way back to Alpha days of Magic: The Gathering.  In fact, I can recall a buddy of mine, Jody, getting me a deck and 3 boosters of Beta.  I opened them and got a Mox Pearl.  I never cared for White decks and never in a million years would I have every thought that the value of these cards would amount to anything.  I played a Black deck, and I was drastically low on swamps.

I traded that Mox Pearl for 10 Swamps.

In my defense, I won 7 games in a row after I built that deck with those ten swamps…

It was a Howling Mine deck, one that was designed to run you out of cards and win me the game (when Antiquities came out, I tossed Millstone in and that sped things up tremendously).

When Hearthstone came out, I set out to build a Howling Mine / Millstone deck as well.  Obviously Hearthstone does not have Howling Mine / Millstone, but it does have cards that effectively do the same thing.

I tried several classes out to try build this deck, and ended up settling on a Rogue.

It works about 65% of the time, so I’m looking to vastly improve it, but when it does work, it WORKS.

The deck:

rogue2x Backstab
1x Preparation
2x Shadowstep
2x Betrayal
1x Eviscerate
2x Gang Up
2x Sap
1x Doomsayer
1x Ironbeak Owl
2x Patient Assassin
1x Youthful Brewmaster
1x Beneath the Grounds
2x Coldlight Oracle
2x Dancing Swords
1x Sabotage
2x Antique Healbot
1x Dark Iron Skulker
1x Loatheb
2x Vanish
1x Ragnaros the Firelord

How the deck works:

The entire focus of the deck is to burn your opponent’s cards down so they start taking burn damage.

Starting you want to have a Shadowstep, a Coldlight Oracle, and/or a Gang Up in your opening hand.  Those are priority.

You cannot toss out the Oracle without first having one of those cards, as the Oracle is the engine that makes this entire deck work.  Usually around turn 3 or 4 (depending of it you go first or not) you can start priming the engine.

Backstab is also for creature control.

Preparation is specifically for Vanish (makes it’s cost 3 mana instead of 6).

Shadowstep is specifically for your Oracles, make your opponent draw 4 cards in one turn filling their hand and making the extra cards poof.

Betrayal is also for creature control.

Eviscerate is also for creature control OR to hit your opponent to help drop them in health.

Gang Up is specifically for your Oracles ONLY.  Because you too are drawing cards, you don’t want to run out, this effectively adds 6 more cards into your deck.

Sap is also for creature control.

Doomsayer is typically played mid game and is a subterfuge card.  That is, it’s going to do one of two things.. You opponent is either going to ignore it, which will allow it to wipe the board, or your opponent will try to kill it, thus holding off at least 7 damage from being dealt to you that turn.

Ironbeak Owl is also for creature control.  Sortav.  He is best used against something that’s just nasty to deal with.

The Patient Assassins are there for creature control and are good to toss out early.

Youthful Brewmaster is specifically for your Oracles again, just keep them bouncing back into your hand.

Beneath the Grounds, well, your opponent is going to be drawing cards fast, how nice is it of them to give you three 4/4 creatures in the process?

Coldlight Oracle these guys are the engine that make the deck work.  Protect them and keep them bouncing back into your hand as often as you can.

Dancing Swords is another subterfuge card.  You opponent will see it as a nasty 4/4 that they have to get rid of and they get to draw a card when they do.  Little do they know that for each card they draw, that’s just one step closer to them burning.  And when able, attack the opponent to help whittle that life down for when they do start taking draw burn.

Sabotage is great because of all of the other creature control you have, you should be able to control the amount of enemies on the board and usually when this card is played there is typically only one minion on the board.

Antique Healbot is new for this deck.  I kept running low on health and getting down to the wire, however, with two of these in the deck and the speed at which I can draw them, I’ve got access to additional 16 life.

Dark Iron Skulker is a good early to mid-game card.  Being able to dish out 2 damage to all enemy minions is always helpful.

Loatheb is questionable in this deck.  5 mana is kindav expensive but I’ve ended up playing it more as a subterfuge card.  Mainly because my opponent usually goes after it instead of me thus saving me from taking 5 damage that turn.

Vanish is best played when you have 9 mana.  Drop an oracle first, draw two cards (and fill your opponent’s hand with their own minions and they draw two cards) and watch as they burn a card or two because their hand is full.

Ragnaros the Firelord…  this one works some of the time.  I usually end up using my Coin if I go first and drop him when I have 7 mana.  My opponent usually has no choice but to focus on that guy instead of me.

You can also see the deck in action here:

Feel free to hit me up for Hearthstone (Or Warcraft); my Battletag is : flisk#1211

Major Twitter Update for GameMasters

Major Twitter Update:

After 3 YEARS of trying to get the correct name on Twitter for this site, I finally have the correct name back!

I am unsure of exactly what happened, perhaps it was an ex-employee that registered the name (gamemasters) on Twitter thus preventing me from really being able to brand myself and this website over there, or perhaps it was a random namesake.  Regardless, I finally have it secured!

Current followers won’t see too much of a change, but for new ones, please head over to:  https://twitter.com/gamemasters and give me a follow!

You’ll love the game news we bring you!



2016 Video Game Master List (release dates)

Let’s start off the New Year of 2016 by showing you guys a list of all the major games coming out this year! I have scoured the web, cross referenced with my contacts, and in some cases confirmed with my list of publishers the release dates of the following games. Keep in mind that this list may change over the course of the year (hey, delays happen, and as Alpha testing moves to Beta testing things can pop up that force the publisher to change release dates), but for the most part this list should be fairly accurate. Keep in mind too that the further we look into 2016, the more “wiggle” room there may be for the dates listed.

Feel free to bookmark this post (and let your gamer friends know too) and check back so you can plan to make your purchase when the games are released! Also note that as I find more games and as games get solid and confirmed release dates, I’ll be updating this master list!

With that, let’s see what video games are coming out in 2016!



Shooting Stars (PC)

Amplitude (PS4)
Hardware: Rivals (PS4)
Volume (PSVita)

Lovely Planet (XB1)

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India (XB1, PS4, PC) Read more »

Star Wars Force Awakens Who Is Rey Theory

Star Wars Spoilers Ahead!

There have been lots of theories spring up about who Rey is…


One states she is the daughter of Luke Skywalker.

Another states that she is an abandoned daughter of Han and Leia.

And yet another states that she may be Obi-Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter.

but… I have another…

JJ Abrams is a HUGE fan of Howard Stern…..

I theorize that Rey and Kylo are not related in any way, and by the 3rd movie Rey redeems Kylo bringing him back to the name Ben and they get married.
Knowing that the galaxy is probably looking for Ben (because they don’t realize he’s turned good now), they change their last names to Stern and have a child.
They name this child Howard.
Howard Stern’s parents names are Ray and Ben Stern.

And Howard brings peace and balance to the Galaxy…


GameMasters sucks sometimes.

We have the losses to prove it!  Perhaps we will find mercy…


List of Top 15 TV Shows I Watch (and why you should or shouldn’t watch too)

This is a list of 15 shows that I’ve been watching as of recent.  They are in no particular order.  I’ve also provided a small critique of each one, as a couple of them I have had to stop watching…

Orphan Black:


If you are not watching this one, you should be! I’m in love with the Clone Club and it’s just pure fun and entertainment to see Tatiana Maslany in the various roles.  The story telling here is top notch, and the score is perfect in each scene.  Helena quickly became a favorite simply because she just simply refuses to hold back.  I’m hungry for some scorpion now…

The Strain:

This show started out fun, however, in recent episodes, I feel that it is slowly going downhill. I admit that I have not read the book, so I really do not know how different the show is from the book. What bothers me about the show, however, is that all of these vampires are running around, but the general populace seem to know nothing about them. Even the main characters are running around hunting these vampires but in the background we can see people hailing for taxi cabs, we see people shopping, we see people in business suits walking (to work perhaps) casually. One would think the populace would be going through mass panic.

MTV’s Scream:

I’ve tried to stay with this one, and I will continue to record it, but… As of my writing this article it had 3 episodes left, the past two I ended up watching on fast forward. It started off cool, but there is only so much you can do to drag things out. I no longer even care who the guy (or gal) is behind the mask, I just don’t care. As mentioned, I will record the final three episodes, but as it is right now… I’m losing interest quickly.


I can’t get enough of this show. Perhaps one of the reasons I like it so much is because it’s about a guy that has a very successful podcast that he does out of his home. That’s a character I can easily identify with. The humor is dry and effective. The entire show is telling a story. You can watch the episodes out of order and you won’t really miss anything but it’s best to watch in order because as the show progresses so do the characters.

Under The Dome:

Sorry Steven King… I tried to stick with it, I really did. I watched all of the 1st season and the first few episodes of season 2, but when it quickly turned away from the book (this book i did read), I started to lose interest. I tried to watch it just to see how they would resolve things, but so far, it’s just… it’s like the writer’s are making stuff up just to fill an hours worth of time without giving any actual thought to the end game. I stopped recording this one.


I really liked the first season, up to the final episode anyways. It was as if they had all this extra material for a second season and things were being set up for a second season but then they decided to end this story. The final episode of season 1 just happened too fast. Season Two starts up soon, however, it will take place several years prior to Season One. This is not going to be a prequel, but rather will be a different tale of similar Fargo story-telling. I am looking forward to this.



I dunno where AMC keeps getting these kick ass shows, but I love em!  This one is very Asimovian in nature.  Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep indeed!  This is one I’ve quickly become addicted to watching.  A small group of androids trying to figure out what they are (and possibly who).  I hang on every episode!

Wayward Pines:

Everyone has tried to compare this show to Twin Peaks.  Twin Peaks it is not, although the beginning of the show it does have that strange ethereal feel to it.  That’s the only similarity it shares.  I mean.. Apples and Oranges both grow on trees.. but that’s it.  Wayward Pines is based on  a set of novels by Blake Crouch.  For the most part it follows the books fairly closely and the endings in both are sortav similar… Sortav.  Speaking of Twin Peaks…

Twin Peaks:

This is the most important television show in history of television shows.  It was about 25 years ahead of it’s time.  It was among the first of shows to cater to a week by week progressive story line, and one in which so much happened from week to week that if you missed one episode, you were screwed.  All told, I’ve owned 2 VHS copies of the entire series, as well as 2 DVD copies, and a blu-ray copy.  For a long while it looked like we were all going to have to suffer not knowing how the hell Annie was, but recent news states that David Lynch is directing 18 (yes, eight-teen) new episodes (Season 3) set to be aired on Showtime sometime in 2017.  I just hope I don’t die between now and then.

Breaking Bad:

Yeah, I know, it is over.  But thankfully I have it all on blu-ray so it is never over!  Nothing stops this train!  Breaking Bad is perhaps among the BEST television shows in the history of television.  Do I really need to keep praising it?  Exactly.  Speaking of Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul:

Not exactly a prequel to Breaking Bad but kinda sorta it is.  The 1st season was great.  The only issue I had is that we did see Jimmy officially turn into Saul.  But I’m okay with a slow burn, it makes the joint fun last a little longer.  Over the 1st season we see important characters come into play from Breaking Bad, but that don’t matter because these are the versions of themselves before the Baby Blue came about.  Vince Gilligan has also stated that at some point Walter White WILL make an appearance.

The Walking Dead:

Zombies.  Need I say more?  Okay, I will.  For 5 seasons we have been captivated by this show.  It loosely follows the events portrayed in the comic book of the same name.  For those keeping up, the final episode of Season 5 matches up with Issue #77 of the comic book.

Fear The Walking Dead:

I’m still not head over heels with the title, but it’s another show from the guys that made The Walking Dead, so I’ll take it.  Yeah, I know it’s not on tv yet, but I am still looking forward to watching it.  Rumors are spreading like the zombie virus that it may very explain the origin of the zombie outbreak and may even show us Patient Zero.

Doctor Who:

Listen.. I’ve been watching this show since the late 70’s.  Yes, it took a break for a few years, and there are several early episodes I’ve not seen, but for the most part I have seen all of the recent episodes from Eccleston’s Doctor on.  This is science fiction at it’s best.  It’s a show that does not take itself too seriously, but can also pull a tear from your eye when you lose yourself in the tale.  I’ve even got my kids into the show and they have seen every episode from Tennant’s Doctor on.  We cannot wait for the new season to start up in a couple of months!

Game of Thrones:

Sorry folks, I cannot comment on this one.  I’ve heard great things about it, but I’ve never seen it.  I don’t have HBO or whatever channel it airs on, and I can’t justify dropping cash on the dvd’s of it just yet.


I hope you check out at least a few of these shows.  Oh admit it, you have seen several of these already.  What are YOUR thoughts on the shows I like to watch?  Leave me a comment!

Archie vs Predator – Comic Review

I’ve seen some odd crossovers but this may very well be the strangest yet…  This is a very unique combination of worlds in the geek and horror universe!

A Little History First:

The year 1990 saw the release of Predator 2 in the movie theater.  Towards the end we were treated with a super cool scene in which the camera slowly pans over a small closet filled with different skull trophies that the Predators had taken.  One of the skulls was an Alien skull.  Yes, as in the same monster from the movie Alien (and it’s sequels).

BUT.. Did you know that this was not the 1st time these two creatures had a crossover?  In 1989 (November and December) we saw two issues of a Dark Horse Presents comic (issues #34 and #35) that each detailed out a separate storyline, issue #34 for Aliens and issue #35 for Predator.  In February, 1990, issue #36 came out and so began the 1st official crossover.  Aliens Vs Predator soon became a major deal (and I like to believe that it is because of these comics that we saw that Alien’s skull in Predator 2) in the geek world and it spread like wildfire.

Soon AvP comics were everywhere and the what if scenarios seemed to have no end.

Aliens vs Predator was successful, to put it mildly.  On it’s heals came many other crossovers; Superman and Batman vs Aliens and Predator, Aliens vs Predator vs The Terminator, no to mention the countless AvP spinoff comics.  There have even been popular fan man videos of Batman vs Predator (Batman: Dead End look it up) posted on Youtube.  To say that we hunger for this franchise would be an understatement.

Okay, enough history..  On to the review!

I was cruising through my local bookstore (sadly we do not have a comic shop where I live) and I chanced across issue 3 of Archie vs Predator from Dark Horse Comics.  What in the world is this?  Is this THE Archie that we all know and love?  Is this THE Predator that we all know of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1987 movie?  Yes, indeed!

How can this be?  I mean, this idea is absurd (in a good geek way)!  It makes no sense!  Archie comics have been around since the late 1930’s and a crossover like this just makes no sense (in a thrilling I’ve never thought about this before kind of way)!

I HAD to have it.  I thumbed through and found issues 1 and 2 and bought them all right there on the spot.  I really wanted to do a review of each one, but since this is a 4 issue series I decided to compact my review into 1 post.  I also decided to go a different route with this write up.  Normally I would detail out what happens in each comic, but I decided to gloss over the story itself (I mean.. that’s the whole point of this review is to get you interested in buying them to read) and detail our some of the finer points of the comics themselves.

The short version: GO BUY THESE NOW.

The long version:

I really don’t want to give out any spoilers, but I will give a little info about each issue.  You can also click on each cover to link directly to Dark Horse Comic’s page to read more about each issue (or you can hit up your local comic shop if you have one).

In each issue; Alex de Campi did the script with Fernando Ruiz doing the penciling,  Rich Koslowski did the inking with Jason Millet doing the colors and John Workman doing the lettering.

Issue 1


The cover says: Beach games… Party games… The most dangerous game!

Ruiz, Koslowski and Miller did the standard cover art with Eric Powell doing a variant cover art A and Fransesco Francavilla doing variant cover art B.

This issue was released in April of 2015, it runs just over 20 pages.  Spring Break is here and the gang is trying to figure out what to do.  Jughead busts open a bag of Tayto-Chips and the gang has won a free tropical vacation to Los Perdidos Resort.  Okay, I need to pause here.  Once on the island, as you can imagine, things go wrong for our gang.  As mentioned I really do not want to give away the storyline so I’ll stop right here, however…  Los Perdidos…  It means The Lost.  Now, what’s REALLY cool about these 4 issues are all of the Easter Eggs hidden within!

Examine the pages of each issue closely and see how many you can find!

Issue 2


The cover says: Back in Riverdale, safe and sound!

Don Parent with Jason Millet did the standard cover art for this issue.  Dustin Nguyen did variant cover A and Robert Hack with Stephen Downer did variant cover B.

This issue was released in May of 2015 and has just over 20 pages.  Again, no spoilers but I will say that the death toll continues to rise!  Sabrina the Teenage Witch is in this issue and speaks some words of Cthulhu origin.  We learn that evidently Predators are known by some of the people in the Archie world and have been known for quite some time.  Listen, the artwork here is fantastic, the pages are bright and colorful and slick.  The adventure continues into…

Issue 3


The cover says: More victims!  More mutilations!  More Milkshakes!

Gisele with Maria Victoria Robado did the standard cover art for this issue.  Paul Pope with Shay Plummer did variant cover A and Kelly Jones with Michelle Madsen did variant cover B.

This issue was released in June of 2015 and has just over 20 pages.  Don’t let the cover fool you.  The Predator is not a friendly being and the death count continues to grow.  Speaking of covers.. for collectors there are a few different variant covers out there of each issue (as I have detailed out).  Some are a bit darker than the whimsical ones I am presenting to you here.

Issue 4


The cover says: Frenemies No More!

Andrew Pepoy with Jason Miller did the standard cover art for this issue.  Faith Erin Hicks with Cris Peter did variant cover A and Joe Quinones did variant cover B.

This issue came out Today, July 22nd (2015) and has just over 20 pages.  This issue is the final one in a 4 part series.  It is also chock full of action and mayhem!  Pay real close attention to panel 1 on page 4.  There are some throwbacks to earlier Archie comic crossovers (more Easter Eggs alluded to in my Issue 1 portion up above).

I really have nothing more to add.  This was a rip roaring fun and insane crossover, something I’m very pleased with running across.  I cannot recommend this 4 part series enough.  If for any other reason just to have it to collect.

Speaking of collecting…

Hard Cover Edition of Archie vs Predator


Due out in November of this year (2015) is a special Hard Cover edition…  If you head over to Dark Horse Comics now (you will actually be directed over to Things From Another World – a great place to buy comics online), you can pro-order it for only $15.99!  As soon as payday hits, I’m pre-ordering one for myself!


That’s it folks!  Bottom line is.. check this comic out!  It’s a quality comic done up right on quality paper, it has a solid story and is just plain old fashioned comic book fun!  Buy it!

Now.. if I can just figure out a way to convince Dark Horse Comics to entertain a pitch I have for my comic book…


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