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Last night the key was revealed to me on how to Teleport and to an extent on how to travel through Time. Allow me to preface this with the following:

Back in 1991 a friend of mine and I were playing a game on the computer (possibly Bard’s Tale or Ultima 5) and our conversation wandered from “If a gate were to open in front of you that went to an alternate dimension or another world, could you leave everything you know behind and step through” to “is time travel possible?”. We probably pondered that possibility for a couple of hours before we came up with a plan.

What took place that afternoon was a letter. I wrote it to myself at about 6 PM. Shortly after it was written my friend and I went out to dinner with my mom. When we got back home we discovered something that blew my mind.

This is the letter:

“On the night of March 22 1991, will put a pencil, red in the top of my computer desk. I will go back in time and do this. I shall check the drawer at approximately 10:02 P.M. on that Friday night. I swear to do this if I ever Time-Travel.”

I’ve kept that letter with me ever since, folded and in my wallet.

When we arrived home from dinner we looked at about 10 PM in that computer desk drawer and yes, there was a red pencil in there. I will be honest in saying I do not ever recall having placed that pencil in there prior to my writing that letter (which was done in ink).

Later that night my friend and I agreed that we would unravel the mystery to time travel. I was to go to school to learn physics and quantum mechanics while he was to learn to become a pilot. The theory was that it had to be a fast moving machine (like the DeLorian in Back to the Future) and we figured a plane would be about as fast as we would need.

Sadly I never learned anything beyond Freshman Physics and he never became a pilot.

However, after last night there has been a renewal of hope and new insight to how to Travel through Time.

Imagine this scenario, you are being chased by someone and all you know is that you must get away. You are chased down into a field and come to a wall made of brick. There is no foothold with which to climb over and the person chasing you is closing in fast. To get away is simple. Teleport through the wall to the other side.

Teleport through the wall? How the hell am I supposed to do that? This is how:

Travel back in time to when the wall was not there then simply move past where the wall will be, then travel back to your “present”. You will have then successfully teleported beyond the wall. However, the trick then is How do you Time Travel.

Sadly I have yet to unlock that mystery. However, with this new key and insight that I found myself face to face with last night I discovered something.

Where I had previously theorized that it would require a machine or tool to Time Travel, I discovered that it does not! Perhaps it is simply an opening in the mind that will allow for this stepping into the past or future and back again. The events that took place last night (actually it was at about 1 in the morning) opened my mind to an entirely new theory.

What were the events you ask? Woof, you’d probably not believe me if I told you..

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