LootCrate Galactic September 2014 Unbox & Review

September 2014 LootCrate Galactic Unboxing and Review

Galactic is the theme for September’s Loot Crate. If you like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Aliens, then this is the Loot Crate you have been waiting for.

The Breakdown:

Monthly Sub is $13.37 plus $6.00 for shipping. LootCrate states there will be $40.00 worth of goodies in each box.  I’m going to list the contents and their respective prices so we can add them up and see if this month’s Loot Crate was worth it.


The Goodies:


Science Fiction Vinyl Figure: This is a LootCrate exclusive made by Funko. All the LCE Mystery Boxes are the same and inside is Mal from Firefly. These go for about $6.00.


Reaction Figure The Alien: It’s also a Funko item. This is by far the coolest item in the box. The little mouth inside pops in and out and his ‘brains’ glow in the dark! I first saw one of these in my local Hastings about a year ago. Over there it retailed for just under $17.00 but Hastings has always been overpriced on it’s stuff like this. I’ve recently started to see these at Wal-Mart for $8.00 so I’m going to stick with that price for this add up.


Firefly Bank Robbery Money: Yeah, the band on these states 10,000 scrips, but it’s actually just 12 bills. You get six 500 Alliance scrips and six 100 Alliance scrips. Sorry, the face value is not 10,000 it’s just 3,600 (frowny face). And even less, these sell over online for about $10.00 (and actually come with a map – the LootCrate version does not).


Star Trek Tribble: This tribble, according to the package,” was bred exclusively for Loot Crate.” That makes him pretty special I suppose. I also think this one was genetically modified so it won’t multiply when it eats. Either that or it’s dead. Non-LCE versions of this guy sell for $10.00 direct from Quantum Mechanix (the company that makes em).


Star Wars Asteroids Magnet: This is a small magnet, measures 3.5” wide by 4” tall. Take a closer look and it’s actually REALLY cool; lots of “easter eggs” are displayed, how many can you spot? I can’t find this for sale online outside of eBay, but if I had to place a price on it, I’d say about $1.00


Halo Escalation Digital Loot: Another LCE; this contains a download code on the back to get a free Dark Horse Halo Digital Comic for your mobile device. Price: The Dark Horse Digital Comics for the Halo series run right at $2.00 each.


Pop Rocks and LC Button: Green Apple pop rocks. They pop and fizzzz when you eat them. Don’t drink a cola after you eat these or your guts will blow up. Oh wait.. that’s a myth… Mikey is alive and well. You also get the September Loot Crate Galactic Button. You can get a 3 pack of pop-rocks at the dollar store for, well, a dollar. So one would be right at $0.33.


LC Magazine issue #14 and Catalog: Issue 14 of LC’s Magazine talks mostly about Firefly and also lists the contents of this month’s Loot Crate. It also shows what the Mega Crate contains. The Fall Into Savings catalog just shows you some “deals” that being a Loot Crate member can save you. Nothing noteworthy here. No price being attributed to these.


Han Solo Carbonite Mini Poster: This is kindav cool. It measures 9” wide by about 27” long. It’s just a little poster of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite (I wonder if you can take his identity?). I can’t really attribute a price to this, I’ve seen plenty of things like this included free in magazines.

The Crate Box itself: This is another neat diorama setting. Looks like the inside of a space ship docking bay. Has R2-D2 hiding in the corner and a Weyland Yutani Corporation cargo box in another corner. No price attributed to this.

Pretty cool goodies I gotta admit! BUT does it add up to $40.00 worth? Let’s check:

Sci-Fi Vinyl Figure: $6.00

Alien Figure: $8.00

Firefly Money: $10.00

Tribble: $10.00

Star Wars Magnet: $1.00

Halo Digital Comic: $2.00

Pop Rocks: $0.33

Total: $37.33 Uh oh! That’s $2.67 short!!! Loot Crate oh noes! That’s okay, I tend to round things anyways, so we can call it an even $40.00 I guess. I think I may do a contest somewhere down the road and give some of this stuff away.. But let me know that you are interested, leave comments below!

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Dungeons & Dragons 5.0 is HERE!

I can remember sitting down to play my 1st game of Dungeons and Dragons. ..

(overdubbed deep voice here) Previously on…

“back in 9th grade.  That was around the year… 1988 I think.  I was at a friends house, his brother was the Dungeon Master.  This was back when Dungeons and Dragons was still D&D.  Way before Advanced D&D..  We spent a good 2 hours rolling up our characters, and must have played 4 hours before we died and called it a night..  I was a thief (yeah they were called thief back then, not this friendly term, Rogue), and had run across a locked chest.  I snuck into the room without any party members seeing me and thought I had found a trap on the chest, thought I had disarmed the trap, opened the chest and..

“Make a roll.”

“What kind?”


“Okay, I rolled a 5.”

“You are dead.”

“What happened?”

“You saw your life flash before you, you died.”

I was in love with the game ever since.”

In February of 2009 I had just picked up the Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 books. D&D 4.0 had actually come out in 2008 but I was reluctant to get into it. I was still having loads of fun with 3.0 that had been released 8 years prior (that would be the year 2000 according to my calculator). Before then I was kicking ass with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and that’s what I knew best. But when 3.0 came out, along with it was this new thing called ‘The D20 System’. Oh and it was cool. Away went THAC0, in came all kinds of neat ability checks. Yeah, Armor Class got a little wonky and backwards but we learned it’s new workings and we had fun.

Okay so then I made the change to 4th Edition. There really wasn’t much of a change in the mechanics really. It still utilized the D20 System and I really didn’t see much of a use for 4th Edition over 3rd (or 3.5 for that matter). Yeah, some rules were cleared up a fair amount, things were streamlined except combat.. combat got a bit more lengthy. 4th Edition wasn’t all bad, I just had a hard time delving into it’s innards.

However… four years ago I started hearing hushed rumors in the darkened corners of the Realm that a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons was being considered. I dismissed it at the time figuring that it was that hard-core group of adventurers that were stuck in their old Advanced D&D ways. I realized that I may have been one of those adventurers, only stuck in 3.0.


I’ve always been the Dungeon Master (or Game Master) and as such I’ve always come up with house rules. I took the features that I liked best of all the different editions and mish-mashed them all together and came up with something that flowed VERY nicely and very fast. Hell, I can recall a point when I had 23 players in 1 group! You would think that combat would last forever, but rarely did it ever take more than 10 minutes and every person usually got to participate in the battle. As for story telling.. consider your average episode of The Walking Dead. You have 3 groups of characters that they flash back and forth with, keeping you hooked on the previous one’s tale while they jump into the next group’s story. That’s exactly how I ran my games.

Okay, so now that the picture has been painted, what the hell am I talking about?

Four years ago I heard about Dungeons & Dragons Next. D&D 5.0

Excited I became, not because I was burned out on 4.0 or even 3.0 but because I had come to embrace change. I actually thirsted for a change in my adventures.

Over the next three years I participated in a couple of.. eh.. how would you say this.. “beta” tests? I think that sums it up, beta tests of this D&D Next. It was still heavily based in the D20 System, but there was certainly something new and fresh to it. I’ll be honest, in what I’ve gone over with the new Player’s Handbook, things are quite a bit different than what I play tested a few years back.


I’m just now starting to scratch the surface on this new Player’s Handbook so many of the mechanics I’m not 100% familiar with yet. I’d love to give you some side by side comparisons from edition to edition, but just to keep this review short, I’ll make that comparison in a future post.

For now, I’ll simply say this:

If you have played Dungeons & Dragons in the past, regardless of the edition, then you will most certainly want to check this 5.0 Edition out. If you have played other RPGs, I don’t care if it’s another pen and paper rpg or a computer rpg or a console rpg, you will want to check this 5.0 Edition out.

The Player’s Handbook is a high quality book with everything you need to get started in a grand adventure.

We also have in the Monster Manual and Hoard of the Dragon Queen (an adventure designed for characters between the levels of 1 and 7).

As of now the Dungeon Master’s Guide is not out. According to a press release by Wizards of the Coast, it originally was set to be released in mid November, however it has been moved to mid December. The reason given was to include a bit more content and to provide the best possible product that they could. I, for one, am happy that they are doing this. I’d rather Wizards take a little extra time to put a good polish on a good book rather than simply shipping it out just to grab a few dimes.

On the surface, these books include outstanding artwork. Within, everything is broken down into nice bite sized chunks that’s easy to digest.  It looks like many things have been scaled down a fair amount in regards to combat. As for races and classes, there are oh so many more choices now to start off with.

Level is capped at 20 (it takes 355,000 exp points to attain level 20 now, as opposed to 190,000 for 20th in 3rd Edition or the variable exp points per level that was found in AD&D). That’s not a bad thing really. I’ve played in many a game where the point was to gain as many levels as fast as you could. Yes, there is something in that, but often times I found that the story was lost in the process.

Things in D&D 5.0 seem a bit more.. tame. I’m not giving it that word to be nasty, I certainly don’t intend for that to come across as meaning that 5.0 is boring. Far from it. When I say tame, I mean that in previous editions there was an element of chaos in learning the rules. I’m not finding that chaos here. Everything seems very straight forward and everything, so far, is making sense (mechanic wise).

I can’t wait for the DMG to be released because I know that’s going to be my continued roll with this game. However, until then, you’ll be able to find me rolling my weighted D6s and making up a new character. What? You didn’t know that Dungeon Masters cheat?

I’m not done with this Monster Manual either. Not by a long shot. Give me a monster from a previous edition and I’ll do my best to give you a side by side comparison between what it was back then and what it is and can do in 5.0. The Tarrasque was always among my favorites… What would you like to see compared?

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LootCrate Heroes August 2014 Unboxing & Review

August for LootCrate is all about Heroes.  Today we have the unboxing of.. well.. the August LootCrate Heroes box.  Check it out and beneath I’ll break it all down:

Remember how we break this down for you; the Monthly Subscription is $13.37 plus $6.00 for shipping; LootCrate states there will be $40.00 worth of goodies in each box.  I’m going to list the contents and their respective prices so we can add them up and see if this month’s Loot Crate was worth it.

TMNT Sunglasses: 1st up we have some Ninja Turtle Sunglasses.  These are pretty cool, too small for me (not to mention I’m a 4-eyes so I really can’t see with them on anyways), but they make you look like one of the Ninja Turtles!  The one I got is Red, so that would make me.. Raphael.  Okay as for the price, I only found 1 place online selling them and they were going for $18.00.  That’s insanely high in my opinion, so I went to look on ebay (I like to use ebay for price reference as it usually tells me what people are actually willing to pay for something) and on there they seem to be listed at anywhere from $2.00 on up to about $12.00.  I’m going to be VERY conservative here and price them at $5.00.

Membership Card: Next we have an official LootCrate Membership Card.  This is just a credit card sized piece of plastic.  It’s thick and not flimsy, but I cannot attribute any monetary value to it at all.

Groot: I have Groot.  This is a LootCrate exclusive.  His arm and hand glow in the dark.  We like stuff that glows in the dark.  It’s from PoP! Marvel, and the non-glow version retails for $11.00.

TMNT Raphael: We also got an Ooze Action Glow in the Dark TMNT Raphael from Kidrobot.  Did I mention that we like stuff that glows in the dark?  Sadly it’s only the tips of his sais that glow, so don’t lose them!  This one retails for $10.00.

Shwings:  Thanks LootCrate, now I can’t get Wayne’s World out of my head…  I’ll have to watch that tonight, but I digress.. Shwings is a silly little thing that gives your laced shoes wings.  Get it?  Shoe Wings?  Just understand that they don’t really make your shoes fly.. Unless you throw them.  They retail for $9.00

Sonic Breeze Air Freshener: I’m hesitant to open this and see what it smells like.  It’s an air freshener for your car, hangs off the mirror, old school stuff.  Okay okay, for the sake of this article I’ll open it and sniff.  Hold on while I do that..  Oh the stench!  That evil vile.. oh wait.. the dog just farted.  Good thing I opened this Sonic Breeze Air Freshener!  It smells like.. well.. according to several websites it’s scent is.. Sonic Breeze.  I can’t really describe it, just a generic ocean breeze I guess (or maybe it’s Sonic’s Fart?).  It retails for $3.00.

Chimichang’Os Magnet:  Deadpool reference.  It’s just a small magnet, about the size of a credit card.  Sadly they used super thin magnetic material so it doesn’t really hold anything up on the fridge other than a small sheet of paper.  Retail Value about $1.00

August LootCrate Button:  It’s a button.  Represents August.  From LootCrate.  I cannot attribute any monetary value to this.

Bonus Digital Loot:  Bonus is always cool.  Is it worth it?  You get 3 codes to unlock some digital stuff.  The digital stuff is:  Doctor Who Legacy, this code provided lets you unlock 11 Doctors, Rose Tyler, Clara, and K-9.  Defense Grid the Awakening, this code gives you the complete game (a $10.00 value).  Gauntlet, this code grants you an exclusive in-game helm – Mask of the Wyrm Slayer.  Personally, I’m never going to check these out, but for value’s sake, I’m going to say it’s worth the price of the Defense Grid game, $10.00.

LookCrate Issue 13:  We also have Lootcrate’s Mini-Mag issue 13 that gives a bit of detail about all of the goodies in this month’s box.  I’m not going to assign any value to this.

The Box:  Normally I would not list this, but this go around I am.  The box itself (the inside) is a small diorama of a sewer, perfect for your Ninja Turtle to play in.  I like that they are doing this, makes the box something you are less likely to toss out and fill up a land fill with.  However.. I’m not going to assign any value to it.

Now that you know what’s inside, let’s add up the value.  Remember it’s supposed to be over $40.00 worth of goodies.

TMNT Sunglasses – $5.00

Membership Card – $0.00

Groot – $11.00

TMNT Raphael – $10.00

Shwings – $9.00

Sonic Fart – $3.00

Chimicagos Magnet – $1.00

LootCrate Button – $0.00

Digital Loot – $10.00

LootCrate Issue 13 – $0.00

LootCrate Box – $0.00

Total – $49.00

Yup!  It’s over $40!  Yeah, I may not like every item listed, but overall it’s got some fun stuff in it, certainly some cool things I can give to some cool friends!  If only I had friends…

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LootCrate Villains July 2014 Unbox & Review

Back in May we did our 1st LootCrate unboxing.  In June we let the time get away with us (something that can happen when you are working on a time machine), but it was all about Transformers.  July, this month’s LootCrate is all about Villains and we have an unboxing for you.  We even shot a short video showing you the loot stuffs so be sure to check it out.


Now that you’ve watched the vid, here is the low down on the goodies within.

Unboxing and Review of LootCrate’s July 2014 Villains theme crate of loots:

What I’m going to detail out is the retail cost of each item and you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

What we have is a small box 9″ x 3″ x 6″.  Crammed inside is all of this:

I Want You – Super Mario Brothers magnet featuring Bowser on the front.  It’s a low stick magnet, meaning it’s not really going to hold anything other than itself to your fridge.  Retails for about $2.50

Marvel Deadpool Socks for Shoe Size 6 to 12.   They retail for about $9.00 but I’ve seen them for sale at a couple of online retail places for about Five bucks.  I’ll stick with the retail price of 9 dollars for this addup.

Villians LootCrate Issue 12 – a small catalog type booklet free if you ask me.

Necessary Evil Super-Villains of DC Comics CD  Oh wait!  This is a DVD!  I’ll watch it after this posts and leave a review of it separately in the comments section.  Looks and sounds cool though!  The Blu-Ray retails for about fifteen bucks, I cannot find this as a stand alone DVD but I’ll assume it going to run right at $9.00.

Star Wars Darth Vader Plasticolor Keychain – retails for $4.80

Joker and Harley Quinn poster – these are attached to each other so be careful cutting them apart, each one measures 8″ x 12.4″  I cannot find a retail price but I’d imagine IF you found them anywhere it’s going to run about $1.00.

LootCrate Villians July Button – free

LootCrate Exclusive Issue #1 Rocket Racoon Marvel Comic – retails for $3.99  I’m leaving mine in it’s package, I’m a geek and comics are one thing that I’ve never touched.  I just know they sometimes go up in value when in mint condition.  However, with that said.. I don’t hold out much hope that this one will sky ‘Rocket’ in value.

Alternate Art Joker (in the likeness of Loki) t-shirt – this Joki shirt, as best I can find it’s retailing for about $20.00.

I spent $19.37 total for this month’s LootCrate, with $6.00 of that being for shipping, so really I spent just over $13.00 for this.  They stated that it would contain $40.00 + of retail value.  Let’s do some math and see..

Mario Magnet – $2.50

Deadpool socks – $9.00

Villains of DC DVD – $9.00

Joker/Harley poster – $1.00

Rocket Racoon Comic – $3.99

Joki Shirt – $20.00

Total: $45.49

It’s over that $40.00 claim, and honestly, I lilked the goodies within much better this go around.  As stated before, you may not like everything within the LootCrate, but you will certainly get something you like.  The rest.. give away as gifts.  Remember to check the comments below for my in depth review of the DVD!


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LootCrate May 2014 Unbox & Review

What is LootCrate?  It’s a box of crap for geeks.  No other way to explain it really.  Yes, the LootCrate website dresses it up much better than that because, really, who would but a box of crap?  Well.. me.  I’m a geek.

No, it’s not literally full of feces.  It’s full of geeky gamer stuffs.  If you are a gamer of any type, chances are there will be something in this box that you will like.  You may not like ALL of it, but there will probably be something in it that you will like, at least one item.. at least.

The Concept:

LootCrate charges you $xx a month and in exchange they ship to you a box of goodies.  Each month has a theme, with the goodies revolving around that theme.  They also claim that each box will hold over $40.00 of retail value.  Not bad since you are paying, well, see the plan cost breakdowns:

The Cost:

1 month plan is $13.37 plus $6.00 shipping ($19.37 total)

3 month plan is $12.37 plus $6.00 shipping ($55.11 total – you save $3.00)

6 month plan is $11.67 plus $6.00 shipping ($105.99 total – you save $10.00)

I chose the 1 month plan because I’m just not 100% sure about this yet.  Others just LOVE it and it’s on their word that I decided to sign up.

The Theme:

Each month caters to a different theme.  The items in the box all revolve around that common theme.  For example, March 2014’s theme was ‘Titan’ in which several items revolved around the game ‘Titanfall’.  April’s theme was ‘Dragons’ and you guessed it, the goodies were based on dragons. May’s theme (the one that I am reviewing in this article) is ‘Adventure’.

Unboxing and Review of LootCrate’s May 2014 crate of loots:

What I’m going to detail out is the retail cost of each item and you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

What we have is a small box 9″ x 3″ x 6″.  Crammed inside is all of this (well, minus the Twin Peaks backdrop):



To be honest, I had almost forgotten that I signed up for this.  It was the middle of last month when I did and at the time I was unaware that it was not shipped out immediately.  I guess they ship them all out at the same time, which thinking about it makes sense.

Okay, on to the 1st goodie..

Adventure Time tin with a random figure inside.  According to all of my research this tin actually premiers this month and has not been available until now.  A couple of websites I ran across has these guys on sale for $6.67.  I cannot say as I’ve watched Adventure Time, but I am familiar with it.  The figure kindav just stands there, and coupled with the tin I get the Happy Face, Sad Face thing going on.  Great for any aspiring actor!



Next up is a MineCraft random hanger.  Actually it’s a keychain dangler.  This too I have never played, but again I am familiar with MineCraft (my daughter and her cousin do play it).  Looks like it retails for $6.99.



Next out of the box The Friend Zone Soundtrack.  huh?  Okay, I admit, I have never heard of this.  It says to watch Fridays from 3PM to 6PM PST.  I had to look this up just to see what it is.  This proved to be a bit difficult.  The term ‘Friend Zone’ is plastered all over the place (it simply means that someone wants to date someone else but that someone else just wants to be friends).  The CD jacket really does not go into specifics as to where to go to watch from 3PM to 6PM, nor does it list a link to any kind of official website.  From what I’ve learned MTV has a show that airs called ‘friendzone’ but their website shows little detail about it. IMDB lists a show called ‘Friend Zone: The Series’  YouTube shows hundreds of results for the same title.

Maybe I just stink at trying to research this one, but I really have no idea where to direct you for more information about it.

I did manage to find the soundtrack itself for sale and according to the website it’s a limited edition CD and retails for $10.99. However, the website fails to mention where to find more info about the show itself.  It also appears that it is somehow associated with something called Polaris (more on that in the next picture).

As for the CD itself; there are 11 tracks (one is a bonus track) and each one has the sound of mid 80’s 8-bit video games.


Random stickers.. or are they?

Perhaps the clue to the friendzone soundtrack can be found in these stickers..  I noticed that on one of them is a logo for Maker.  That same logo appears on the back of the CD as well. Hmm..  Okay, so we have a CuratorStickerSet that has 7 stickers on it, none of which I recognize.  Another sheet, CaptainSparklez Stickers with 2 stickers on it, again I don’t recognize them.  A sheet of MarkiplierTats temporary tattoos (has 2 on it), and a button from LootCrate indicating this month’s theme.  I am not able to find any kind of pricing available online anywhere for these, but I’ll be generous and say total it would be about $5.00.



Next up is a Legend of Zelda It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This… bottle opener.  I like this one, it’s actually pretty cool.  Graphics from one of the first Nintendo Adventure games adorn the front while the back is just a shiney silver (hey you might could use it to signal for help!).  I scoured the internet to find one and could not find it.  I’ll be generous and say it’s cost is about $6.00.zeldaopener

And lastly, another Legend of Zelda item, a cool Link t-shirt.  it’s made out of super thin 100% cotton (so expect it to shrink a little).  I found a VERY similar shirt style on a clothing website that had it retailed for $19.99 (that alone is more than the cost of the LootCrate!).



To Wrap It All Up:

Okay, not everything in this LootCrate was a hit.  I really don’t care anything about the stickers, I have no idea who Josh Jepson is, although doing a quick google search tells me that he is a gamer dude that does game reviews and other geeky stuff.  Perhaps I need to reach out to him..

But now it occurs to me.. Perhaps this is the gold within the LootCrate.. It has actually exposed me to some geek culture that I never really knew existed, and I know a lot about various geek cultures!  I do know that I’m going to continue my research and see if I can solve a few of these unknown items.

With all of that said, let’s take a look at the pure numbers.

I spent $19.37 total for this month’s LootCrate, with $6.00 of that being for shipping, so really I spent just over $13.00 for this.  They stated that it would contain $40.00 + of retail value.  Let’s do some math and see..

Adventure Time Tin = $6.67

MineCraft Dangler = $6.99

Friendzone soundtrack = $10.99

Sticker collection = $5.00

Zelda Bottle opener = $6.00

Zelda T-shirt = $19.99

Total = $55.64

I’d say purely based on the numbers that they certainly exceeded the $40.00 plus claim!  While I was being generous with some of those numbers above, I also realize that some of them are simply promotional items and probably never had a retail value attached to them, however, I’d say that this is kindav a cool deal.

I’ll keep my subscription up for at least one more month and see what June’s LootCrate will bring me.

OH.. and be sure to hit this link to check out LootCrate’s webiste, it’s my referral link:  GameMaster’s LootCrate Referral Link

Thanks for reading!


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