WorldWake Fat Pack Pull

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks..

Once you get past the tough plastic wrapper you are rewarded with a tactile full color art sleeve that you can actually fold out to reveal even more artwork.  I’ll use that on my display shelf.

Sliding that off reveals a player’s guide. The best part: it shows you a full color spoiler of every card in the set. That alone is worth a pretty penny! Thumbing through that, I’m already getting some deck ideas. Allies anyone?

Inside the box is another booklet, a sample chapter for In the Teeth of Akoum by Robert B. Wintermute. Also within are two packs of bundled cards. 4 packs of boosters and a D20 in one, 4 packs of boosters and 40 basic lands in the other.

Time to explore the packs!

I’d have to say this was an above average pull. No Jace, but still…

24 Uncommons:

4 Black Uncommons

5 White Uncommons

5 Blue Uncommons

5 Green Uncommons

3 Artifact Uncommons

1 Land Uncommon

1 Red Uncommon

4 Foils:

  • 1 Foil Snapping Creeper
  • 1 Foil Smother
  • 1 Foil Summit Apes
  • 1 Foil Strength of the Tajuru
  • 5 Rares:

  • 1 Mordant Dragon
  • 1 Terastodon
  • 1 Quest for Ula’s Temple
  • 1 Kalastria Highborn
  • 1 Agadeem Occulist
  • 3 Mythical Rares:

  • 1 Avenger of Zendikar
  • 1 Omnath, Locus of Mana
  • 1 Abyssal Persecutor
  • Okay, 3 Mythic Rares for 9 Rares total (remember one was a foil), I’d say that was one hell of a pull! Stay tuned for the next post: (coming up on the 15th of March) I’ll be giving you all a sneak peak of the next Magic the Gathering expansion; Rise of Eldrazi!

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    Back to Azeroth Day 1

    After having given up on Norrath and it’s super crappy graphics (well, i’ve not completely given up, I’m going to adventure into that realm at least once more sometime in the next few days; be sure to keep an eye on the Adventure Journal for that entry), I decided to return back to World of Warcraft.

    I ran into some people that play on the Hellscream server and they have more or less talked me into coming back.  Besides, I’d like to check out Wrath of the Lich King.  Last time I played was about 3 months or so before WotLK came out, so I’m sure there will be much to “re-learn”. 

    It took me the better part of 12 hours to reinstall the main game and Burning Crusade plus the 3 gigs worth of updates.  After that I jumped in, my level 70 warrior was still there as were my lower level henchmen.  Cool.  I still have about 600 gold too.  Plus all my items.  When I left I had just maxed out my mining and blacksmithing and subclass of hammer weaponsmith.  The very last thing I did was create Deep Thunder, a 2 handed mace that had a chance of stunning your enemy for 4 seconds.  Combine that with Mace Spec from the Arms talent tree and you could potentially stun them for up to 10 seconds.

    Neat, I found that my talent trees had been wiped clean, makes sense, they introduced new things and they wipe them each time.  Free chance to try something new.

    Imagine how pissed I was to see that they changed the Mace Spec to ignore 15% of your opponent’s armor (when speced with 5 points).  Not bad, but certainly NOT the stun spec I had worked my ass off to be able to make Deep Thunder for!

    Okay, so I’ll switch back to speccing in Axes, still get increased crit % with that spec.

    Next I discovered they added what lots of other games out there right now are doing; achievements.  Left for Dead does this, Halo does too (I think).  I like this feature, when I play WoW, I need a goal to work towards; this is perfect!

    And pets, oh thank goodness they finally gave me the ability to free up some bank slots!  they added a nifty area where you can add all of your pets and mounts and other companions and you simply cast them from there.

    They also added another feature called Glyphs.  I’ve not had a chance to really check that out yet.  From the auction house it looks like the might be specific enchants you place into a book and reap benifits from that.  Neat!

    There are a few more new things to check out, but first I need to remember all of the addons I used to use…

    Funny part is, I’ve not even had a chance to play yet, mainly installing and checking out the new technical changes.

    I certainly look forward to actually sitting down to play once I have everything set up to my playstyle again.

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    Return to Norath Day 3

    Okay, what did I do today.. 

    I discovered that players can have their own NPC “traders” where they sell their goodies.  The problem, there is nothing to keep the item’s worth in check.  I found a Firebrand sword (i think that’s what it was called) on one trader for 30K platinum, found the exact same sword on another for 250 platinum.

    I got the one for 250 plat.

    It’s neat, but looks like a regular sword, all it does is hit for about 50 fire damage every 5th hit or so.  Not bad, it adds up over the length of the fight.  And man are the fights lengthy!

    Fought a witch, an armadillo looking thing, some skeletons, a giant, tiptoed past a mature dragon, found myself in the thick of more dragons, hid behind a rock and pulled out my book.  Teleported to the Plane of Knowledge.

    While I’m having a little fun, I am finding that I hate, HATE, combat in this game.  Takes too long to kill something that’s lower level than me, and even then you gotta watch for wondering monsters, they will almost always cross your path when you are fighting, thus drawing the fight out even more.

    I considered installing World of Warcraft again, but decided against it.  I’ll stick this one out a little longer.

    But to be honest, I just don’t see myself playing it for too much longer.

    Graphics suck and combat is too slow.  I’m trying, I’m trying real hard to remember how I could have enjoyed this game way back when.  Perhaps it was among the first of it’s kind, but damn, it’s hard to keep wanting to play it right now.

    I find myself getting bored, almost fell asleep at the keyboard too.

    Until next our paths cross!

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    Return to Norath Day 2, Part 2

    March 13th, 2009.  Day 2, Part 2.


    After some rest I decided to give it another go.  Most of the locations I used to haunt are returning to memory.  The Nexus, Queynos, Freeport, yeah, I remember most of em now.  I decided to find the bank, I could not remember what all I had in there.

    Lo and behold!  I have over 2,000 Platinum!  Is that good?  I don’t recall what stuff really costs here anymore.  I left all of it in the bank and went to the Planes of Knowledge again.  This time I had a necklace with a tooth on it.  I found a gargoyle and gave it to him, he asked me to join his cause.

    What the hell.  I did.

    I was then transformed into a winged Gargoyle!  This was new to me, and was certainly not in the game way back when!  I travelled the land, killing little gray critters and scooping up the trash they had.  I then went back to my original form and took off to Queynos.  I found some skeletons waay west of the city (at least I think it was west).  I killed them and traveled though a cave.  Found myself getting very bored, for even attacking gray monsters seemed to take over 2 minutes (and I was hitting them with two weapons at the same time for about 30 to 70 damage each swing!). 

    I then found that I was looking at how crap-tacular the graphics were.  Yeah, I know the game is super old, but seriously?  You’d think they would have vamped up the graphics a little.  Hell there were parts where I could see forever and there were no trees, no monsters, no buildings, just the sky and flat land.

    No wonder I went to World of Warcraft way back then.

    And that’s the thought process I had when I sat down to log out for the evening.

    30 seconds.

    What did I accomplish?  Nothing really, just went from one place to another.

    25 seconds.

    Did you do anything fun?  Well, I turned into a gargoyle for a bit, that was kindav neat.  But not neat enough to hold my attention for too long.

    20 seconds.

    And you didn’t like the graphics?  No, but I kindav knew that going back into it, besides, not all games are great solely because of their graphics, I also like the storylines.

    15 seconds.

    Do you like the storyline in EverQuest?  Beats me, I honestly didn’t read half the dialogue, I just smacked the keywords when hailing an NPC.  I guess I would have to say no then.

    10 seconds.

    You gonna keep on playin?  Yeah, for a little longer, not tonight, but later.

    5 seconds.

    At least you are giving it a try.  Well, at least in this second part of today I did not die…

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