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Assorted Geekery

I know I’ve been neglecting for the past few months.  My time has been consumed by .  Seriously, it’s infected my like a virus.  I’ve had such positive feedback from it from everyone that has stopped by to check it out.

What is ?

Put simply, it is a website that sells Horror related items, from books to  music CDs , from  movie related items to games , from  t-shirts  to  stickers , to oh so much more.

However, there is also another major theme with …

I have the  ZBlog (ZombieBlog) , and let me tell you, this is where the true experience of the website comes to… eh.. erm… life.

My focus with’s blog  portion is to promote people related to the Horror Genre.

Authors of this genre are generally not well known, musicians are even lesser well known, and artists even lesser known than that.  My goal is to have a platform to use to give reviews for these different categories, as well as to talk about horror in general.  Yes, it’s main theme is Zombies, but as it grows.. keep an eye out for other things that “go bump in the night”.


I just wanted to let everyone know why I have been so lax with as of late.  I apologize for that.