There are two schools of thought when it comes to charts.  Some dungeon masters love em, others hate em. I’ve always been fond of tables such as Critical Hit and Critical Fumble.  What I did not like was the lack of detail.  That is, I hated that you were toContinue Reading

Hot out of some boxes, I found some hidden gems from yesteryore.  Take a look at this!   That’s not even 1/4 of the Dungeons and Dragons books that I got in.  And yeah, hidden kindav at the top and right of the photo is a Games Workshop box ofContinue Reading

I’m working on a deal with another game store in which will be donating a fair amount of games. Why?  Well, for one, they are old out of print games (some even made by companies that no longer exist), for two is a major supporter of the smallerContinue Reading

Oh yes, GameMasters is back and with a vengeance! 2009 boasts to be a big year for both and for gamers alike! We’ve got boxes and boxes of old games and guides to sift through, and the majority will be listed in our  online store  for $7.00 or LESS!Continue Reading

I know I’ve been neglecting for the past few months.  My time has been consumed by .  Seriously, it’s infected my like a virus.  I’ve had such positive feedback from it from everyone that has stopped by to check it out. What is ? Put simply, it is aContinue Reading

With the close of the GameMasters LLC Retail Store, there have been quite a few displaced gamers. Well, if you are in or around the area of where the old GM store was; Reel World is just a short drive further down the rode! Roger L Kolikas is the ownerContinue Reading

Here we are Blasting away! Some of you might note that we have a new Forum listed. For those of you interested in Video Game Cheats please go to our Forums and register! Then send me an email  telling me what your registered forum name is and I’ll getContinue Reading

Ah, yes. Yoda. The Countdown has begun! Are you getting ready for May 21st 2002? If so, come by GameMasters and ask what Flisk and his wife Sonja are going to have set up at the theater for all the campers! WOW! November is upon us already! That means aContinue Reading

The Games Workshop Wall keeps getting bigger and bigger! We have tons of demos going on; everything! 40K, Fantasy, Warmaster, Epic 40K, Battle Fleet Gothic, and more! Oh yeah, we also have demos of the new Inquisitor! I suppose I should also mention that we have a fantastic Blood BowlContinue Reading

ATTENTION Games Workshop Fans! Be sure to look at the calendar for the first weekend in June! We are doing a 40K Tournament for a pre-release for the new GW game INQUISITOR! ATTENTION Magic the Gathering Fans! Be sure to check out our calendar on June 2nd for the MINI-PRE-RELEASEContinue Reading