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Game Masters has been around since about 1994.

Starting out as a brick and mortar retail location in Memphis, Tennessee (6554 Quince Road to be exact), GameMasters is now a website dedicated to the review of games, movies, and other assorted geekery.

Should you want us to review a game feel free to drop us a note.  We have almost every platform out there.

Have a DvD or BluRay for us to review, we are happy to review those too!

We also have been involved in numerous game testing and developing for various titles prior to their release to the general public.  If you want us to Alpha or Beta test your game drop us a line.

Some of the games include (in no particular order):

Various books and supplements for Dungeons and Dragons:

Psionics Handbook (2000), Defenders of the Faith (1999), Tome of Blood (2000), Ghostwalk (2002), Miniatures Handbook (2002), Magic Item Compendium (2005), Black Flags (Avalanche Press)

EverQuest 2 (alpha test)

All of the World of Warcraft expansions up to Legion (beta test – except for Wrath of Lich King – closed beta and open beta)

Star Wars Online (beta test)

Ultima Online (closed beta and open beta)

3 of Magic the Gathering’s expansions : Invasion Block – Invasion (1999), Planeshift (1999), & Apocalypse (1999) (balance test)

Unnamed Highlander CCG expansion that was never released – unknown reasons as to why it was never released.

Legend of the Five Rings RPG :

Way of the Shadowlands (2000)

Star Wars CCG – Hoth Limited

Star Trek Tribbles Card Game

Diablo 2

Diablo 3 (open beta)

Star Craft 2 (open beta)

Zombies!!! 7: Send in the Clowns

Batman Arkham City 

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (playtest sandbox feedback panel)

The list goes on and on.


GameMasters.com was imagined, (with a lot help), maintained with even more help (couldn’t do it without you Octavia!), and all that jazz by Brian.

Want to leave Brian or Octavia a message, a silly comment, a party invitation, money, free computer equipment, 22 acres of land, or just to say “Neat site!”, please Email manager@gamemasters.com.

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