Astral Projection : Unlocking Travel

Astral Projection : Unlocking Travel


What is Astral Projection?

It’s the leaving of one’s physical body (some would say it’s the soul that leaves others consider it to be your consciousness)  and allows one to travel and explore.   Some might also call it Remote Viewing (but trust me, RV is very different from AP).

Someone that is advanced in the technique can travel beyond our planet, even to other galaxies and beyond (more on that beyond later).

We’ve heard the tales of someone in the hospital was undergoing surgery and could feel themselves lifting above their body and then witnessing everyone in the operating room.  Yep, that’s a form of Astral Projection!  It’s something that anyone can do, but to be adept at can take years of practice, but for some individuals it comes so naturally that they can take an Astral Journey in the blink of an eye to almost anywhere.

I’d recommend to anyone wanting to explore this to start off small.  Lay in your bed, or sit in a comfortable chair.  Remove all distractions and calm your mind.  Look around the room you are in and become familiar with your surroundings.  Close your eyes and visualize your surroundings.  Just look right now, don’t try to leave your body just yet.  If there is an area you can’t visualize, open your eyes and look.  This is simply to allow your mind a chance to absorb the details.

Once you have the details set, close your eyes again and again visualize your surroundings.  Really visualize them.  Don’t try to just remember, actually form the room in your mind.  You may need to do this for several minutes, possibly hours, and possibly days.

When you feel ready, continue to sit, but visualize yourself standing up (while your physical body remains seated).  At that point, start checking out the room.  Look at the remote that is sitting on the table.  Examine the group of dust bunnies behind the cabinet that the television is sitting on.  Look at the folds in the fabric of the curtain that hangs from the window.

Practice that.  Once you have a firm grasp of exploring that room, expand your journey to other parts of your dwelling.  You don’t exactly need to go into every room and memorize what’s in there, that’s not the point (and not how Astral Projection works).

The reason for examining the starting room is to make a familiar area to you VERY familiar.  Your mind won’t have to work as hard to fill in the unknown, initially.  Note that this is not imagining what is there, it should be as real as you physically moving to the area and looking at something with your naked eye.  Initially this may appear what is happening, but again, this is not the case.  What you are doing is training your mind of the process required to leave your physical body.

Once you have explored your dwelling, the next step is to go outside.  I like to move straight up and view my home from above, but if you have not yet mastered the Form Shift then simply start moving across the ground as if you were walking.

As you gain experience in this process, you can actually take on forms and explore areas as that form.  I know of someone that loves to take on the form of a fox, she like being low to the ground and being able to move swiftly and go into small spaces.  Personally, I like taking the form of a small sphere, it allows me to move pretty much anywhere.  This is what is referred to as Form Shift. 

Remember me mentioned exploring beyond at the beginning of this?  Very experienced individuals are able to leave the planet and explore the universe.  I’ve only recently discovered what I call Beyond.  Beyond is hitting the center of the universe (some consider this to be where the Big Bang originated from).  One there, you can actually jump into alternate universes and explore those.  Back in July of 2019, I wrote an article about a concept called a Multiverse.  Astral Projection is what helped me access that.  Some also refer to this as Astral Realms.

I fully feel that this process can also lead to time travel.  Think about it, if one can access the center of our universe and that allows access to all other universes, it stands to reason that one should be able to access their own home universe and be able to enter it at any point in time and all from the comfort of your chair!

I fully understand that I am glossing over several fundamentals of what Astral Projection is and it’s roots in esoteric practices; there are many books that have already been written on the topic and I’m not trying to redefine or recreate the idea, I’m simply sharing something that I have not run across before.

Astral Projection is built into every single person.  It can be practical in helping you find your lost car keys, or much more complex like visiting your great great grandparents and finding out where in the yard they buried that jar of gold coins.

I would be remis if I didn’t also mention the dark side of Astral Projection.  Simply put, you are leaving your body.  Consider that, you are taking your essence and are leaving your body.  This leave your body empty and susceptible to accepting another essence.  The up side is that you can return to your physical body fairly instantly, but many things can happen in an instance (example: you are driving a car and the sun glints off your mirror and you close your eyes for a brief moment, then smack – car accident).

You aren’t the only thing that is out there exploring.  Many other elements are also out there, and if they happen to run across your Astral Thread (the thin bond that connects your Astral Self to your physical body) all that element has to do is follow that thread home.  Some call these elements or entities demons or astral vampires.

The best thing to remember is that they cannot willingly take over your body.  Instead, they will simply hang around you and can cause depression and dark thoughts.  One must remain positive and forever vigilant while in Astral form, and if anything ever feels off, just return and cleanse your mind (yoga is a good practice for that).  Also know that this is not a means to physically (or astrally) force things to happen (so, no, you can’t pick up a rock and throw it at someone – that’s telekinesis) as your astral self operates on a different plane than your physical body.

Again, I would be remis if I also failed to mention that you can also maintain an Astral Shield that will 100% protect you from negative influences.  As previously stated, there are many books already written on this subject as well and I’m not here to rewrite them.  I also want to note that I am leaving a lot of things out, but feel free to ask some specific questions and I’ll my best to answer.

In the end, if you are curious about more specifics on Astral Projection, do some research and learn of all it’s aspects.  For me, it is a very relaxing process and allows me to escape the daily grind that we all are going through.