GameMasters, Icewind Dale, and the Frostmaiden

GameMasters, Icewind Dale, and the Frostmaiden

Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden drops on September 29th, but we’ve got you covered on exactly what it is and why you might want it! We also have some pretty cool Icewind Dale schwag to give away (details on how to get them are listed below).

In this lot, we have:

2 cool graph paper books adorned with the artwork of Auril (that’s the Frostmaiden).

2 phone pops with the D&D logo (in a frozen wintery theme)

A pearlized dice bag with a set of red pearlized dice (and 2 slightly oversized D20’s!)

A Rime of the Frostmaiden dice set that comes with a fold out map and a nice felt lined box to carry them in (which also doubles as a dice tray so you don’t loose them when you roll em!)

A massive 6′ x 28” scarf, which is also a map of Icewind Dale!

Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden Campaign book

Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden Collector’s Edition Campaign book


In detail:

Graph paper book with Auril on cover:

This is a smaller book, very nice artwork, has graph paper inside. Both players and DM’s alike can benefit from this. Draw maps, make notes, or whatever.

Phone pop:

This attaches to the back of your phone so you can hold it out without fear of dropping it. I see lots of folks use these when taking selfies.

White Pearl Dice bag with Red Pearl Dice:

This is really cool! Personally I’ve always used one of those purple dice bags (you know the ones, you booze hound!), but this is made with the same kind of quality. It has some really cool threading that gives it a very sparkly look. The red dice also have little flecks of tiny tiny tiny glitter giving them a nice glint when the light hits them.

Rime of the Frostmaiden Dice and Holder:

This is a base set of dice, that comes in a felt padded box to carry them in, which also doubles as a dice tray. My son really tosses his dice and they usually end up in the floor. Having him aim into this box would be a major time saver! This also includes a fold out map of Icewind Dale.

Icewind Dale Scarf:

This sucker is big. As in, it’s huge. It measures about 28” tall by 6′ wide! It’s also a map of Icewind Dale. This is beyond cool and could just as easily be hung on a wall for decoration.

Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden Campaign book:

Okay, this is the meat of this article. Icewind Dale is located to the far north of Faerun, which is the (plane? universe? planet?) that Forgotten Realms exists. Rime of the Frostmaiden is a campaign setting that mainly takes place in Ten-Towns (you might consider this to be the capitol of Icewind Dale) with the god Auril wanting to cast the place in everlasting darkness.

Ten-Towns is where the lost go, outcasts, criminals, or those seeking to not ever be found. It is a place where folks go to escape as the land is harsh and no-one in their right mind would dare want to step foot there.

The majority of the book caters to the campaign setting and story itself. The first 16 pages of the book goes over the basic history of Icewind Dale, what Auril (the Frostmaiden) is (and wants), and other assorted basic information about the area. There are also a few neat things listed, for example, adventure hooks (how did the character come to be in Icewind Dale) and other tidbits to help flesh out the players.

I’m going to keep the storyline and campaign itself under-wraps as that is really the point of the book. I will say that Rime of the Frostmaiden is coming out at a perfect time. We are nearing Halloween and Auril does take on a little bit of a Lovecraftian vibe, so tuning this towards horror is VERY easy. Plus, we are also nearing winter season and it’s just neat to be able to play a game in the snow and ice.. when there is snow and ice on the ground outside!

Inside the back of this book is also a fold out map of Icewind Dale, but I’m not tearing that out because the book is going to be given away to one lucky person… speaking of which…

The Give Away:

Listen, I’m trying to grow my online presence. As such, I’m offering several of these items up as give away items.

To win the scarf:

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To win the pearly white dice bag:

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To win the Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign book (this is a two parter), head over to my YouTube channel, subscribe, and leave a comment on my Icewind Dale “review” about your favorite campaign:

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NOW.. Do you want to win the Collector’s version of the Icewind Dale book? This one will be a hard one, and oh.. is it a lofty goal! Help me get my Twitter followers to over 600 OR my YouTube subscribers to over 200. Yep, lofty goal, but this is a very cool book that I’d love to simply keep for myself, but… if I can meet those goals, then I am HAPPY to give it away.

The book releases on September 29th (edit – I stand corrected, it actually releases on the 15th of September – but we are sticking to our original giveaway date of the 30th), so we have until then to meet those goals, I will announce the winners of the goodies on Wednesday September 30th. I will ship the goodies out on Thursday, October 1st (well, provided the winners have provided to me their address by then). Yep, you can give it a shot at winning all of the above items by doing all of the above tasks!

Thanks and Game On!