Magic Dice

Dice…  The core item of almost every game out there, and most certainly the most important element to any Dungeons and Dragons game.  Be they magic or be they cursed?  We’ve all had critical fumbles, fantastic critical strikes, and hundreds of reflex checks.  I’m obsessed with my dice.  Not that I do dirty things with them when I’m alone in the dark, but I’m strictly a “keep your fingers off MY dice!” kind of person.  Magic Dice.

Being that, I tend to feel that my dice are a special kind of dice.  Magic dice.  Free of the tainted fingers of others that will suck the good rolls out them and leave me with 20 sides of nothing but 1’s.  Then again I have, on several occasions, had some pretty crappy rolls.  That’s when I go to my backup dice.  The ones that stay in their nice velvet Crown Royal bag and rarely see the light of day.  Don’t worry, they don’t mind the dark. Magic Dice.

I have a theory that as long as they are in that mythical Crown Royal bag, those magic dice get more powerful.  They roll around, knocking against each other, swapping numbers, having plastic orgies, and building up potential to give me powerful rolls.  All told, I’ve got about 6 sets of dice I use.  Magic Dice.

I take great care of my magic dice.  I never allow them to come into contact with spilled cola (good grief, too many gamers are so careless!  I’ve even seen some $40.00 Magic the Gathering cards go to the crapper due to spilled cola!), greasy pizza fingers, or drooling baby mouths. Magic Dice.

Let’s chant:  Magic Dice , Magic Dice , Magic Dice , Magic Dice!

Those dice have been on many an adventure, from riding along-side Red Sonja, to dueling it out with the Kurgan in Highlander, to swinging a Lightsaber in Star Wars, to delving deep underground with.. well, you get the idea.  To me, the dice I use are very special.  To me, they are Magic Dice.

Okay, I’m getting carried away.  The point of all of this?  I’m trying to sell you on the fact that dice are an important factor in gaming.  From Monopoly to Warhammer Fantasy, to D&D.  I’m also trying to stress the importance of using a good, high quality die.

I prefer to use Chessex dice.  They are superior quality, roll very nicely, and are “the coolest dice on the planet“. sells em over in our Dice category in our Online Shoppe.   Check em out, and keep an eye on that spot, I’m always getting new styles in as Chessex makes em.  What’s here today will be gone tomorrow, but we will always get something else in!

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