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With the close of the GameMasters LLC Retail Store, there have been quite a few displaced gamers. Well, if you are in or around the area of where the old GM store was; Reel World is just a short drive further down the rode! Roger L Kolikas is the owner of this store. It started out as a Video/DvD rental shop; but now it also features games of all types from Dungeons and Dragons to Warhammer 40K!

It also features a MASSIVE 150″ movie screen for patrons to come in and watch their favorite movie or even play their favorite video game! Look, you have not experienced Halo until you see it on a 150″ screen! Some of the events Roger is running include; Video Game Tournaments, Warhammer 40K night, and Friday Night Magic! And every Saturday night he hosts Midnight Movie Madness where a major bad-ass movie is shown (yep! you guessed it! on that 150″ screen!).

Roger’s store is located at 9823 Old Goodman Road in Olive Branch, Ms (don’t let the location fool you it’s only about 10 minutes away from the old GM location). Also be sure to check our Forums  and check out his calendar of events! When you call or stop by be sure to tell him Mr. Flisk sent ya!

Even though the GameMasters retail store is closed, I have a feeling that will be around for many years to come… just open your imagination!