15 NEW Magic Items in Call of the Netherdeep

Everyone loves magic items but one of the new ones found here in Call of the Netherdeep makes me wanna go WHAT THE $@#!!!!

GameMasters here and we’ll get to the weird one in a moment, and before I can really dive deep, I need to explain quickly that a lot of the odd magic that happens in Exandra, the overall setting here, comes from one of the moons Ruidus. Folks that inhabit the lands don’t talk about it much as the magical power that comes from that can corrupt pretty much everything that it touches, and this includes magic items. I only point this out because some of the magic items that we are going to cover also have been “influenced” by Ruidium, these are crystals and minerals that are cast off from the moon, Ruidus. 

Let’s jump right in and check out these 15 new magic items!

Breathing Bubble – this reminds me of one of those big wubble bubble things; it’s a, well, bubble that fits over your head and gives you 1 hour of breathable air. It fails to go into a description of exactly how big it is when it’s not being worn and it also doesn’t mention how fast it can “recharge” like… if I wear it for 59 minutes, take a big gulp of air, hold my breath, take it off for a moment, then put it back on, can I breath again for another hour? DM’s what’s your call?

Earring of Message – this looks like one of those cheap earrings that you’d find overpriced at a crafter’s table at the farmer’s market, it’s a small blue crystal wrapped in copper wire, it has 5 charges and when you wear it you can use one of those charges to cast the Message spell (you basically point towards a creature and whisper a message and only it can hear you and when it replies, only you can hear it. The earring regains 1d4+1 expended charges daily at dawn.

Jewel of Three Prayers – this is a golden disc amulet that was given to Alyxian by three Prime Deities; and it has 3 states, with each state granting it’s own power, however, upon initially finding it, only one of the states is active, the other two must be “awakened” before their powers manifest.
The three states originate from Sehanine the Moon Weaver, Avandra the Change Bringer, and Corellon the Arch Heart. When found, it is dorment and only provides Sehanine’s power. In the Dorment state, it stays as a golden disk and while wearing it, it provides +1 bonus to armor class and you can use an action to shed light in a 15 foot radius and dim light for an additional 15 feet. It has 3 charges, which you can expend one to cast the invisibility spell. It regains all of it’s expended charges daily at dawn.

In it’s awakened state, it recieves the blessing of Avandra and three spires unfurl from it’s center, like budding flowers, and the bonus to your armor class increses to +2, it’s total charges increase to 5, and you can spend one of them to end the following condition upon yourself; grappled, paralyzed, or restrained. When you see another creature within 60 feet of you fail a saving throw, you can expend 1 charge as a reaction to allow that creature to reroll.

In it’s Exalted state, it receives the blessing of Corellon and is surrounded by a halo of gold, wearing it increases your armor class to +3 and the number of charges increases to 7. You also gain the ability to breath underwater, and allies within 30 feet of you can also breathe underwater. As a bonus action you can spend a charge to target yourself or a willing creature and teleport within 15 feet. Creatures within 5 feet of where the landing spot is must make a DC 18 constitution saving throw, and on a fail they take 4d10 radiant damage and is blinded.

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Medal of Muscle – this is a medal that’s more like a.. stress reliever sortav; you squeeze it in your hand and doing so gives you advantage on strength checks and saving throws for 1 hour, once it’s been used, it can’t be used again and it becomes unmagical.

Medal of the Conch – similar to the medal of muscle, you squeeze this one and your swimming speed is equal to your walking speed for 1 hour, then it dies.

Medal of the Horizonback – probably named after the horizonback tortise found in the monster section, this medal allows you to increate your AC by 5, once you use it, it becomes non-magical.

Medal of the Maze – there is a maze inscribed on this (reminds me of Westworld) and when you trace it, you gain advantage on Wisdom checks and you know the quickest route to the end of any nonmagical path or maze for 1 hour. Like the others, it stops being magical after you use it.

Medal of the Meat Pie – shove this one into your mouth and you gain 2d4+2 temporary hit points and it smells faintly of baked pie crust. using it, yep, it dies.

Medal of the Wetlands – you can run your finger along the edge of this one and moving across difficult terrain doesn’t cost extra movement for 1 hour. yep, it dies too.

Medal of Wit – smack this one into your head and you gain advantage on Intelligence checks and saving throws for 1 hour. it then dies.

Ring of Red Fury – this is one where we are going to get a little into the Ruidium corruption. it is a ring that has a red strip of ruidium running through it, and while wearing it you can breath water and your swimming speed is equal to your walking speed. As a bonus action you can use the ring to give you advantage on strength checks and saving throws, when you hit with an attack you can add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll and difficult terrain doesn’t cost extra movement, plus you are immune to paralyzed and restraining condition. That all doesn’t seem to be too bad, however, here is where the negative comes in; when you use the bonus action, you gotta make a DC 20 charisma saving throw, if you fail, you gain 1 level of exhaustion and you are corrupted. Now.. here is where it gets interesting; in the process of playing the game, if the Apotheon is killed or destroyed or redeemed, then all of the ruidium in Exandrea is destroyed instantly and the ring becomes a ring of free action.

What’s Apotheon? killed? destroyed? redeemed? That’s for another video.

Ruidium Armor – like the ring, this too is infused with rooidium. Wearing it gives you resistance to psychic damage, you can breath water, and your swimming speed is equal to your walking speed. For it’s corruption element; when you roll a 1 on a saving throw while wearing this armor, make a DC 15 charisma saving throw, if you fail gain 1 level of exhaustion and you are corrupted. Like with the ring, if rooidium is destroyed the armor becomes +1 armor.

Ruidium Shield – this is a large wooden shield infused with rooidium and while you have this you have resistance to physhic damage, can breath water, and swimming speed is equal to walking speed. When you do take psychich damage while holding this shield you can reflect that damage to another creature. For it’s corruption, when you use the reflection property you gotta make a 20 Charisma saving throw, else you gain 1level of exhaustion, if the rooidium is destroyed it becomes a +2 shield.

Ruidium Weapon – this can be almost any given weapon that you run across, like the other items it grants you the ability to breath water and your swimming speed is equal to your walking speed. You can use it’s Rooidium Strike ability, when you hit a creature it will take an extra 2d6 psychich damage, but in doing this, when you roll a 1 on an attack roll you have to roll a 20 Charisma saving throw, on a failed save you gain 1 level of exhaustion and are corrupted, if the rooidium is destroyed, it becomes a +2 weapon.

Okay guys.. at the top of the video, I mentioned that there was a magic item that made me go What The $%#!!! This is it, the teleportation tablet. Not because it’s super super powerful, but because it’s just.. really complex, at least upon my first couple of times to read it – and I really like to summarize what these items do, but in this instance, this thing is so complex, I’m just going to read it word for word.

Teleportation Tablet:

One thing I’ve noticed, there is a lot of magic items that are directly tied to underwater adventuring, granting you the ability to breath underwater, and explore, and perform combat. Even several of the monsters within this book are underwater dwellers; don’t worry, we’ll cover some of those in future videos.
Of these 15 magic items, which ones are you most curious about using? Which ones are you likely to totally avoid? Let me know in the comments below and until next our paths cross, may you not find yourself corrupted by roodium, rooidium, that red stuff.