Sword Wraith found in Critical Roll Call of the Netherdeep

Sometimes we are presented with a monster that has no good description and we are left to our own devices to determine it’s details.

GameMasters here and today we are gonna talk Sword Wraiths found in Critical Role Call of the Netherdeep!

Really, all we are given for a description is that when battle loving, gotta be the best around, glory warriors die in combat without honor, they might return and haunt the site as sword wraiths. and that’s it.

We are given that there are two possible types:

Sword Wraith Commander, these will haunt the battlefield and will attack anyone who challenges their valor, but will look kindly upon those who offer them praise.

Sword Wraith Warrior, this type is usually found at an ancient battlefield where soldiers were funneled into a constricted space, were shown no mercy and were struck down.

If you’d like to see these guys in more detail, including their stat blocks, hit the video up there and discover all there is about the sword Wraith!