March 13th, 2009.  Day 2. After 3 days they (Sony)  finally restored my character because the previous server I was on (Stormhammer) no longer existed.  I called them and at first they were wanting to charge me $50.00 a character to transfer.  I argued that there was no way IContinue Reading

March 10th, 2009.  Day 1.   Years ago, before World of Warcraft, before Star Wars Galaxies, and a little at the same time of Ultima Online and Kingdom of Drakkar, I played a game that many used to call EverCrack.  Yes, I speak of EverQuest.  I think I started toContinue Reading

Dice…  The core item of almost every game out there, and most certainly the most important element to any Dungeons and Dragons game.  Be they magic or be they cursed?  We’ve all had critical fumbles, fantastic critical strikes, and hundreds of reflex checks.  I’m obsessed with my dice.  Not thatContinue Reading

While exploring deep within a cavern, known in the ancient past to be a hideout for a cult, we ran across an odd tower. Our party knew that within this tower was an object of great power. We also knew there could be traps. Feeling confident in my abilities, IContinue Reading

There are two schools of thought when it comes to charts.  Some dungeon masters love em, others hate em. I’ve always been fond of tables such as Critical Hit and Critical Fumble.  What I did not like was the lack of detail.  That is, I hated that you were toContinue Reading

The Games Workshop Wall keeps getting bigger and bigger! We have tons of demos going on; everything! 40K, Fantasy, Warmaster, Epic 40K, Battle Fleet Gothic, and more! Oh yeah, we also have demos of the new Inquisitor! I suppose I should also mention that we have a fantastic Blood BowlContinue Reading

D&D; Third Edition is out!!! We have copies of the Players Handbook, Character Sheets, and Adventure Game in stock. Stop by and get your copy if you still haven’t! Also, be sure to start saving your cash. The estimated date for the DM’s Guide, DM screen, and the first adventureContinue Reading