Dungeons and Dragons Basics : DICE Dice can be your friends or they can be your worst enemy in almost any game that uses them. They are the very definition of RNG (random number generator) and wow can those random numbers smack you upside the head! Thankfully, there are plentyContinue Reading

A few days ago Wizards of the Coast started giving away free goodies to their Dungeons and Dragons players. No, you won’t get it in the mail, this stuff is all in the form of .pdf downloads. So far, everything has been pretty nice (especially considering the price!). They haveContinue Reading

ANNOUNCING ASHES OF OUTLAND – HEARTHSTONE’S NEWEST EXPANSION! New expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s hit digital card game is now live and evokes one of Azeroth’s most storied settings with 135 fel-infused new cards The Demon Hunter, Hearthstone’s first new class to date, enters the fray alongside the expansion, and isContinue Reading