Wii U Release Date: November 18th Price: from $299.99

Nintendo has finally let us all know the release date(s) and prices for their new console (yes, it is actually a new console – not just a game pad), the Wii U.

In the United States the Wii U will be released on Sunday, November 18th. It will be released in Europe on November 30th, and in Japan on December 8th.

There will be two versions of the console; Basic and Deluxe.

What’s the difference and which one do I need?

Basic: $299.99 comes with:
Console, GamePad Tablet, AC adapter, Wii U sensor bar, HDMI Cable, 8gig of storage.

Deluxe: $349.99 comes with:
Console, GamePad Tablet, AC Adapter, Wii U sensor bar, HDMI Cable, 32gig of storage, stands for the console and GamePad, GamePad charging station, and Nintendo Land.

Tech Specs:
Supports 1080p
Main Memory: 1GB
System Memory: 1GB
Total Memory: 2GB
Games will only use 1GB of the system’s memory, the other 1GB is for the Operating System.
Game Discs will hold up to 25GB of gaming fun and will stream up to 22.5 MB/s.
Nintendo has been tight lipped about the system’s CPU and GPU (so I’m not reporting what the speculation is on these).

The Wii U will also work as a DVR. Yep, Nintendo TVii (Teevii) is a new mode just announced that will allow you to use the GamePad to check out live television, shows recorded, and other online video services (think Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc) as well as music streaming. The best part? It’s integrated with the Wii U and it’s not going to cost anything extra, nor will there be a monthly fee (aside from what it may cost for a subscription to Netflix or similar services).

The Wii U is backwards compatible to the Wii and will make use of the Wii-mote and Nunchucks (although this new system does not come with either one).

The Wii U will sport just over 50 titles for it’s ‘Launch Window’ which Nintendo states is from November 18th, 2012 to March 31st, 2013.

All in all, the price seems decent (and remember it IS a new console – not a new way to play the WII), the features are cool, and of course it’s hitting shelves in time for the holidays.

I can’t say that I’m going to be 1st in line to pick this up on release day. I really want to see this in action for myself before I jump into yet another console (read this as: “Nintendo, send me one to review.”)

-Brian Hardin II

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