Time Travel and The Future

I’m not British so it would seem that a Time Lord I cannot be.  Or can I…  I’ve been into time travel since before I was born ( see what I did there? ) . The concept makes me all giddy inside. The ability to go back and check out history or catch a sneak preview of the future..  Oh wow, that’s just cool man, cool.

Recently while having some dinner with friends ( hush you, yes I have a friend or three) the concept of Time Travel came up, if just for a moment.  I wanted to explore the matter a bit more so I figured I would on my own time ( I did it again hehehehe snort snort ) .

From Doctor Who to Star Trek, from Back to the Future to Time Cop, I am going to take the entire month of January, in the year of 2014 and dedicate each post to the concept of Time Travel.

I’ll reference some of my past posts in the present and if all goes according to plan I may even convince my future self to make a post in the future and send it back in time a bit for you all to read!

Buckle in, its going to be a wild ride!


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