The Hangover Part 3 = Funny!

My review for the quick; Go See This Movie.

Now for my verbose version..

Let’s go back to 2009 for just a moment.  That’s the year the 1st Hangover movie came out.  It was THE comedy to see.  It had elements of funny, mystery, adventure, all of the things that make up a great comedy.  Yes, yes, the cast was great, but that has little to the success if the story itself is not up to par.  Hangover 1, however, did have a great story.  It reaped much rewards for it’s formula and cash came rolling it on it’s success. It made roughly $44 million on it’s opening weekend in the United States alone.

Then on to 2011 we go.  Hangover Part II.  They really tried to make a second hit based off of the same formula as before.  The problem is, we had already seen that story; the only difference is this time it took place in a different country.  Don’t get me wrong, Hangover 2 still made some mad cash at the box office, it actually made millions more than the 1st movie did on it’s opening weekend at around $80 million.  However, from movie goers it did not receive much of a lasting reception.

Hangover 1 was in theaters for 5 month, part 2 was in for 3.  Overall part 2 grossed about $20 million less than the 1st.  Critics attribute this to the movie using the same formula as the previous movie.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a funny movie, it’s just that.. well.. we’ve already seen it.

Let’s jump forward to today. ..

The Hangover Part III

I have a feeling that many may pass on this one simply because they will feel that since the 2nd movie used the same formula as the 1st; that this will be yet another “formula” movie.  My words to those thinking that:  DON’T THINK THAT WAY.

Hangover 3 breaks away from the previous two film’s formula and takes us all on a trip we’ve not yet been on.  The comedy was spot on; the funny was all there; the mystery was all there; the adventure was most defiantly all there.  This go around, however, the story was new, it was fresh, it was crisp.

We are reunited with some old friends, we travel to Mexico for a bit and of course we head back to Vegas where it all started.   We have some flashback fun (it fills us in on what links the movies together), some wild rides, and yeah at the end of the day you can walk away with a good feeling that you didn’t just watch what came out a few years prior.

It’s Rated R.  For a reason.  Lots LOTS of F-bombs, some brief graphic nudity, and lots of reference to drug use.  That does not bother me at all; but it’s certainly not one for the kids.

Part 3 does take on a little more serious tone; don’t get me wrong, it’s not a serious movie, it is a comedy.  While the comedy is peppered throughout the movie it also takes steps to let you know it’s not just a situational comedy.  Nor is it a physical comedy (like The 3 Stooges).  It’s actually a very refreshing thinking comedy.

I almost wish I had seen the previous 2 just before going in to watch this one as there are several references made that I probably missed.

Ahh.. I find myself now rambling.  Ya know, I’m just going to end here with this last brief paragraph:

Go see this movie.  It’s a great ending to what has come before.  Be sure to stick around after the credits; just because you think the movie is over does not mean that the funny ends there…

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