Spell Sunday – Dark Wings

Today’s Spell Sunday comes from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game accessory, 9326 The Drow of the Underdark by Ed Greenwood (set in the Forgotten Realms).

The spell for today is Dark Wings.  It can be found on page 51 for those that want a word for word Rules As Written (RAW) definition.  I am also choosing to present the spell in it’s original form and am not providing 3.0, 3.5, or 5E converts.  I’ll leave that up to the DM to do (evil of me, I know).

For our purpose, I’m going to summarize the spell and provide a few ideas..  Let’s check it out!

Dark Wings is an Alteration spell.  It requires the caster to touch someone (or it can be cast upon the caster) and will cause powerful giant bat wings to sprout from the target’s back (they must save to negate, even if willing).  It requires verbal, somatic, and material components to cast.  they last 1 round per level of the caster.

The materials required are, a piece of bat wing and a piece of bone.  Easy enough to get.

The source states that the wings allow the affected being to fly clumsily but can be used for a variety of functions; they are strong enough to carry companions or gear of up to twice the being’s body weight (provided said being is strong enough to hold that much), or glide to a harmless landing while holding up to three times the being’s body weight!

Further, the wings can slam into enemies for 2d4 damage per round and can be used as a shield (Wings have an AC of 4).  The source also states that the wings can take ANY amount of damage without collapsing or harming their owner.

Lastly, they cannot be removed until the spell expires or dispel magic or polymorph is used.  Not even the caster can remove it.


Now for the fun part…   How can we twist this into our DM’s evil box of tools…

Oh I can envision many uses for having this spell added to my Big Bad Evil Guy’s (BBEG) list of spells..

Imagine how intimidating it would be for the party of adventurers to witness large leathery wings erupt from the evil guy’s back and she takes to flight!  Imagine even further how nasty of a battle it would be if this was cast upon one of the party members in confined quarters!  The player simply wouldn’t be able to maneuver without knocking everyone down!

Yes, those are simple ideas, but I’d love to know what evil plans you could come up with for this spell.

Let me know in the comments below!

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