Spell Sunday – Blackmantle

Today’s Spell Sunday comes from the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game accessory, 2115 The Complete Wizard’s Handbook from TSR (bonus points if you remember what that stands for!) and we are talking about the spell, Blackmantle.  It can be found on pages 104 & 105 for those wanting a Rules as Written (RAW) word for word account of the spell.  I am also choosing to present the spell in it’s original form and am not providing 3.0, 3.5, or 5E converts. I’ll leave that up to the DM to do (it’s hard work to convert).

Okay, enough chatter.. What does Blackmantle actually do?  This is a pretty nasty spell..  It’s an enchantment in the school of necromancy (so I’m already knowing that any Lich I create as the Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG) is gonna have this one..  Blackmantle creates a field in the target area that actually negates ALL forms of healing.  Trolls cannot regenerate, potions of healing are useless, staff of curing is just a worthless stick, and rings of regeneration are just fancy looking non-functioning rings!

Blackmantle’s duration lasts 1 turn per level of the caster. So for a 25th level Lich, this would last for 25 turns.

Now, for the exception;

If any target creature makes a successful saving throw, Blackmantle‘s effects are negated for THAT target.  So if, for example, I’m a Paladin with a ring of regeneration on and I make my saving throw, the ring will start up it’s regeneration effects.

Once the duration is up, all healing items and effects begin to work again.  Potion of healing wouldn’t if you drank it at any point while Blackmantle was in effect (unless you got your saving throw) because it’s considered an instant use.  The same is true for anything with charges, a charge is spent but the effect is negated.

Now, the question I pose for you..

If you are said Paladin above, wearing your ring of regeneration and you lose your saving throw, but the warrior makes hers, what happens if that Paladin passes that ring of regeneration over to the warrior?

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