RPG Crate – Newest Subscription Box for Gamers!

A few days ago I was playing with some D20’s (I actually rolled 3 20’s in a roll – too bad I wasn’t actually playing a D&D game at the time) when I got a Facebook alert.  I tabbed over to see what was up and found that one of my Facebook friends, Chris, had sent me an invite to a new page he had created.

Now, I don’t go hitting like buttons all willy-nilly so I first set myself to check the page out.  A few moments later I was clicking the like button.  The page that I liked was for a small business that Chris was putting together called RPG Crate.


As you can guess, based on the name, it’s a subscription box that caters to gamers.  At least, it will be.

RPG Crate is a little past it’s infancy stage, but they are not shipping just yet.  My next step was to hit Chris up for some info.  I needed to know more…

GM:  How far into the process are you?

Chris: RPGCrate is in pre-launch, collecting interested party emails, and getting the minstrels ready to take stage and sing a song of treasures!

GM: Do you have some big names lined up for inclusion into the crates/boxes?

Chris: I can’t let the kobold out of the bag just yet, but we’re working with some incredibly talented and popular content providers.  Some of the names will be well known, and some will be more INDIE style.  One thing is for sure, you don’t want to miss out.

GM: About what average size would the crates/boxes be?

Chris: I’m working with a custom box manufacturer now, so the final box isn’t finished yet but my goal is 12x10x4-ish, which will allow me to include full sized hardback books.

GM: Do you have an estimated time frame for the 1st shipment?

Chris: Launch early-mid summer 2016. Pre-orders will begin about 30 days prior to Alpha Launch.

GM: Do you have a rough subscription price plan set up?

Chris: This is an excellent question and I want the value as well as quality to be earth elemental solid.  It seems $35-$55 is a good starting price.  Best of all, I plan to have a couple options; something for the bargain hunter as well as the serious gamer…

GM: Will there be different crate type options?

Chris: Multiple tiers – not all classes fit a player, not all boxes fit a wallet, but RPGCrate fits everyone! 

GM: Will this include all forms of RPG games, from fantasy (like D&D), to Sci-Fi, to modern?

Chris: Alpha & Beta Box will be Fantasy RPG – more themes will be launched afterwards (probably quarterly themes).

GM: What are some example items that you are going to include? Dice, minis, etc?

Chris: In RPGCrate you can expect to see treasures like modules, books, dice, miniatures, maps, full rule systems, and all sorts of other accessories.

GM: About how many people do you have signed up so far, or is it at that point yet?

Chris: 1200+ people signed up to the mailing list in the first week! I’ve stopped quoting numbers – it’s growing too quickly to keep up.

As a RPG gamer I love, LOVE, this idea.  As you guys know I have subscribed to Loot Crate in the past, and I currently am getting Horror Block for review on my ZombieMall.com website.  What that means is that RPG Crate is most certainly going to be a natural fit for both ME and for content for this website.

You can find more info about RPG Crate here:

Their main website, currently taking emails that will in turn alert you to when it all starts to happen: RPGCrate.com

Their Facebook page, great for getting up to date news: RPGCrate Facebook

On Twitter? They are too! RPGCrate Twitter

Instagram also! RPGCrate Instagram
Tumblr too? Tumbler too! RPGCrate Tumblr


Check em out and break out your wallets, I for one am ready to throw some cash to this!



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