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Before I begin this review of [REC]3, I want to throw out there a little information about the 1st two, seeing as I have not reviewed them here, however, on our sister site – www.ZombieMall.com I do review the remake of the original [REC] for US release called Quarantine.  Also let it be known that these films are not in English.

[REC] – We follow a new anchor as she does a story of a local firehouse, she ends up doing a ride-a-long as they get a call to investigate something that has happened in an apartment building.  Told from the camera’s perspective we follow the various people around inside the building as they make discoveries.  The people in the building have taken on a sickness that brings them back from the dead (sortav).  Meanwhile, the building has been surrounded and condemned, no one can enter, no one can leave.  They figure out that someone in the building had a sick dog; there were dog bites; maybe this is rabies; there is a sick little girl; everyone dies except the new anchor; she goes upstairs and discovered a scientist’s room who was evidently working on something spiritual; there is a funky lady that drags our new anchor into the darkness as the movie ends.

[REC]2 – We begin with some kids goofing off with their camera (as in the 1st this movie is also told from the perspective of the camera’s lens) and they notice a nearby apartment building being surrounded.  They check it out.  They are sent away by the authorities but they don’t stay gone for long.  They see another man trying to enter, he keeps going on and on about how he had medicine for his sick daughter.  In watching you are to put two and two together and realize that everything you saw in the 1st movie is happening at the same time as this one.  The man with the medicine is also sent away; but the kids find him and he lets them know there is a secret way in.  They head off to break in.  Meanwhile a swat team arrives and they are to enter the building.  The moment they enter is also the same moment in which the news anchor from the 1st movie is pulled into the darkness.  Chaos; attacks; swat members die; swat finds kids; more deaths; eventually those left alive make it to the top of the building to the scientist’s room and discover a hidden door; they enter to discover that perhaps these things are not the dead returning to life but that they are instead demonic in origin.  They then discover our news anchor and she appears to be okay.  Except she turns on the last survivor and kills him; turns to the camera and reveals that she is possessed.

Okay; now that you have seen the setup let’s talk [REC]3: GENESIS.

With a title like that, going into the film, one can assume that perhaps this is going to be a prequel.  And yeah, it is sortav.  One can also assume we are going to see how this thing all started, and we do.. again I’ll use the word ‘sortav’.

The film starts out as if we are watching a home made wedding DVD.  Shows the TV on AV1, then flashes up a “technical screen” as if the dvd player was turned on, then we see a wedding dvd menu with two options; video and photos.  Video is chosen for us.

We see from the view of the camera (as in the 1st two movies), a kid filming the wedding of Koldo and Clara.  We follow random people around until we manage upon Koldo’s uncle.  He has a bandage on his hand and claims to have been bitten by a dog at the kennel (ahh.. that’s the origin, that damn dog).  He goes on to say;  “I thought he was dead, but he jumped up and bit me! I’ll be alright though.” and from there the uncle moves on to start drinking.

We see the ceremony (bride is pretty, groom is handsome blah blah blah; they say ‘I do’).  The after party is roaring; the bride and groom are dancing; the cameraman – Koldo’s cousin – moves outside to film some of the other party-goers and notices his uncle throwing up.  We know better, but with this being a film we can’t tell the cousin that.  We also see in the background some people in hazmat suits, the cousin comments on these people but brushes it off as insect fumigators.  Again, we cannot tell him otherwise.  He goes back inside and films a bit more.  From on top of an upstairs hall we see the uncle acting funny (everyone is to suspect he is drunk) and he falls over a bannister and onto a table on the main floor.  Everyone panics; someone yells to stop the music; another yells to call an ambulance.

The uncle then bites a woman (may have been his wife – I’m not 100% sure on that); and all hell breaks loose.  Husband and Wife; Koldo and Clara, are separated in the chaos.  The cousin goes with Koldo and a small group of people; we are not sure where Clara goes.  The small group makes it to a kitchen where someone freaks out and smashes the camera.

Finally on screen we see the opening of the movie: [REC]3: GENESIS (yeah about 30 or 45 minutes into it..

From this point forward it’s not longer told from the view of the camera lens, although there are a few scenes were we see what is going on from the facilities’ closed circuit cameras.

Hordes of “zombies” are now everywhere; we follow the small group as they make it out of the kitchen and into a biblical temple.  For some reason the “zombies” cannot enter it.  Over the loudspeaker system we hear Clara telling Koldo that she is still alive and that she is safe.  Oh and she is pregnant.  Koldo then sets out to find her.

Meanwhile we now see where Clara is; she is hiding with the priest that performed the marriage.  They get surrounded by “zombies” and he tells her to take off while he deals with it.  He starts to spurt out some bible verses and that seems to hold the “zombies” at bay.  Literally.. they stop moving and just stand there and kindav shake.

Clara finds two more survivors who were schtooping each other and have no idea what’s going on.  They take off; eventually it comes down to just Clara again.  Perhaps one of the best parts of the movie is this:

Clara is wearing her wedding gown, is covered in blood and is slicing up “zombies” with a chainsaw!

Eventually Koldo and Clara are reunited but then are surrounded by “zombies”.  They say their final goodbyes to each other knowing they are about to get eaten.  Suddenly the priest comes on over the loudspeaker and start again quoting bible verses.  All the “zombies” stop and just sortav shake in place.  Clara and Koldo take off.  They find their way outside now; only to see hundreds of dead family members and guests all having turned into “zombies”.  Each one standing there doing nothing but a little shake as the priest continues to speak.

Suddenly Koldo’s “zombified” grandfather rushes Clara and bites her on the hand.  He is wearing a hearing aid and evidently it’s broken.  Koldo “kills” his grandfather and cuts off Clara’s arm just above the elbow.  They walk to the main entrance of the facility only to find every this wrapped in plastic.  The men in hazmat suits are on the other wise and warn them not to exit.  Koldo picks up his bride and notices she is not doing so well.  She is infected.  He then carries her out of the gate and stands there facing dozens of guns in his face.  He kisses his bride, she bites his tongue out; they both get shot; the movie ends.

So what exactly did we learn from this 3rd installment?  Nothing really.  It just reinforced the events of the 1st two movies; it was a dog bite that started everything; and these things are not zombies but rather a demonic force of some type that can simply be held at bay by reading the Bible to them.

I enjoyed the film.  The acting was fine, the story was fun, and even though they were not 100% zombies; they were close enough.  There was a lot more gore in this one than in the previous two, no question there.  If a 4th [REC] comes out, I’ll see that one too.

The US release of this film is in select theaters on Friday, September 7th, 2012.

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