Radiated Wasteland – PBBG MMORPG

The Future!

Flying cars!  Lasers (on sharks!)  oooh this is going to be cool!

Radiation?  Wasteland? Mutants? Ghouls?  ahh crap.  You mean I’m not going to go around in a flying car or have a hover board? 

Well wait a second.. What is Radiated Wasteland and what exactly is a PBBG?  I know MMORPG, but wha…

Let me back up a bit.  Didn’t mean to get all Tarantino on you there.

PBBG stands for Persistent Browser Based Game.

Okay, I’m clear on that now.  I think.  But what is Radiated Wasteland?  You didn’t answer that.

Keep your nose on, I’m getting to that.  First let me place a banner image of their game:


Does that say Open Beta?  I love those!  Gives me a chance to play the game and provide feedback!  OHH!  It’s FREE to play too!

Now who’s getting ahead of who, I’ll get to the Beta in a moment.  Didn’t you want to know what Radiated Wasteland was?

Ohh, snap.  Sorry about that.  Continue.

Okay, so it breaks down like this…  In the future the fit has hit the shan.  The planet is in ruins, and everything we know is a Radiated Wasteland.  You play as a survivor trying to get by in this apocalyptic world.  Actually, it’s more than just survival, you will face mutants, ghouls, and of course other humans who just want to kill you to take anything of value off of your body for their own survival.  It’s made by Pixel Pandemic (the same people who brought you Zombie Pandemic ).

Mutants and ghouls sounds good.  I love end of the world type games.  How much time do I have to invest in this?  I’ve got a job and kids and they don’t really give me much time.

That’s one of the coolest aspects to this game, because this is a PBBG, it can be played in less than 15 minutes a day!  This opens up for several challenges.  Firstly, it is a turned based game with a limited number of actions per day.  This should give you a good challenge as you consider what to do in order to gain the most out of each play session.

That sounds like a lot of fun.  Do you have any screen shots?  I want to play a game that looks cool.

Take a look at these:



Yeah, those are kindav small.  Hmm.  I tell ya what..  Check out this movie:


I like that!  Tell me more about the Open Beta.


The Open Beta opens on February 11th, 2013.  It’s FREE!

How do i sign up?

Simple!  Head on over to their website and click the button (hint, it says SIGN UP).  Their website is http://www.radiatedwasteland.com .

You can also follow them on Facebook as well as Twitter.  Those links are:



That’s a lot to chew on, no doubt about that!

There’s more.


Yep.  I tell ya what, just head on over to their website, it’s got all kinds of great information.  They talk about the storyline, the vision of why they made the game, they even go into the details of co-op game play.  Shucks, you can even check out all the game features such as customizing your avatar, game events, perks, achievements, and more over there!

Just don’t let the ghouls get ya!

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