D&D Princes of the Apocalypse review

Today we decided to forgo the text and instead fire up the camera to do our review of the Dungeons and Dragons book, Princes of the Apocalypse.


D&D: Elemental Evil FREE Player’s Companion

DnD_OP_4c_Working v4DnD_ENC_4c_XL
D&D Encounters Elemental Evil season is here and to kick it off Wizards of the Coast is throwing the players a FREE book (pdf)!
Players Companion
The free Elemental Evil Player’s Companion provides players with new races and new spells, and did I mention it’s FREE?

The book is 25 pages and is broken down into 2 chapters; Races and Spells.

There are 4 new races:

Aarakocra (big bird people)

Deep Gnome (gnomes that live deep underground)

Genasi (offspring of genies and mortals)

Goliath (large mountain dwelling giants)

There are over 100 new spells spread out among the different classes.  I’m not going to list them all instead you should check it all out for yourself.

The free Elemental Evil Player’s Companion is chock full of great artwork and loads of kick ass information.

The free Elemental Evil Player’s Companion can be downloaded at DungeonsanddDragons.com and DriveThruRPG.

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Hand Made Vampire Stakes by ZombieMall.com

Some of you know that I also run ZombieMall.com.  It’s a sister site to this one, only it’s geared more towards horror and less towards games; otherwise the two sites are very similar.  Occasionally some posts fall into categories that allow me to cross post them.  This is one such post.

Over at ZombieMall, not only do we know zombies but we also know vampires!

I started crafting hand made vampire stakes several years ago, using them mostly for cos-play and never really considered making them for anyone other than myself.

That thought process is done and I’ve made several for others.  In fact, they have become such a hit I’ve made several for whomever wants them.

You can find them over on my Etsy page:


GameMasters.com 2014 Wrap-Up

GameMasters.com 2014 Wrap-Up and a little exploring into what can be expected in 2015.

We started off last year dedicating it to Time Travel.

But what happened?  We really only posted a couple of articles on Time Travel.  Don’t worry.. from time to time we’ll go back and check out more on that subject.  I still need to show you guys how the RibonWave Generator works.  More on that in a future post.

2014 was certainly a busy year!  We had many reviews from various Dungeons and Dragons ( or #dnd for those hashing this), a few from Loot Crate ( #lootcrate ) and several movies and books.  We oh so love movies and books!

Peppered in were several phone and tablet apps, and we enjoyed toying with each of them!

GameMasters.com is still a bit of small potatoes when it comes to the world wide web, we saw just under 2 million unique hits over the past year, and that’s not too bad, but I’d love to increase that significantly this year.

All of our reviews are caught up, and so I need to reach out…

Do you have something that you want reviewed? A book that you have written, perhaps? Or a movie that you have made? Shoot me a message and let me know the details, I’d be more than happy to give it a whirl!

Contact me via email ( manager@gamemasters.com ) or via our Facebook page: GameMasters Facebook

I have two sites that I do my reviews on, and in some instances, where they fit, I cross post them. GameMasters.com hosts pretty much everything from games to movies to books to electronics. ZombieMall.com hosts pretty much everything horror related.


Mage and Minions – A Review

Mage and Minions – A Review

The Short Review:

Mage and Minions has great graphics, fun playability, and you need to download it.


The Main Review:

I love RPGs. I’ve been known to play an MMO every now and again, but my 1st game of choice will always be a fun RPG. My 1st venture into the PC game world was Zork. Yeah, the place where if you ventured into the dark you would most likely be eaten by a grue.

Fast forward a couple of years and Ultima would be my next non-stop game. Following that was Bard’s Tale. All classics. In the late 80’s I got heavy into the TSR Dungeons and Dragons games, Pool of Radiance, Heroes of the Lance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, and Secret of the Silver Blades just to name a few. There was also the various Dragon Warrior games, oh, and Legend of Zelda!

Getting into the late 90’s we of course had Diablo. Man oh man what a game changer that was…

Okay, enough with the nostalgia, I’m simply trying to establish for you a game style that I really enjoyed playing.

Fast forward to now. 2015. Yeah, I guess I kindav put an age on myself. Oh well, us old guys pioneered what games are today, so if you think I’m an old fogie, just consider that in a few years, you will be where I am.

Oh, I went off on a tangent… Sorry about that, us old guys tend to do that…

Okay, 2015. I got myself a new fangled tablet to goof around with. A Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4” to be exact. This sucker is perhaps among the top of the top as far as tablets go. But now I needed games.

I have a tendency to download games, play em for an hour, then delete them if I don’t like them.

Well.. I grabbed Mage and Minions from the Google Play store (You can also get it from the Apple App Store too).

Let me tell you… This is quite possibly among the best games I’ve tried for this tablet (and I’ve tried a lot!).

It’s a game that is still seeing developments and new updates, which is always a good thing, but I know you guys wanna know the details… so… here you go:

Mage and Minions developed by Making Fun and Snow Globe Games.


It’s a.. hack and slash (sortav) RPG game. You can chose to be either a male for female, and you have two classes to pick from, warrior or mage. Keep in mind that this may change as the game is further developed.

The warrior likes to get up close and personal while the mage tends to hang back and shoot things.

Combat is beyond awesome. When you get an enemy on screen, you simply click them and combat goes into auto mode. What I mean is, once you select a target and begin attacking you will continue to attack the other targets until all in that area are dead (or you die). You can break that combat any time by clicking anywhere else on the screen. You can heal yourself or eat an apple to restore health when in combat too. Yes, there is a cooldown, so if you find yourself in a fairly sticky spot, don’t smack both the apple and the healing potion down at the same time.

When you kill things they usually drop stuff. Gold, apples, healing pots, healing orbs, gems, and gear. Okay, so the REALLY cool part? You don’t have to go through and pick up everything that drops. I mean you can (and to do so you simply walk over the dropped thing and it sweeps into your backpack), but you don’t have to. When you complete the level, don’t jump to click End Level. All your loot will fly to you regardless of where it is on the screen. WE LOVE THIS!

Okay, you also have skills and abilities. These will grow as you upgrade them. For example, the mage has a basic fireball. As you gain gold you can upgrade that fireball, eventually getting it so powerful that it can call down a meteor to smash up your enemies.

To perform certain abilities you draw a specific type gesture onto the screen, for example, I have mine set so that when I draw a V onto the screen it drops a ring of fire on top of my enemies.

You can also recruit some NPCs to help you and for the most part they automatically attack, however they do have one ability that is at your command, the healer, for example, when you draw an O on the screen it will “vortex” the enemies to that location, kindav like shooting fish in a barrel.



There is all kinds of cool gear to find and craft. Yes, I said craft. To craft something you need 3 other pieces of gear. Click a button, pick what gear slot you want to create (like a ring, a weapon, a helm, etc), chose which 3 you no longer want, and click Create.  Wait a little bit of time (or use your red gems to speed up the process) and voila! You have new gear!

Like other tablet type games, Mage and Minions is also in the business to make money. Several elements of the game can be upgraded with red gems and gold. Those in turn can be purchased with real world cash. Now, like other games, you do not have to ever spend a dime on this one to get gold and gems. There is a great balance of daily quests and daily rewards just for logging in, in which you can get gems. Hell, even completing levels multiple times will get you gems. Give em some of your hard earned cash if you want to support them. I have. Just know that you don’t have to.

If you get lost on the map and you are unsure of what to do next, you can always follow the Green Arrow. I suggest you go off grid, so to speak, as there are hidden chests all over the place, all full of goodies!


You can also invite Facebook friends in to play and you can get red gems for that as well. By the way.. my code is: BISU SEKU YOSU 3098

Right now there are 2 Acts.

Act 1, The Broken Dragon, takes place across fields, through an orchard, up a mountain, and into a volcano. The main monster to fight at the end is.. well.. a dragon.

Act 2, Far Side of the Moon, takes place.. well… on the far side of the moon. I am currently on Chapter 18, which is only 4 spots in on Act 2, so I am not able to delve into too much detail there.

What I can say is that once you complete Act 2, you can go back into a harder difficulty mode which in turn gives you better gear.

What’s next?

Rumors abound about what comes next. One can assume that Act 2 will be followed by an Act 3 and I’ve heard whispers that the design team is working on a dungeons feature. Who knows where the next adventure will take us, but I for one am gearing up and ready to have fun!

The music is great, the artwork is outstanding, the levels are fun to run though, and the playability simply kicks ass.

This is what I want you to do; there is usually a team of people who develop these games that get very little thanks; do this: Download the game, play it for a bit, then click on your Menu button and on the right click the More… button. A new menu will open, go ahead and click that first one called Credits. Give those guys are good thanks, they have done one hell of a job.

Remember you can download Mage and Minions on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store, as well as in the Amazon App Store.

You can also visit their website here: Mage and Minions.


Sean T. Page’s Alien Invasion Owner’s Resistance Manual – a review

Here… We… Go…

A New Year!

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind me and I’ve been able to finally catch up on some reading. Me catching up reading also means me being able to type out some reviews, so let us jump right into it! Enjoy 2015 folks!

Many years ago I was visited by something. “You are describing some kind of alien.” is what some have said. For me, they have become family.

It started with a bolt of lightning moving through my window while I was listening to a Spiderman record on my record player…

Over the years they would visit and teach me things. The most recent visit took me into their ship in which they showed me some of the methods involved in teleportation and time-travel. Yes, these are the good guys. But I digress…

My point is, these guys are among us, they are out there, and not all of them are the good guys.

I will also state that my ‘outer-world family’ are not exactly represented in Sean T. Page’s Alien Invasion Owner’s Resistance Manual. Published by Haynes (yep, the same Haynes company that does all those vehicle manuals – so you know this book means business!) this manual details various Slins out there.

What’s a Slin? I’ll get to that in a moment. ..


The important thing here is; grab this manual, you will need it. Grab it before those that be make it disappear.

That said…

This manual contains redacted entries. I literally spent a few weeks with a black light and a couple of top secret chemicals (okay, it was lemon and whiskey) just to read what those that be are trying to hide.

In my visits with my ‘outer-world family’ I was told about what they call Slins (told you I’d get back to em). Slins is their word for the other alien races out there that are intent to cause the Human Race harm.

When you read this manual you will never see mention of the word Slins. THIS is what makes the manual all the more credible, in my opinion. I know of that word, the one my ‘outer-world family’ uses as reference, and I know how Sean’s manual describes them. They are the exact same, and when you have two totally unrelated instances describing the same thing, well, it just adds up and leads to a more credible source.

It details many of the other types of aliens out there, the Greys being the most commons (think X-Files and Whitley Strieber’s Communion), although my ‘outer-world family’ are of similar physique and build they are not intent on invading us, no, they actually are more interested in helping us to grow very much like the Asgard as portrayed in the popular tv show Star Gate from a few years back(in fact, they even claim that that’s where the writers received inspiration for their show – from my ‘outer-world family’!). But… again… I digress.

Sean’s manual also goes into detail about the Little Green Men, Reptilians, Insectoids, and Nordics.

There is some frightening stuff in here, don’t allow my quick breeze over these topics fool you.

I think the copies of this manual that are out there may not be meant for the general population. I say that because many of the pages within have personal writings upon them. Almost as if some government official has expressed their own opinion about this potential invasion.

I suspect there is some guy behind a desk at the Ministry of Alien Defense that may very well be sweating his balls off over this manual having been published. There is some seriously sensitive information among these pages! I again urge you to grab a copy before it gets purged from the System!

Ministry of Alien Defense? What is that?

Well.. The explanation is in the name itself. Simply put, M.A.D. was put together to help defend against any Extraterrestrial threat. They even have some of my ‘outer-world family’ on the pay-roll. Think… Men in Black, only the European branch. Actually.. scratch that, the Ministry of Alien Defense has been around a lot longer than the MIBs. A LOT longer. They have secrets upon secrets. And… damn it, there I go digressing again… Sorry ‘bout that.

It’s great that this manual has fallen into the hands of civilians. While a large section of it instructs the military on how to respond to such an alien invasion, there is also loads of tips for everyone else on how to prepare and stay safe.

Sometimes the World Government thinks that the best way to keep us safe is to keep us in the dark, and perhaps in certain instances that may work, but with the information contained upon the pages of Sean’s manual, well… it may just save your life.

This manual can be ordered on Amazon here: Alien Invasion Owner’s Resistance Manual

You can also listen to my in depth interview with Sean T. Page on our sister site here: Author Sean T. Page Interview 10-10-14

The Rise of Tiamat D&D Review

We started our Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventure off with Hoard of the Dragon Queen.  Within that book are several adventures based within a campaign setting called The Tyranny of Dragons.  It was designed to take your character from level 1 to level 7.  It is also designed to give you a crash course into the Forgotten Realms.

Here’s the deal though, while you don’t have to know the history of Tiamat to enjoy this campaign, it sure does make it that much more fun.  It’s kindav like watching a Marvel Movie and seeing Easter Eggs within.  If you DO know the history, you are in for a wild ride!

Next in line is The Rise of Tiamat.


It is the 2nd half of that campaign setting and is designed to lift your characters up to level 15 (possibly a little higher is your DM throws in a few extra encounters).  I’m still not quote keen on these auto level ups at the end of each adventure, I still like to dish out experience points to my players, but that’s what’s cool about 5th edition, you can run it (and play it) however you see fit.

It is in this book that even more Easter Eggs from the past iterations of Forgotten Realms can be found.  The title alone kindav gives away how the campaign is going to end, but hey, this go around your characters get to form a new history of what will ultimately shape the new face of the Forgotten Realms.

Let’s jump into The Rise of Tiamat.

Okay, Dragons.  Tiamat.  She’s the mama dragon.  5 heads.  Lots of nasty breath weapons, you know her history.  Tiamat is trapped in the Nine Hells and the Red Wizards of Thay are trying to rip open a portal to bring the dreaded Dragon Queen back into the Forgotten Realms.

Listen, Dungeons and Dragons is nothing without Dragons.  I mean, hell, it’s the very name of game!  This campaign only makes sense to be presented as an introductory setting for 5th Edition.  I’ve read through both books now and have tailored my own campaign to incorporate this one into it.

I’ve always based my games in the forgotten Realms setting.  Well.. mostly… There is our yearly expedition into Ravenloft beginning on the last weekend of September and running the entire month of October and November – but even then it’s more of a “pocket universe” within Forgotten Realms.  I still have a Spelljammer ship or two hidden around for special occasions too.  but I digress.

Dragons are an important part of the game.  The Rise of Tiamat is more than a second half of a campaign.   It’s a total game changer.  I’m trying hard not to give too much about it away, but rest assured by the end the Forgotten Realms will have changed.  Will dragons rule the face of the Realms or will your characters fight back the forces of metallic dragons, evil wizards, and Tiamat herself?

I think that’s what I like best about this two book campaign setting, by the end of it, you have been given so much rich content that regardless of your game’s outcome, you are going to have loads of new avenues to explore in future games.

The price tag on each book is $30.00.  Total is $60.00.  That seems like a lot for two books; but consider this;  The books provide plenty of information so the DM really has very little to have to prepare for; just open the book and start.  The books also contain several adventures (they call them episodes I’ll call them modules) each.  Hoard of the Dragon Queen contains 8, and The Rise of Tiamat contains 7.  That’s 15 modules each.  Break it down and that’s $4.00 each.  Now.. I will admit that these are somewhat smaller modules, something akin to what you would find in the old issues of Dragon magazine or Dungeon Magazine, but still.. $4.00 is still a fairly good deal (in my opinion).

All in all, I like this Tyranny of Dragons setting.  I know that with a little bit of extra “oophff”  I’m going to really wow my players with it.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen is already out and The Rise of Tiamat releases on November 4th.



Loot Crate October 2014: FEAR review

Loot Crate October 2014 “FEAR” Review


Do you like scary? We sure do. We love October, and Halloween. I gotta be honest though, I’m not much impressed with this month’s Loot Crate. I really wanted more zombies, but I do realize that they don’t cater the box’s content to my specific wants. I am also going to add a new feature to this monthly review, What I Might Pay (WIMP). I’ll explain that when we get down to that section.

With that said.. let’s jump in and check it out.

The Breakdown:

Monthly Sub is $13.37 plus $6.00 for shipping. LootCrate states there will be $40.00 worth of goodies in each box.  I’m going to list the contents and their respective prices so we can add them up and see if this month’s Loot Crate was worth it.


The Goodies:


Death By Cats T-Shirt: It’s a black t-shirt with cats on it in the form of a skull. It’s made by Super 7 and is supposed to be a Loot Crate Exclusive shirt, however, you can grab one directly from Super7’s website… for $30.00. Now.. In the past I’ve based these prices on what I’ve found them to be direct from the manufacturer’s site. But as Macklemore might say, Yo, that’s thirty dollars for a t-shirt. I might pay something like $10.00 for it. That’s what they are going for on eBay. Even at that price, it’s too much.


Loot Crate Temporary Tattoos: I guess these are kindav cool. Five temporary tattoos: zombie bites, vampire bite, werewolf bite, a scratch and a zombie mouth. Who knows a retail price on these, but I’d guesstimate it to be about $1.50.

DeadRising 3 Pen: This is somewhat neat. It’s a pen in the shape of a sledgehammer-buzzsaw weapon. It makes a great scratcher too. I’ve been in the promotional business in the past and I have a fairly good grasp on the cost of this pen. The sad part is, the box and custom packing foam it came in probably cost more than the pen did (not the design of the pen but the actual cost of molding the pen). I’d wager that these would retail for close to $10.00.


Blue Raspberry Toxic Waste Sour Candy: It’s candy. It’s sour. It’s $0.10.


Walking Dead Oh Brother Art Card: It’s neat and all, I just can’t see spending actual money on it. Maybe if I was at a convention and the artist was selling them I might buy it. It is by artist JSalvador of Super Emo Friends fame. I might pay $5.00 for it, but probably not. It’s just not really my cup of tea (sorry JSalvador!). However, for sake of this review I’ll stick to the actual price found online. JSalvador sells similar sized printed on an Etsy account for $15.00 so we will price it as that.


Battleground of the Gods Smite Exclusive Skin: It’s a download code for a game called Battleground of the Gods Smite. You can unlock Thanatos and an exclusive Jack the Reaper skin. From the research I’ve done, all I can tell is that the game is free to play, but they may have an in-game purchase of items or abilities. I dunno what to price this out at, $5.00?


3-D Glasses: Old school red and blue 3-d glasses. I’ll price them out at $0.50. They are no frills, no special design, just plain red, white, and blue 3-d glasses, made of card stock and plastic film.

Issue 15 Loot Crate Magazine: This month is all about FEAR! The scary part, they even put on the cover of this, $0.10. It does have an exclusive Robert Kirkman interview within, but c’mon, ten cents for this Loot Crate? $0.10 it is I guess.


How to Survive a Sharknado Book: This may be rather neat. I may do a separate review of it, I just gotta go eat something and poo first. That’s when I do my best reading. Amazon has it listed at $10.00.


Walking Dead issue #132: This is the comic with an exclusive Loot Crate cover. I’m going to keep it enclosed in it’s plastic and sell it for millions in a few years. For now, however, the non-exclusive cover can be picked up for $3.00 (okay, it’s actually $2.99 but I like to round my numbers for these reviews).


Loot Crate Button: it’s this month’s theme FEAR on a button. No price.

The Crate Box itself: Fun artwork, looks like zombies pushing in, has Wrench o’ Rama logo (from Dead Rising), as well as various weapons.

Was It Worth It?

Cats T-Shirt: $30.00

Temporary Tattoos: $1.50

Dead Rising Pen: $10.00

Toxic Waste Candy: $0.10

Walking Dead Emo Art: $15.00

Smite Game Skin: $5.00

3-D Glasses: $0.50

LC Mag: $0.10

Sharknado Book: $10.00

Walking Dead Comic: $3.00

Total: $75.20.

Yeah.. Well, based on my criteria that’s what it adds up to; it is certainly over the $40.00 that they claim it to be…  however.. However… Let’s be realistic here.. I’m going to do something I’ve not done before.. I’m going to give a list of What I Might Pay. In other words, what I think it’s worth – ‘cause ain’t no way I’m gonna pay $30.00 for a t-shirt of cats, or ten cents for a catalog that I would not normally be getting if I did not have this subscription, or five bucks for a download code to a game I don’t play, or.. or.. or…

What I Might Pay:

Cats T-Shirt: $10.00 (and that’s even too much)

Temp Tatts: $0.00 yep, that’s right, zero.

Dead Rising Pen: $4.00 (that assumes that I’d buy it in the first place)

Toxic Candy: $0.10

Walking Dead Art: $5.00 (and that’s only at a convention, I’m just not that impressed by it’s small size)

Smite Game Skin: $0.00 I don’t play the game, so I’d never buy it.

3-D glasses: $0.00 I’ve got several already.

LC Mag: $0.00 I’m not going to pay for something that is more or less your catalog.

Sharknado Book: $10.00 I probably would not buy this to begin with, but if I did, I guess ten bucks is what I’d pay.

Walking Dead Comic: $3.00 yeah, I’d buy it for three bucks.

WIMP Total: $32.10 That seems to be a more realistic price on this month’s Loot Crate. I’m not 100% impressed with it, but as I mentioned earlier, I know it’s not catered specific to my wants. I’m sure there are others out there that are ecstatic for this month’s goodies, I’m just not among them.


LootCrate Galactic September 2014 Unbox & Review

September 2014 LootCrate Galactic Unboxing and Review

Galactic is the theme for September’s Loot Crate. If you like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Aliens, then this is the Loot Crate you have been waiting for.

The Breakdown:

Monthly Sub is $13.37 plus $6.00 for shipping. LootCrate states there will be $40.00 worth of goodies in each box.  I’m going to list the contents and their respective prices so we can add them up and see if this month’s Loot Crate was worth it.


The Goodies:


Science Fiction Vinyl Figure: This is a LootCrate exclusive made by Funko. All the LCE Mystery Boxes are the same and inside is Mal from Firefly. These go for about $6.00.


Reaction Figure The Alien: It’s also a Funko item. This is by far the coolest item in the box. The little mouth inside pops in and out and his ‘brains’ glow in the dark! I first saw one of these in my local Hastings about a year ago. Over there it retailed for just under $17.00 but Hastings has always been overpriced on it’s stuff like this. I’ve recently started to see these at Wal-Mart for $8.00 so I’m going to stick with that price for this add up.


Firefly Bank Robbery Money: Yeah, the band on these states 10,000 scrips, but it’s actually just 12 bills. You get six 500 Alliance scrips and six 100 Alliance scrips. Sorry, the face value is not 10,000 it’s just 3,600 (frowny face). And even less, these sell over online for about $10.00 (and actually come with a map – the LootCrate version does not).


Star Trek Tribble: This tribble, according to the package,” was bred exclusively for Loot Crate.” That makes him pretty special I suppose. I also think this one was genetically modified so it won’t multiply when it eats. Either that or it’s dead. Non-LCE versions of this guy sell for $10.00 direct from Quantum Mechanix (the company that makes em).


Star Wars Asteroids Magnet: This is a small magnet, measures 3.5” wide by 4” tall. Take a closer look and it’s actually REALLY cool; lots of “easter eggs” are displayed, how many can you spot? I can’t find this for sale online outside of eBay, but if I had to place a price on it, I’d say about $1.00


Halo Escalation Digital Loot: Another LCE; this contains a download code on the back to get a free Dark Horse Halo Digital Comic for your mobile device. Price: The Dark Horse Digital Comics for the Halo series run right at $2.00 each.


Pop Rocks and LC Button: Green Apple pop rocks. They pop and fizzzz when you eat them. Don’t drink a cola after you eat these or your guts will blow up. Oh wait.. that’s a myth… Mikey is alive and well. You also get the September Loot Crate Galactic Button. You can get a 3 pack of pop-rocks at the dollar store for, well, a dollar. So one would be right at $0.33.


LC Magazine issue #14 and Catalog: Issue 14 of LC’s Magazine talks mostly about Firefly and also lists the contents of this month’s Loot Crate. It also shows what the Mega Crate contains. The Fall Into Savings catalog just shows you some “deals” that being a Loot Crate member can save you. Nothing noteworthy here. No price being attributed to these.


Han Solo Carbonite Mini Poster: This is kindav cool. It measures 9” wide by about 27” long. It’s just a little poster of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite (I wonder if you can take his identity?). I can’t really attribute a price to this, I’ve seen plenty of things like this included free in magazines.

The Crate Box itself: This is another neat diorama setting. Looks like the inside of a space ship docking bay. Has R2-D2 hiding in the corner and a Weyland Yutani Corporation cargo box in another corner. No price attributed to this.

Pretty cool goodies I gotta admit! BUT does it add up to $40.00 worth? Let’s check:

Sci-Fi Vinyl Figure: $6.00

Alien Figure: $8.00

Firefly Money: $10.00

Tribble: $10.00

Star Wars Magnet: $1.00

Halo Digital Comic: $2.00

Pop Rocks: $0.33

Total: $37.33 Uh oh! That’s $2.67 short!!! Loot Crate oh noes! That’s okay, I tend to round things anyways, so we can call it an even $40.00 I guess. I think I may do a contest somewhere down the road and give some of this stuff away.. But let me know that you are interested, leave comments below!


Dungeons & Dragons 5.0 is HERE!

I can remember sitting down to play my 1st game of Dungeons and Dragons. ..

(overdubbed deep voice here) Previously on GameMasters.com…

“back in 9th grade.  That was around the year… 1988 I think.  I was at a friends house, his brother was the Dungeon Master.  This was back when Dungeons and Dragons was still D&D.  Way before Advanced D&D..  We spent a good 2 hours rolling up our characters, and must have played 4 hours before we died and called it a night..  I was a thief (yeah they were called thief back then, not this friendly term, Rogue), and had run across a locked chest.  I snuck into the room without any party members seeing me and thought I had found a trap on the chest, thought I had disarmed the trap, opened the chest and..

“Make a roll.”

“What kind?”


“Okay, I rolled a 5.”

“You are dead.”

“What happened?”

“You saw your life flash before you, you died.”

I was in love with the game ever since.”

In February of 2009 I had just picked up the Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 books. D&D 4.0 had actually come out in 2008 but I was reluctant to get into it. I was still having loads of fun with 3.0 that had been released 8 years prior (that would be the year 2000 according to my calculator). Before then I was kicking ass with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and that’s what I knew best. But when 3.0 came out, along with it was this new thing called ‘The D20 System’. Oh and it was cool. Away went THAC0, in came all kinds of neat ability checks. Yeah, Armor Class got a little wonky and backwards but we learned it’s new workings and we had fun.

Okay so then I made the change to 4th Edition. There really wasn’t much of a change in the mechanics really. It still utilized the D20 System and I really didn’t see much of a use for 4th Edition over 3rd (or 3.5 for that matter). Yeah, some rules were cleared up a fair amount, things were streamlined except combat.. combat got a bit more lengthy. 4th Edition wasn’t all bad, I just had a hard time delving into it’s innards.

However… four years ago I started hearing hushed rumors in the darkened corners of the Realm that a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons was being considered. I dismissed it at the time figuring that it was that hard-core group of adventurers that were stuck in their old Advanced D&D ways. I realized that I may have been one of those adventurers, only stuck in 3.0.


I’ve always been the Dungeon Master (or Game Master) and as such I’ve always come up with house rules. I took the features that I liked best of all the different editions and mish-mashed them all together and came up with something that flowed VERY nicely and very fast. Hell, I can recall a point when I had 23 players in 1 group! You would think that combat would last forever, but rarely did it ever take more than 10 minutes and every person usually got to participate in the battle. As for story telling.. consider your average episode of The Walking Dead. You have 3 groups of characters that they flash back and forth with, keeping you hooked on the previous one’s tale while they jump into the next group’s story. That’s exactly how I ran my games.

Okay, so now that the picture has been painted, what the hell am I talking about?

Four years ago I heard about Dungeons & Dragons Next. D&D 5.0

Excited I became, not because I was burned out on 4.0 or even 3.0 but because I had come to embrace change. I actually thirsted for a change in my adventures.

Over the next three years I participated in a couple of.. eh.. how would you say this.. “beta” tests? I think that sums it up, beta tests of this D&D Next. It was still heavily based in the D20 System, but there was certainly something new and fresh to it. I’ll be honest, in what I’ve gone over with the new Player’s Handbook, things are quite a bit different than what I play tested a few years back.


I’m just now starting to scratch the surface on this new Player’s Handbook so many of the mechanics I’m not 100% familiar with yet. I’d love to give you some side by side comparisons from edition to edition, but just to keep this review short, I’ll make that comparison in a future post.

For now, I’ll simply say this:

If you have played Dungeons & Dragons in the past, regardless of the edition, then you will most certainly want to check this 5.0 Edition out. If you have played other RPGs, I don’t care if it’s another pen and paper rpg or a computer rpg or a console rpg, you will want to check this 5.0 Edition out.

The Player’s Handbook is a high quality book with everything you need to get started in a grand adventure.

We also have in the Monster Manual and Hoard of the Dragon Queen (an adventure designed for characters between the levels of 1 and 7).

As of now the Dungeon Master’s Guide is not out. According to a press release by Wizards of the Coast, it originally was set to be released in mid November, however it has been moved to mid December. The reason given was to include a bit more content and to provide the best possible product that they could. I, for one, am happy that they are doing this. I’d rather Wizards take a little extra time to put a good polish on a good book rather than simply shipping it out just to grab a few dimes.

On the surface, these books include outstanding artwork. Within, everything is broken down into nice bite sized chunks that’s easy to digest.  It looks like many things have been scaled down a fair amount in regards to combat. As for races and classes, there are oh so many more choices now to start off with.

Level is capped at 20 (it takes 355,000 exp points to attain level 20 now, as opposed to 190,000 for 20th in 3rd Edition or the variable exp points per level that was found in AD&D). That’s not a bad thing really. I’ve played in many a game where the point was to gain as many levels as fast as you could. Yes, there is something in that, but often times I found that the story was lost in the process.

Things in D&D 5.0 seem a bit more.. tame. I’m not giving it that word to be nasty, I certainly don’t intend for that to come across as meaning that 5.0 is boring. Far from it. When I say tame, I mean that in previous editions there was an element of chaos in learning the rules. I’m not finding that chaos here. Everything seems very straight forward and everything, so far, is making sense (mechanic wise).

I can’t wait for the DMG to be released because I know that’s going to be my continued roll with this game. However, until then, you’ll be able to find me rolling my weighted D6s and making up a new character. What? You didn’t know that Dungeon Masters cheat?

I’m not done with this Monster Manual either. Not by a long shot. Give me a monster from a previous edition and I’ll do my best to give you a side by side comparison between what it was back then and what it is and can do in 5.0. The Tarrasque was always among my favorites… What would you like to see compared?

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