September 23rd Hotfixes – Major Class Tuning for Emerald Nightmare

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Beyond Level 110: Content with Special Requirements

Now that we are a few weeks into Legion, we’re highlighting some of the content which requires additional steps to unlock besides hitting max level, such as quests that require Artifact Knowledge. If you are brand new to 110, check out our What to do at Level 110 in Legion Guide and the Legion Launch Survival Guide.

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Oblivion’s Edge on Steam?

Through Steam’s Greenlight system (that’s where the community of Steam players can help pick games that Steam will release and also provide feedback directly to the developer), MMO Ventures presents Oblivion’s Edge.



What is Oblivion’s Edge?

Think back to the days of pumping quarters into games like Asteroids, and Galaxan, and Defender.  You flew ships and fired off as many shots as you could, tried to destroy all the UFOs that you could, while trying to dodge an incomming hail of laser fire.  Oblivion’s Edge is this era’s version of that, only it’s super-charged with acid for blood!

It’s official description from it’s Steam Page:

“Oblivion’s Edge is a twin-stick shooter inspired by our favorite arcade and bullet-hell shooters”


Visually you can certainly see where the imspiration came from.  It’s free-roaming in nature and it appears that you can fly endlessly while shooting and destroying (well, trying to destroy) everything in your path.

The storyline is not overly complex, as in; this game is arcade in nature so you can jump right in and play without needing to read a tome of instructions.

The storyline?  What is it?

The description given on it’s Steam Page:

Our solar system has been invaded by a mysterious and powerful alien army. Any attempt at fighting back has failed.  We lost contact with the fleet, they are assumed to be destroyed. Now the battle has come to Earth. Our resources have dwindled; our defenses are destroyed. Staging an assault is impossible. Our only chance for survival is you, Earth’s last pilot.

In essence, you and you alone (you last starfighter!) can save the galaxy! The odds are stacked against you in Oblivion’s Edge but you do have several weapons and defensive items to help you out.

There are 3 difficulty settings for each game mode and there are 4 different game modes to choose from!

You have: Survival Mode, Defend Mode, Minefield Mode, and Earth Defense Mode (hit their Steam Page for a full description of these game modes).

Check out this video of the gameplay in action:




Oblivion’s Edge is a Single-Player game and is playable on PC, Mac, AND Linux!

Be sure to hit their Official Steam Page, give it a look and help these guys out by giving it a Thumbs Up YES!

Personally, I love the look of it!  It has a very “retro arcade” look but with modern day play!  I’ll grab this one for sure, and I can’t imagine it would cost more than a couple cups of coffee, certainly less than ten bucks, and my pockets know I’ve certainly pumped more than ten bucks worth of quarters into games over the years!


7.1 PTR Build 22636: Auction House Improvements, Spell Changes and More

Emerald Nightmare has been out for merely hours, and we’re getting another 7.1 PTR build! To recap, 7.1 will include the dungeon Return to Karazhan, the raid Trial of Valor, Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King, a Diablo Anniversary, and a revamped flow for leveling abilities.

Also make sure to check out our BlizzCon Party announcement and Wowhead Rocket shirt for sale, posted earlier today!

New to this build are some Auction House improvements:

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Wowhead T-Shirts Available for Purchase and BlizzCon 2016 Party Site Live, September 21st Hotfixes

Wowhead BlizzCon Party 2016

BlizzCon is fast approaching so it’s time to share more details about the Wowhead Party! Our party takes place on November 3rd on the 5th floor of the Hilton from 6-10pm, and continues with an after party on the 2nd floor of the Hilton from 10pm-2am.

Admission is free and you don’t need to be attending BlizzCon to come to our party. RSVP to let us know if you’re attending, which will also grant you access to our new after party.

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A D20 Fail.. Ouch!

And then sometimes our dice just hate us.


they really hate us…

Funny D&D Meme

This is a scenario that took place during this past weekend’s Dungeons & Dragons session..

too funny not to share!


Legion Survival Guide: Emerald Nightmare, Mythic+ Dungeons, World Bosses, Legion Season 1

Emerald Nightmare, Mythic+ Dungeons, Legion Season 1 PvP, World Bosses, J!NX Giveaway

This is a busy week for Legion: Emerald Nightmare Normal/Heroic, Mythic+ Dungeons and Keystones, World Bosses, and Season 1 PvP all open (September 20th US, September 21st EU). We’ve been busy at work writing guides to all the new content and we’re excited to share them with you! If you want a recap of past Legion content, check out our Legion Survival Guide and Things to do at Level 110 Guide.

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Pirate's Day and Brewfest 2016 Holiday Updates

This week is packed with new content in Legion: September 20th (21st EU) marks the opening of Mythic+ Dungeons, Normal/Heroic Emerald Nightmare, and Legion Season 1 PvP. But this week also brings with it two holidays, both with new items to collect!

Pirates’ Day (Sept 19)

World of Warcraft’s Pirates’ Day corresponds with the real world “holiday” of International Talk Like A Pirate Day. It’s the one day of the year to let your inner pirate out with a good, “Yarr!

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Patch 7.1 Preview: UI Improvements

Patch 7.1 hit the PTR earlier this week and in addition to the major content updates like Karazhan, Suramar, and hundreds of new items, there are some UI improvements which we’ll cover in this post.

Items that are ilvl upgrades are now marked with a small upwards arrow in your bag.

The flightpath map has received a few updates. It now shows icons for story quest objectives or NPCs, so you can easily see which flight will drop you off the closest.

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