Patch 7.1 PTR Now Live: Build 22578 Mounts, Karazhan Bosses, PTR Patch Notes, Music, Complete Revamp of Leveling Abilities

The PTR has now been updated for Patch 7.1! This patch will feature a new version of Karazhan as a 5-player dungeon, as well as the Trial of Valor raid and a new Suramar questline. More details in our PAX West liveblog.

Build Highlights

Leveling abilities have been completely revamped. Abilities are different from 1-10 and you unlock more perks on your core abilities as you level up.

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Mythic Keystones and Dungeons Preview

s and a new level of dungeon difficulty is unlocking on September 20th. You can prep for them in advance with our Legion Dungeon Guides which have detailed information on all abilities.

Blizzard has previewed the system below, here are the highlights:

Keystones allow you to run higher-difficulty versions of Mythic+. You can keep leveling up your keystone by completing the dungeon in a certain timeframe.

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Incantris from RAINN Studios – Our Rundown

RAINN Studios is running a KickStarter campaign for a new board game called Incantris and we want to give you all the information we can to help you know all there is to this wickedly cool game.

When you roll up a character in your favorite online MMO, such as World of Warcraft, Rift, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge, Neverwinter, The Elder Scrolls Online, or when rolling up a new character in your favorite pen and paper RPG such as, Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, Tunnels & Trolls, Mage from WhiteWolf, OR when you put together an army in your favorite miniatures battles game such as Warhammer Fantasy, do you typically lean towards the spell slinging magic user?

If so, then Incantris is the game for you!

Even if you only occasionally play a magic user or healer then Incantris is the game for you!

In fact, if you simply enjoy playing fantasy based game, Incantris is the game for you!

Okay, so here’s the deal, you get to take on the role of a spell slinger and you duel it out with other spell slingers.  It’s like a PVP battleground that caters specifically to Mages.  That’s the game boiled down to it’s basics.  The concept here excites me greatly and of course it’s much more complex than a basic PVP session.

Let’s explore some of the inner details of Incantris!

The Game:


Incantris takes place in a world of fantasy.  The Kingdom of Aldramere has seen it’s share of battles.  This war, however, is one of magic and it may very well rip the very kingdom apart.  The most powerful wizards are summoned to the Ruins of Orleal to battle it out with the winner becoming the Champion of Aldramere!

This is not a rush into battle and roll some dice and leave everything up to chance type of game.  There is a great deal of strategy involved, with over 25 different spells, a modular game board, 3D terrain, and 12 different miniatures, this game is unique each time you play it.

In Incantris the magic users are referred to as Wizards, even Druids and Sorcerers.  It’s just a convenient way to refer to them all at once.

Each player takes on a team of 3 wizards, Shaman, Sorceress, Druid, Shadow Weaver, Arcane Knight, Sorcerer, and can wield magic from the Spirit, Astral, and Elemental realms.

To Win:

The winner is the player left standing.

The Miniatures & Their Spells:


As you can see, there minis are very detailed, and I’m sure with a steady hand could be painted to personalize them.  The minis each have a 1″ circular base and stand between 29-34mm tall.

Each wizard comes with a reference card that shows the spells they can cast, the different magic abilities they possess, their life points, and movement points.

With 25 different spells to sling, this game gives you plenty of fire power to defeat your opponents.

The Terrain:


The game board itself is modular and can be changed to a different layout at the start of each game (or in some cases it can actually be changed during game play!).

What All Is In The Box?


I think the graphic above explains that!

This is a KickStarter campaign and there are several Stretch Goals, and the best part?  All the stretch goals will be included in your $49.00 pledge!

Incantris is slated to be released in May of 2017

Warcraft Gold & Levelling Guide

With this guide I was able to earn just over 100K gold in just under 1 week, playing for about 2 hours a day on one of my characters (Warrior, he started off with just under 2k gold).


This past weekend, I used the same guide and methods to gain just over 12,000 gold (Hunter, she started off with just at 11k gold).


And just to further test it, I used the information in this guide on my newly created Demon Hunter and in 5 of creating it, I made this:


All total, I’ve made just over 150K in gold with this guide.

It also has a levelling guide, but honestly, I’ve not used it.  Interested in checking it out to see how much gold you can make?

Check it out: Hayden’s World Of Warcraft Secret Gold Guide


See you in game and you better have your pockets full!

GameMasters and the Stupid Adventure

Sometimes we feel the need to get out and see what’s new.  Sometimes we feel the need to go on a grand adventure and see the sights and plundar hidden treasures.

This is not one of those times.

This is..

GameMasters and the Stupid Adventure.


Sometimes.. Adventure is just stupid…

Warcraft Facebook Stream Test

Blizzard launched it’s new streaming service today via it’s Launcher program.  It’s currently in Beta so you can bet that things will change and get tweaked as it progresses forward.  Currently it streams only to Facebook Live, but I’m sure it will change as there other social media sites that are also integrating a live streaming feature into their platform.

My first impression is that it’s pretty cool, however there is a tremendous amount of lag and latency within the game itself that I do not experience when using just an overall screen streaming program (such as the XSplit Gamecaster or XSplit Broadcaster).  Using Blizzard’s streaming service, I started off with seeing a 1986ms Home latency coupled with a 1665ms World latency.  Those numbers grew and topped out at around 4300ms Home and at about 3500 World.  That translates to about a good 4 to 5 second latency in the game to any action you try to perform.

You can check out my video play of it here (I actually took two of my streams and blended them together for this video):

The first thing I noticed is that the ending of my streams (roughly 3 to 4 minutes) were totally missing.  It still informed me in game that it was streaming, according to Facebook I was streaming live at those times, but when I went back to review to recoding, the endings were just not there.  This happened across 3 different tests.

I am not sure how viable this streaming service is going to be for players that do since it only goes direct to Facebook (for now).  It makes me wonder if Facebook is going to allow people to begin to monetize their live streams just to try to garner some of that crowd.  I mean, listen, if you are on and are actually making money with it, why would you want to suddenly start streaming onto Facebook and not make money?

While my FPS in the test was lacking (I was pulling down 16 FPS at the lowest point), I don’t think it was as a result of the streaming service.  I’ve been suffering from bad FPS issues since they updated Warcraft to patch 7.0.

All in all, Blizzard’s Streaming Service is pretty cool, but because of the bad latency I was getting, I doubt that I’ll return to it any time soon.  I will, however, keep checking back with it to see what new streaming platforms they add.

I think I’ll go unplug my webcam now…


D&D 5E House Rules: Luck Bonus

Our 4th Edition House Rule of the Luck Bonus was crazy popular so we decided to modify it up to D&D’s 5th Edition!

The core of what the Luck Bonus is stays pretty much the same, but there are a few tweaks.  If you wish to download this as a .pdf feel free to click the image, beneath it is the same information, just presented here in text format.



Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition House Rule: Luck Bonus

With 5th Edition comes something that can sortav skew the House Rule: Luck Bonus.  I’m referring to Advantage and Disadvantage.

First, I’ll explain how the Luck Bonus works:

Take a D6 and roll it (let’s say you roll a 2).  Make note of that number on your character sheet.
You can use your Luck Bonus (2 in this example) and apply it to any Ability check.  Here’s the catch: To use the Luck Bonus you have to call it before you make your Ability roll.

For example, you need to climb a rope that is covered in oil. Normally you would do a Strength check and apply your Strength modifier.  Before you make your Ability roll you would state that you want to apply your Luck Bonus. You then make your Ability roll on your D20, add your Strength Modifier and then add your Luck Bonus to that final number. This will, in effect, convert your roll to whatever the total is and that becomes the natural roll. Yep! This means you could potentially roll a natural 26 with your Luck Bonus!

In regards to Advantage and Disadvantage:

With this situation you would call that you wish to use your Luck Bonus before you roll.  In the case of Disadvantage, you would add your Luck Bonus to the lowest roll and in the case of an Advantage roll you would add your Luck Bonus to the highest roll. One thing to note; you may not want to use your Luck Bonus on an Advantage roll, because it’s almost kindav built in.

What the Luck Bonus cannot do:

You cannot apply the Luck Bonus number to every D20 you roll.  You can only apply it once per 24 hour session (of in game time).

You cannot add multiple days worth of Luck Bonus rolls together (IE you cannot not use yesterday’s roll and add it to today’s roll).
You cannot add your Luck Bonus number to your roll after you have made the roll.  It can only be added before you roll and you have to let your DM know that you are wanting to apply it.

A couple of more examples:

I’m about to roll my D20 to see if I hit that Gnoll. I’m going to call my Luck Bonus (2). I roll my D20 and get a 7.  I then add my Luck Bonus for a total of 9.

Your Luck Bonus can also prevent a Critical Miss! I call my Luck Bonus, roll my D20 and get a 1.

A freakin 1. But wait! I add my Luck Bonus (again it’s a 2) which gives me a 3! Not the best roll out there, but at least I didn’t cleave my foot off!

Dungeon Master’s Campaign Note:

It might be a cool idea to create a small item that the adventurers must find and limit the Luck Bonus to just one character per 24 hours.  You could also use a D4 instead of a D6 for the Luck Bonus roll’s number.

Item ideas include: a die (how original?), a coin, a small figurine, or anything else. The idea is it to be something that could easily be passed around from party member to party member easily.

Assassin’s Creed : Leap of Faith Jump

Could you jump from 125′ without wires and land without injury?

In the new movie, due out this December, Assassin’s Creed Leap of Faith, that jump is totally real.  It’s not CGI and there are no safety wires.

Check out this mini-behind the scenes clip of the Leap of Faith!

Could you do that?

Nuka World Fallout 4 Map

Starting NOW players can head over to their local Gamestop and pick up a physical real-world Nuka-World theme park map for the game Fallout 4! (better hurry though, they are limited!)

We at love maps, so you can bet your sweet.. well.. we’ll be there to pick one up.


This will be Fallout 4’s final add-on and will be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on August 30th (the last Tuesday of this month).

In regards to that, on August 21st, if you are in North America and Canada you can hit your local Gamestop and EB Games to get a physical version of the map (obviously for a limited time).

Can’t wait?  Want to see the map now?  Bethesda offers up a LARGE .pdf file of it here (link takes you to Bethesda’s site where you can download the .pdf map):

Nuka-World Fallout 4 Map


Like may theme parks, Nuka-World is broken down into various “areas”: World of Refreshment, Kidding Kingdom, Safari Adventure, Nuka-Town USA, and Galactic Zone.  Each zone provides a different take on different experiences (sci-fi, western, etc).

Bottom line… go grab that map, either the electronic one or the physical one!


Quick Characters for D&D

We’ve all been there..

You’re about to run a session of Dungeons and Dragons, you have your snacks and drinks all set out.  The chairs are all wiped down.  Ambient music is playing in the background.  Your players have all arrived and you have all just sat down to play..

Only.. You forgot that tonight was the night of the 4 hour taven brawl and you forgot to roll up NPCs!

Yeah, you could fudge some numbers and throw some together real fast, but with hollow stats the players will easily take down the entire taven in minutes!  No, you want some NPCs with meat on their bones!

No taven brawl for tonight?  Okay, perhaps you have your players going through a major dungeon crawl that is infested with a variety of unsavory NPCs..

OH! Or better yet!  What if two of your players brought someone new to the group and they don’t have characters rolled up??!  Do you really want to take time to wait for them to roll up new characters or do you want to jump right into the action?

Okay, so check this out..

Mike Mearls over at released a .pdf file from Unearthed Arcana (the download is directly from Wizard’s D&D site):

Sometimes you need quick characters for a D&D session.

Whether you’re running an impromptu game with limited time for character creation, you want to get a new player into an established game quickly, or you need a new PC to replace a dead adventurer, these optional rules are for you.

Unearthed Acana: Quick Characters

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