Magic the Gathering M11 Sneak Peak

Yep!  It’s almost here, the new Magic the Gathering Core Set, M11.  The tag line for this is:

A set everyone can sink their teeth into.

Walk amongst the elite – The ultimate strategic duelists. The few who can control deadly creatures and wield terrifying sorceries. Battle on countless worlds beyond this one in a quest for supremacy, and know what it means to say, “Here I Rule.

From what I understand this core set, 249 cards, is supposed to be 50% reprints and 50% new stuff.

Set Name
Magic 2011
Three-Letter Abbreviation M11
Number of Cards 249
Prerelease Date July 10-11, 2010
Release Date July 16, 2010
Launch Party July 16-18, 2010
Game Day August 14, 2010
Design Team Aaron Forsythe (lead)
Doug Beyer
Mark Globus
Tom LaPille
Gregory Marques
Development Team Erik Lauer (lead)
Dave Guskin
Tom LaPille
Kenneth Nagle

Okay, with the technical info out of the way, let’s check out some of the sneak preview cards sent my way:

Gargoyle Sentinel

Mana Leak

Back to Nature

And let’s take a look at one more, a Mythic Rare from M11…

Time Reversal

Now wait a second, hold the phone! Isn’t this just like TimeTwister from Alpha/Beta days?? Yep! Okay, so it’s 1 Colorless and 1 Blue mana more than TimeTwister but damn! In today’s play field that’s nothing! And you can play with 4 of these bad boys!

Keep checking back for more spoilers! (remember in September/October of this year we have the new block coming out (Scars of Mirrodin)

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