LootCrate Villains July 2014 Unbox & Review

Back in May we did our 1st LootCrate unboxing.  In June we let the time get away with us (something that can happen when you are working on a time machine), but it was all about Transformers.  July, this month’s LootCrate is all about Villains and we have an unboxing for you.  We even shot a short video showing you the loot stuffs so be sure to check it out.


Now that you’ve watched the vid, here is the low down on the goodies within.

Unboxing and Review of LootCrate’s July 2014 Villains theme crate of loots:

What I’m going to detail out is the retail cost of each item and you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

What we have is a small box 9″ x 3″ x 6″.  Crammed inside is all of this:

I Want You – Super Mario Brothers magnet featuring Bowser on the front.  It’s a low stick magnet, meaning it’s not really going to hold anything other than itself to your fridge.  Retails for about $2.50

Marvel Deadpool Socks for Shoe Size 6 to 12.   They retail for about $9.00 but I’ve seen them for sale at a couple of online retail places for about Five bucks.  I’ll stick with the retail price of 9 dollars for this addup.

Villians LootCrate Issue 12 – a small catalog type booklet free if you ask me.

Necessary Evil Super-Villains of DC Comics CD  Oh wait!  This is a DVD!  I’ll watch it after this posts and leave a review of it separately in the comments section.  Looks and sounds cool though!  The Blu-Ray retails for about fifteen bucks, I cannot find this as a stand alone DVD but I’ll assume it going to run right at $9.00.

Star Wars Darth Vader Plasticolor Keychain – retails for $4.80

Joker and Harley Quinn poster – these are attached to each other so be careful cutting them apart, each one measures 8″ x 12.4″  I cannot find a retail price but I’d imagine IF you found them anywhere it’s going to run about $1.00.

LootCrate Villians July Button – free

LootCrate Exclusive Issue #1 Rocket Racoon Marvel Comic – retails for $3.99  I’m leaving mine in it’s package, I’m a geek and comics are one thing that I’ve never touched.  I just know they sometimes go up in value when in mint condition.  However, with that said.. I don’t hold out much hope that this one will sky ‘Rocket’ in value.

Alternate Art Joker (in the likeness of Loki) t-shirt – this Joki shirt, as best I can find it’s retailing for about $20.00.

I spent $19.37 total for this month’s LootCrate, with $6.00 of that being for shipping, so really I spent just over $13.00 for this.  They stated that it would contain $40.00 + of retail value.  Let’s do some math and see..

Mario Magnet – $2.50

Deadpool socks – $9.00

Villains of DC DVD – $9.00

Joker/Harley poster – $1.00

Rocket Racoon Comic – $3.99

Joki Shirt – $20.00

Total: $45.49

It’s over that $40.00 claim, and honestly, I lilked the goodies within much better this go around.  As stated before, you may not like everything within the LootCrate, but you will certainly get something you like.  The rest.. give away as gifts.  Remember to check the comments below for my in depth review of the DVD!


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