LootCrate Heroes August 2014 Unboxing & Review

August for LootCrate is all about Heroes.  Today we have the unboxing of.. well.. the August LootCrate Heroes box.  Check it out and beneath I’ll break it all down:

Remember how we break this down for you; the Monthly Subscription is $13.37 plus $6.00 for shipping; LootCrate states there will be $40.00 worth of goodies in each box.  I’m going to list the contents and their respective prices so we can add them up and see if this month’s Loot Crate was worth it.

TMNT Sunglasses: 1st up we have some Ninja Turtle Sunglasses.  These are pretty cool, too small for me (not to mention I’m a 4-eyes so I really can’t see with them on anyways), but they make you look like one of the Ninja Turtles!  The one I got is Red, so that would make me.. Raphael.  Okay as for the price, I only found 1 place online selling them and they were going for $18.00.  That’s insanely high in my opinion, so I went to look on ebay (I like to use ebay for price reference as it usually tells me what people are actually willing to pay for something) and on there they seem to be listed at anywhere from $2.00 on up to about $12.00.  I’m going to be VERY conservative here and price them at $5.00.

Membership Card: Next we have an official LootCrate Membership Card.  This is just a credit card sized piece of plastic.  It’s thick and not flimsy, but I cannot attribute any monetary value to it at all.

Groot: I have Groot.  This is a LootCrate exclusive.  His arm and hand glow in the dark.  We like stuff that glows in the dark.  It’s from PoP! Marvel, and the non-glow version retails for $11.00.

TMNT Raphael: We also got an Ooze Action Glow in the Dark TMNT Raphael from Kidrobot.  Did I mention that we like stuff that glows in the dark?  Sadly it’s only the tips of his sais that glow, so don’t lose them!  This one retails for $10.00.

Shwings:  Thanks LootCrate, now I can’t get Wayne’s World out of my head…  I’ll have to watch that tonight, but I digress.. Shwings is a silly little thing that gives your laced shoes wings.  Get it?  Shoe Wings?  Just understand that they don’t really make your shoes fly.. Unless you throw them.  They retail for $9.00

Sonic Breeze Air Freshener: I’m hesitant to open this and see what it smells like.  It’s an air freshener for your car, hangs off the mirror, old school stuff.  Okay okay, for the sake of this article I’ll open it and sniff.  Hold on while I do that..  Oh the stench!  That evil vile.. oh wait.. the dog just farted.  Good thing I opened this Sonic Breeze Air Freshener!  It smells like.. well.. according to several websites it’s scent is.. Sonic Breeze.  I can’t really describe it, just a generic ocean breeze I guess (or maybe it’s Sonic’s Fart?).  It retails for $3.00.

Chimichang’Os Magnet:  Deadpool reference.  It’s just a small magnet, about the size of a credit card.  Sadly they used super thin magnetic material so it doesn’t really hold anything up on the fridge other than a small sheet of paper.  Retail Value about $1.00

August LootCrate Button:  It’s a button.  Represents August.  From LootCrate.  I cannot attribute any monetary value to this.

Bonus Digital Loot:  Bonus is always cool.  Is it worth it?  You get 3 codes to unlock some digital stuff.  The digital stuff is:  Doctor Who Legacy, this code provided lets you unlock 11 Doctors, Rose Tyler, Clara, and K-9.  Defense Grid the Awakening, this code gives you the complete game (a $10.00 value).  Gauntlet, this code grants you an exclusive in-game helm – Mask of the Wyrm Slayer.  Personally, I’m never going to check these out, but for value’s sake, I’m going to say it’s worth the price of the Defense Grid game, $10.00.

LookCrate Issue 13:  We also have Lootcrate’s Mini-Mag issue 13 that gives a bit of detail about all of the goodies in this month’s box.  I’m not going to assign any value to this.

The Box:  Normally I would not list this, but this go around I am.  The box itself (the inside) is a small diorama of a sewer, perfect for your Ninja Turtle to play in.  I like that they are doing this, makes the box something you are less likely to toss out and fill up a land fill with.  However.. I’m not going to assign any value to it.

Now that you know what’s inside, let’s add up the value.  Remember it’s supposed to be over $40.00 worth of goodies.

TMNT Sunglasses – $5.00

Membership Card – $0.00

Groot – $11.00

TMNT Raphael – $10.00

Shwings – $9.00

Sonic Fart – $3.00

Chimicagos Magnet – $1.00

LootCrate Button – $0.00

Digital Loot – $10.00

LootCrate Issue 13 – $0.00

LootCrate Box – $0.00

Total – $49.00

Yup!  It’s over $40!  Yeah, I may not like every item listed, but overall it’s got some fun stuff in it, certainly some cool things I can give to some cool friends!  If only I had friends…

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