Loot Crate : Vs March 2016 Unboxing & Review

This month’s Loot Crate theme is Vs.  That’s ‘Versus’  if you are not into the whole brevity thing.  Up to this point it’s been ME vs. LOOT CRATE, but after this review, I think there will be no more battle.  I love the idea behind Loot Crate, but I’m just not convinced that the contents I get each month are worth it.

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of canning this subscription box and going on to something else, and after this review… We shall see…


The Breakdown:

Monthly Sub is $13.37 plus $6.00 for shipping. Loot Crate states there will be $40.00 worth of goodies in each box.  I’m going to list the contents and their respective prices so we can add them up and see if this month’s Loot Crate was worth it.

My Video of Unboxing:

Fun video?  Yeah, I ran through the box fast.  I’m already feeling the disdain for this month’s box.  Let’s go ahead and jump into the review…

Up first..

Spock T-Shirt:


Okay, this is a cool shirt.  I always loved the classic Mirror Mirror episode.  However, while this is a neat looking t-shirt, it’s not exactly my style, so it is doubtful that I will actually wear it.

Value: $18.00 (based on that I was able to find this EXACT same shirt design on Amazon for this price), okay, the shirt color was black over there and not oatmeal, but still.. close enough for me to get a value.

Batman V Superman Wallet:


This wallet is made from the company Mighty Wallet.  You know the wallet, you can dunk it water, try to rip it, etc. and it will never die.  It holds cash, cards, all that jazz.  I just don’t need it because MY wallet features an embroidered saying on it, one made famous in the movie Pulp Fiction. (yes, that was supposed to sound like it was being said by an 8 year old trying to one up his friend)

Value: $15.00 because that’s what they sell for on DynoMighty’s website.

Vinyl Alien Vs. Predator Figure:


From the 2004 movie comes a classic piece, the Alien.  This one features the grid cuts made when the Predator cast it’s net on it and caused it to bleed acid.  This figure is from Titans.  I like it well enough, and I’ll toss it among my various zombie vinyl figures.

Value: $10.00 (based on that Think Geek sells a similar style – given it’s not exact, but retail value is the same).

Harley Quinn Issue #1 Comic:


Evidently this comic was made specifically for Loot Crate.  The story line is that Harley finds a genie bottle at the bottom of the sea.  I promise I’m not making that up.  I can’t even do the research to see if there will be any more issues beyond this one.  I would say NO, only because it does say “One Shot” on the cover.

Value: $4.00 (because comics should just not cost any more than that).

DareDevil Vs. The Punisher Beanie:


Given, this is a neat hat.  It even fits my big fat melon head.  I like that it’s reversible too.  Problem is… we just hit spring and it’s just not cold enough outside for me to wear it.  Guess I’ll have to wait several months first…

Value: $20.00 (personally I think that’s a bit high, but that price is based on similar beanie hats found online).

Loot Pin, LC Magazine, Word Gush card, and LC Box:


Okay, all at once..

Word Gush: We have a game that Look Crate advertises to present called Word Gush.  It’s a free game download for your favorite Apple or Android device. It’s a game that’s based on “What Am I?”.  You know, you have a card on your head and you ask questions and then try to guess what or who you are.

Value: Free (it’s a free app download).

Loot Crate Pin: Head over to LC’s site and this pin unlocks a complimentary movie rental courtesy of VUDU.  I’m not sure if you can pick any movie or if it has to be either Aliens or Predator.  At the time of this review Loot Crate has not opened up this month’s pin unlockable so I’m having to go off of information provided to me via the LC Magazine.

Value: $0.99 to $5.99

LC Magazine: Explains everything in the box.

Value: Free (do I really have to justify the free here?)

LC Box: it’s just a box that the loot came in.

Value: Free.

I know I did a lot of complaining with this review.  I’m just really not all that impressed with the items.  I know there are some comic geeks out there that will love some of these items, and I know there is an Alien fan that will go crazy for that vinyl figure, but to impress ME, I have to really like what is being presented, and I just don’t care for this month’s box.  However…  All of that aside, I still have to fairly ask..

Was it worth it?

Spock Shirt: $18.00

BvS Wallet: $15.00

AvP Figure: $10.00

Harley Comic: $4.00

DD vs TP Beanie: $20.00

Word Gush: $0.00

LC Pin: $0.99 to $5.99

LC Mag: $0.00

LC Box: $0.00

Total: $57.99 to $62.99 (because of the variable VUDU rental value).

Yeah, I mean from a value standpoint this month’s Loot Crate box most certainly goes over LC’s $40.00 claim.  However, for me, I just don’t think I’m going to return to Loot Crate.  I think I’m going to try out a new subscription box service and see how things go from there.





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