Hurricane Ivan 9-07-2004

Won’t this madness stop?

3 Hurricanes in the past 4 weeks!  Ivan is about 5 days away, so it’s
still a little too early to tell if Florida will get smacked again, but
as it is going; it’s taking pretty much the same path as Hurricane
Charley did a few weeks ago.

I hope Ivan decides to stall out and not come over, Most of Florida is
pretty much saturated with water another hurricane could very was
Florida away and give Alabama and Georgia more ocean front property…

Thursday, September 9th, 2004.

7:41 AM

Well, all predictions for Ivan have him hitting Jamaca late Friday
night, then heading more north west, then hitting Cuba at about mid-day
Saturday, and turning almost due north.  That takes him directly across
the Melbourne area, right where I live at about 2 AM on Tuesday morning.
Two bits of good news here tho; (no i did not switch to Geico) by the
time Ivan reaches us here in Central Floriday it more than likely will
not be a Hurricane, in fact by the time he smacks Jamaca and then Cuba
he will have lost alot of strength.  The other bit of good news is that
it’s still pretty early and he very well could change course.

7:50 AM

Ivan has just been upgraded to a Category 5 Hurricane.  Very uncommon, and only the 19th Category 5 since 1950.

3:31 PM

I think I’m going into panic mode.  After seeing all the shortages of
food, water, gasoline, and whatnot this past week, I’m a bit frazzed
out.  I think this time we are going to stick it out here, despite the
concerns of our family in other parts of the country.  That’s probably
not the smartest thing for us to do, but I just cannot see trying to
evacuate the area again, especially after going thru all the traffic and
insanity of trying to find gasoline.  Who knows.  I have plenty of food
and ice and water now (I went out today and got as much as I could with
the impending arrival of Ivan); all I can do is hope that we don’t lose
power and have to sit and watch as the ice melts and the food spoils…

At any rate, for the next few days we will be eating like KINGS.

Friday, September 24th, 2004.

7:05 PM

Ivan totally missed us, which is one of the reasons I never bothered to
update this post.  He ended up going up into the Gulf of Mexico and made
landfall about 30 miles EAST of where we ran to when we left to get
away from Hurricane Francis.

However…  Now we are looking at Hurricane Jeanne…

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