Hurricane Charlie 08-13-2004

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I went to work today, had to drive about 70 miles south of where I live to get to the job location in Jensen, Florida, and noticed that the roads were simply desolate. I am covering someone’s shift here. I turned off I95 and took Orange Ave to US1. Just before I turned south, i saw 2 peacocks walking down the sidewalk. Really amazing. All the while the radio was telling about this impending doom that was to make landfall at about 3 pm eastern. This impending doom is called Hurricane Charlie.

110 mile an hour winds. Category 3.

I walk into Best Buy at about 8 am, and finish up at about 11:30. I now have to make my way up to Vero Beach and hit the Best Buy there as well. I am covering someone’s shift here to. I leave here at about 2 pm.

As I am taking I95 north, back home, the radio tells me that this hurricane is about to become a Category 4. As I get home and turn on the television they announce it’s going directly to a Category 4. 10 miles short of being considered a category 5. This guy is bigger than Hurricane Andrew from a few years ago.

It’s projected path is slated to take the eye directly over Orlando. That’s about an hour north of me. However, each time they how the projected path, it seems to going more and more slightly south east of Orlando. That would take it right over where I live.

Right now it’s about 4:15 pm. Hurricane Charlie has just made landfall, Sanabell Island. It is estimated that this guy will overtake the Orlando area at about 9 or 10 pm this evening.

It’s strange outside right now. Moments of calm are broken up by moments of gusty winds. There is a squirrel on top of the roof of the house across from me. I hope he gets down soon before the winds send him out to sea. The sky is cloudy, but sometimes there are broken patches of blue and golden sunlight. Those patches swiftly pass by as the wind picks up again. Not too far from me is another house that has some pallets of shingles sitting loose on the roof. I’m willing to bet they won’t be there the next time daylight shines on that house.

The television now states that an estimated 15 billion dollars worth of damage will be caused by this hurricane.

That squirrel is not there any more. Either he got blown off the roof or he made it to safety.

Having just walked in from the out of doors, you would never know what is about to happen. The sky is not too dark right now.

It is now about 5:30 pm. The sky grows darker. The wind is picking up. Standing outside you can feel only the smallest of drops of rain. Still it is hard to comprehend what chaos is about to ensue.

I am shutting down my computer as soon as I finish with this post, and am moving my computer away from the window. Other tiems here have been placed in safe places. No loose silverware sitting out, nothing that can be picked up and tossed about is sitting out. What scares me at this point is that the winds in my area will be getting up to about 90 miles an hour and will be coming in from the south. I have a large sliding glass door that faces the south…

They are saying that once it reaches the Daytona Beach area it will have slowed down to a Category 1 Hurricane.

That is the last from me at this time. I need to shut down as some fairly threatening clouds approach. Lightning is illuminating them. I must admit that they are pretty from afar, but I do not wish to view them first hand.

Unfortunatly, I will.

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