How I named my Guild

Many a year ago, around the early 1980’s I sat down in front of a Commodore 64 and read the following line:

“You are standing in front of a white house with a boarded up front door.  There is a mailbox nearby.”

The game was Zork.  I was hooked.  I discovered that day that I was a gamer and that I would be for life.  The years rolled on, games came and went.  Zork certainly was a life changer, as strange as that may sound.  Oh sure there were other games that shaped my gaming; Bard’s Tale, Ultima, Dragon Warrior, Temple of Apshi, Mortal Kombat; just to name a few.

In the early 90’s I was introduced to an online game called Kingdom of Drakkar.  You can read a fair bit about it here: Kingdom of Drakkar.  Whoah!  This game was super cool!  I could jump into a game that other people also were in and actually talk to them in real time!  I could also join a group called a guild!  This was more or less like an online “family”.  It was a group of people who liked to take on tasks and hunts together.  This was certainly my kind of game!  (I still play it to this day – yes, Kingdom of Drakkar is still online but more on this game a little later.).

Then came along Evercra.. er.. I mean EverQuest.  This one too had guilds.  I tried my hand at running a guild, I have after all, been running a 3 year long Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  How hard could it be to run and orchestrate a group of players in an online game?  It really wasn’t too difficult but the most challenging aspect was that not everyone was on at the same time.  That caused me to start playing at some odd hours because there were some players that I really enjoyed playing with.

Eventually World of Warcraft came along.  I guess I’ve been playing it pretty much since vanilla (that’s just over 8 years).  I’ve run a total of 7 guilds in WoW.  I’ll admit that none of them have been what mainstream players would call “Uber” or “Leet”.  They have been mostly small, friendly, and laid back.

Yes, yes, there have been other games that I’ve played, some I still log into, others I’ve wiped from my system to never dream of returning to.


Remember a few lines above I mentioned that I would return to the topic of Kingdom of Drakkar?  Okay, this is it:

I do a hand-full of graphics for that game.  It’s a 2D retro styled game.  To be fair it’s really a game that is rich in story and in background, and the graphics have simply stayed at the era in which it was created.  More or less.  Keep in mind Kingdom of Drakkar was originally called Realm and came out in 1984 as a text MuD (that’s Multi-User Dungeon), and the name was changed in 1989 to Kingdom of Drakkar (that’s when the textual Mud was tossed and a graphical interface was coded in).  It’s 2013 as I type this.  Yes, this game is almost 30 years old.

Why that tangent?  To simply explain the graphics.  They started out as 8-bit graphics and are now 24-bit (those are the ones that I do for it).  I’ve done 90% of the ground terrains (stuff like water, grass, lava, dirt roads, dungeon floors, etc), as well as several items and a small handful of monsters.

The reason I’m going into detail here about Kingdom of Drakkar is to share with you the personal connection I have to the game.  I also want to share with you the connection it has with World of Warcraft.

Wherever I go somewhere and run into a gamer I try to spread the word about Drakkar.  It’s a small community and word of mouth goes a long way.  I let them know, just as I am about to let YOU know, that I’m almost always logged into the Drakkar lobby (feel free to download the game, log in and say hi).  As a result of my connection to Drakkar, I also try to embed it into various places.  I may go to the public library and go to Drakkar’s website and leave it there, same thing on demo computers at places like Best Buy and Walmart.  Stuff like that.

SO when it came time to rename an old guild I had in Warcraft, I figured what would be a better name than <DRAKKAR> ?

And thus it came to be that <DRAKKAR> is the guild name.  It’s on the Fizzcrank server (Alliance) if you want to drop by and check it out.  We are level 25, have most of the guild achievements, but get this.. we are only 5 active players.  That’s all we have.  Five.  Getting in is very difficult, it’s pretty much invite only, but to anyone who plays the game and knows who I am in Kingdom of Drakkar, well.. You may very well be a good candidate for joining if you so desire.

Oh, and for those on the Horde side, we have a guild on the same server for you as well, <RAKKARD>.

See what I did there?

So with any game out there, look for that guild, you never know, it may very well be me.  Say hi, let me know that you read this article and we can team up to take on any baddies out there!

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