Hearthstone Howling Mine Deck

I enjoy playing card games.  I go all the way back to Alpha days of Magic: The Gathering.  In fact, I can recall a buddy of mine, Jody, getting me a deck and 3 boosters of Beta.  I opened them and got a Mox Pearl.  I never cared for White decks and never in a million years would I have every thought that the value of these cards would amount to anything.  I played a Black deck, and I was drastically low on swamps.

I traded that Mox Pearl for 10 Swamps.

In my defense, I won 7 games in a row after I built that deck with those ten swamps…

It was a Howling Mine deck, one that was designed to run you out of cards and win me the game (when Antiquities came out, I tossed Millstone in and that sped things up tremendously).

When Hearthstone came out, I set out to build a Howling Mine / Millstone deck as well.  Obviously Hearthstone does not have Howling Mine / Millstone, but it does have cards that effectively do the same thing.

I tried several classes out to try build this deck, and ended up settling on a Rogue.

It works about 65% of the time, so I’m looking to vastly improve it, but when it does work, it WORKS.

The deck:

rogue2x Backstab
1x Preparation
2x Shadowstep
2x Betrayal
1x Eviscerate
2x Gang Up
2x Sap
1x Doomsayer
1x Ironbeak Owl
2x Patient Assassin
1x Youthful Brewmaster
1x Beneath the Grounds
2x Coldlight Oracle
2x Dancing Swords
1x Sabotage
2x Antique Healbot
1x Dark Iron Skulker
1x Loatheb
2x Vanish
1x Ragnaros the Firelord

How the deck works:

The entire focus of the deck is to burn your opponent’s cards down so they start taking burn damage.

Starting you want to have a Shadowstep, a Coldlight Oracle, and/or a Gang Up in your opening hand.  Those are priority.

You cannot toss out the Oracle without first having one of those cards, as the Oracle is the engine that makes this entire deck work.  Usually around turn 3 or 4 (depending of it you go first or not) you can start priming the engine.

Backstab is also for creature control.

Preparation is specifically for Vanish (makes it’s cost 3 mana instead of 6).

Shadowstep is specifically for your Oracles, make your opponent draw 4 cards in one turn filling their hand and making the extra cards poof.

Betrayal is also for creature control.

Eviscerate is also for creature control OR to hit your opponent to help drop them in health.

Gang Up is specifically for your Oracles ONLY.  Because you too are drawing cards, you don’t want to run out, this effectively adds 6 more cards into your deck.

Sap is also for creature control.

Doomsayer is typically played mid game and is a subterfuge card.  That is, it’s going to do one of two things.. You opponent is either going to ignore it, which will allow it to wipe the board, or your opponent will try to kill it, thus holding off at least 7 damage from being dealt to you that turn.

Ironbeak Owl is also for creature control.  Sortav.  He is best used against something that’s just nasty to deal with.

The Patient Assassins are there for creature control and are good to toss out early.

Youthful Brewmaster is specifically for your Oracles again, just keep them bouncing back into your hand.

Beneath the Grounds, well, your opponent is going to be drawing cards fast, how nice is it of them to give you three 4/4 creatures in the process?

Coldlight Oracle these guys are the engine that make the deck work.  Protect them and keep them bouncing back into your hand as often as you can.

Dancing Swords is another subterfuge card.  You opponent will see it as a nasty 4/4 that they have to get rid of and they get to draw a card when they do.  Little do they know that for each card they draw, that’s just one step closer to them burning.  And when able, attack the opponent to help whittle that life down for when they do start taking draw burn.

Sabotage is great because of all of the other creature control you have, you should be able to control the amount of enemies on the board and usually when this card is played there is typically only one minion on the board.

Antique Healbot is new for this deck.  I kept running low on health and getting down to the wire, however, with two of these in the deck and the speed at which I can draw them, I’ve got access to additional 16 life.

Dark Iron Skulker is a good early to mid-game card.  Being able to dish out 2 damage to all enemy minions is always helpful.

Loatheb is questionable in this deck.  5 mana is kindav expensive but I’ve ended up playing it more as a subterfuge card.  Mainly because my opponent usually goes after it instead of me thus saving me from taking 5 damage that turn.

Vanish is best played when you have 9 mana.  Drop an oracle first, draw two cards (and fill your opponent’s hand with their own minions and they draw two cards) and watch as they burn a card or two because their hand is full.

Ragnaros the Firelord…  this one works some of the time.  I usually end up using my Coin if I go first and drop him when I have 7 mana.  My opponent usually has no choice but to focus on that guy instead of me.

You can also see the deck in action here:

Feel free to hit me up for Hearthstone (Or Warcraft); my Battletag is : flisk#1211



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