Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai RPG

*This page edited on 1/18/2016 to include a short tale of the mythology of this book and to include a couple of photos*

This Role-Playing Game and Resource Book is a Tri-Stat System RPG set in the madcap world of organized crime depicted in the cult movie Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai.


You can play the quirky anti-heroes of the movie, or use the character creation rules to design your own crooks, cops, and crackpots. Take on the challenge of role-playing a killer with a conscience, a mobster clinging to an obsolete code of honor, or the godfather of a struggling crime family beset by rival gangs and power-hungry lieutenants. Or match wits with the Mafia themselves as an FBI agent or an undercover cop. Hit men and undercover cops often work alone, so the Ghost Dog Role-Playing Game and Resource Book introduces guidelines for one-on-one role-playing as well as traditional group play.

The simple, fast-paced Tri-Stat game mechanics and extensive GM support (including two complete ready-to-play adventures) make Ghost Dog the perfect pick up game when the rest of the group can’t show up. The game is not just for fans of the movie. In addition to complete background and plot summaries for the Ghost Dog movie, there’s also a look at the honorable killers genre, information on samurai philosophy, and a huge amount of background on Mafia culture, organization and the day-to-day business of organized crime.
Useful with any game — not just Ghost Dog — this comprehensive Mafia source book will be invaluable to GMs of any RPG campaign which includes the modern-day mob.

This system uses 6 sided dice.

Now.. Let me fill you in on a little secret… as long as you own a copy of this book, good fortune will follow you. Once you have owned it and lost it; everything will fall apart.

Allow me to elaborate…

We have has several copies of this book in stock over the past couple of years and we discovered something.  We discovered Ghost Dog’s secret.  There is Yin and there is Yang.  There is good and there is evil.  This book contains that balance.

***Begin Edit***

Okay, so we were bored one evening and a small group of gamers allowed their imaginations to run wild.  We were walking up and down the isles here at the shop looking at the various odd role playing books we carried and we all agreed that Ghost Dog (the movie) was among the more strange things to create a role playing game about.  Soon thereafter we created the entire mythology about this book, and the good fortune that it would have to bring the shop.  I mean, hey, who in their right mind would even carry it to begin with?  All things happen for a reason, and the reason we had this book, Ghost Dog, was for it to provide unto us good fortune.

You can debate it’s effect of good fortune, or lack of, upon GameMasters, but I prefer to consider how much worse things could have been if we had ever gotten rid of this book.


Here at we have exactly 1 copy left, it is not for sale. Never again will we be without our copy of Ghost Dog. I recommend this highly sought after collector’s item, as it is no longer being made.

**** End Edit***

Perhaps if a second installment were to be made in movie form we might see further adventures of Ghost Dog.

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