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We have tons of demos going on; everything! 40K, Fantasy, Warmaster, Epic 40K, Battle Fleet Gothic, and more! Oh yeah, we also have demos of the new Inquisitor! I suppose I should also mention that we have a fantastic Blood Bowl League going on too! And on the Horizon is coming some new minis that we like to call “the Kruts”!
– GameMasters

Chris Thompson, the GameMasters GW Rep is going to start doing some neat tidbits for our website; be sure to check this page for constant updates!



Good Morning Kids,
Now let me give you the low down. I was talking to Brian one evening and he
tells me about this updated website. I check it out,.. it looks kewl, but I
decide it needs a little flare. So I decide to volunteer my services as a
regular column update. BOO YEA!!! So I was lamenting about what my first
column should be about. So I was sitting here, and talking to the guy I sit
next to Harry Heckle (he is famous in the gaming world, see if you can find
out from where!). I was ranting on and on about what to write about. Should
I talk about my experinces with working for Games Workshop? Should I talk
about what is my favorite armies and tactics? Should I talk about the only
thing that I really know about, and thats porn? No, no, no, I will talk
about, writing this letter! If you think about it, rather strange, Im
writing about a letter that I am writing, like putting two mirrors facing
each other and having and infinite void,… thingy!

Hey, did you know that Games Day is comming upon us. This is the FIRST GAMES
DAY that I will be attending. Im a little tingly to be honest with you. As
much as I love Warhammer, I also lived in Dallas, so it was a hell of a
commute. So I am hoping it is everything that I hope it is, but at the very
least I think I am going to lose my voice. I will be helping in the Rouge
Trader tourney, I will make sure to give you updates!
Well anyways, I think my ranting is done, for now!! I will wrote another day
though, so look this way again.
Christopher Thompson
“I’m not only a employee, I’m also a client”



Hi Kids,
How was your weekend? Mine was fine,… considering that GAMES DAY ROCKED!!!

What a rocking time, everyone needs to go to Games Day at least once in
there life, just to see the sea of gamers as the move around the conference
hall. I was taking tickets at the beginning to help because SO MANY PEOPLE
were there, we physically couldn’t hand out free miniatures fast enough! My
throat hurts, I’m tired, and if I could do it all over again, I would.
{pant, pant} OK, I think I am done. Now Games Day was great and all, but I
think there was one thing that was really fascinating to me at the event,
the token girlfriend. I love the concept of the token girlfriends, girls
that they so want to understand what their boyfriends do with their free
time, that they are willing to torture themselves, and go to this “weird convention” just to be with their man. And you can tell who they are from
like 100 yards, pouty lips, that bored, glazed look in there eyes, and the
desperate twitch in their face to see someone that they can have a report
with. I am this someone. Know I am fortunate enough to have a girlfriend who
enjoys what I do as a hobby. She paints, and even plays, and is in fact a
much better painter than me, but that look of total desperation in a token
girlfriend’s eyes always makes me melt. So you say hi, you talk with them,
and instantly you have a new friend. Its too great, and I think that’s what
made my day!
Anyways, I guess I get off topic, but I now have to go. Next time I write I
will talk about the new stuff that is coming out, and my opinions of Lord of
the Rings!
Take care and thanks for listening to my rant,
Christopher Thompson
Games Workshop


K, Due to the fact that Chris (now our OLD GW Rep) is a wuss, his commentary will no longer grace the pages of our web site. We have a new enemy now. (For all you Star Wars fans!)
Now that Chris’ 15 minutes of fame are up, be sure to look for the commentary from our NEW GW Rep…

We never got a new GW Rep. Long story made short: GW screwed me on an order (I placed a $35k order with them and they did not send me what I actually ordered, instead I got a shit-tonne of lead that is out of print and no-one wants). Attempts to return this junk has gone over well.

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