Fire Elemental caught on Camera – Photo Friday Alpha!

I live out in the country. As such I get many opportunities to indulge in my pyromania (always in a safe manner). Recently we have been under a Burn Ban (it’s just not rained in about a month and a half and it’s been windy as hell so everything is dried out making it very condusive to fire spreading). For the past four days it’s rained it’s ass off, so the Burn Ban has been lifted.

Having a stock pile of fallen branches and whatnot I did not want to miss the chance to get my burn on.

In the back I have one of those 50 gallon drum barrels. Like what you see Bums gathered around in the movies when it’s cold outside. Just after dusk I pulled out my camera and started snapping photos of the flames.

I never expected to capture something from another Plane of Existance, but I did.

Perhaps the invasion of Azeroth is more Earthly bound than even Blizzard thought…

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