Erich Von Hase Professional Minis Painter

Facebook can be a wonderful place sometimes. I admit it.. I’m on there quite a bit. I ran across a post today that I want to share with you guys.

A good while ago.. hell, around the mid 1990’s I guess it would have been, I met a guy by the name of Erich Von Hase, who was great at painting miniatures. This guy would churn out painted minis by the truck-loads. Seriously, He produced a complete Blood Bowl boxed set (that’s two teams folks) in less than a day! Remember the old Games Workshop games Epic 40K? I actually watched him paint THREE complete boxed sets for our display case IN ONE DAY!

I’m not talking slapped on paint here either, I’m talking slick, clean, and full of details. I’m talking flocked bases, and more detail.

Take a look at some of his works:


I’m posting this because it just came to my attention that he is making some incredible deals on his painting services.

His rates are as follows:

Field quality = Current Retail Cost of the Figures.
Studio Quality = 3x Current Retail Cost of the Figures.
Basic basing + $1 per miniature.
Studio basing + $2 per miniature.
Custom services = negotiable.

In regards to shipping he states: “I’ll charge whatever the shipping costs are. No reason to mark any of that up.

Want to ask him some questions or need to find out some more info from Erich? You can get a hold of him here: Erich Von Hase.

Go ahead and pull out your minis (hey! get your mind out of the gutter!) and start visualizing how you want it painted; then reach out to Erich, get those minis looking all wicked and watch your opponents surrender in defeat based on how your minis look!

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