Dead Set review – sometimes you gotta leave Hollywood

Sometimes you gotta leave Hollywood behind.

Recently you will notice that most of my movie reviews have had me going off on how inadequate Hollywood has become. I’ve had this one film sitting on my self for a good while now and tonight I finally watched it. I am talking about is the TV mini-series written by Charlie Brooker called Dead Set.

Based on a fictional set of Big Brother taking place in the United Kingdom, Dead Set pushes the envelop well beyond anything that American audiences could deal with on network television. I’d wager good money that you would be hard pressed to find even a cable channel willing to air anything like this without toning down the gore and violence. Perhaps on HBO or Cinemax.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this film (I’ll call it a film even though it was originally aired over a 5 day period as a TV mini-series).

We begin with the setup; we are behind the scenes of a Big Brother episode. It’s an eviction night and the producer, Patrick (Andy Nyman), is as about as rude as they come. Sure he has pressure, but you learn to dislike him from the get-go. Kelly (Jamie Winstone), is the gopher – go for this, go for that, get coffee, run some copies, etc. You immediately like her (she is also the one in the photo above).

Okay, so the pressure is on, and one of the contestants is evicted. There is a threat of a newscast preempting the show and that of course is the queue for zombies to show up.

What follows is a myriad of fast moving filming, (I will warn you that there is a lot of camera shaking, something I don’t mind as I feel it gives it a little more.. ‘you are really here with us’ type of feeling – but I can see where some would not like it and perhaps get a bit motion sick) general chaos, and bloody mayhem.

Listen, these are Zombie we are dealing with, not people who peddle flowers. There is blood. There is violence. There are smashed skulls, ripped flesh, spilled entrails, and loads of chopped bodies. When I say it’s gory, I mean it. This guy is not Rated G. It’s Rated R all the way.

The storyline is simply okay, it’s not original, but it’s presented in a very zombie-fan-fun way. What I mean by that is, it’s about people trapped in a location and are held within because of well, zombies.

Now for the extra zombie-fan-fun part. Although the film probably has nothing to do with it, I can certainly imagine that this takes place in the same time frame and universe that the Snyder version of Dawn of the Dead remake took place. Even fits in perfectly with the 28 Days Later time frame. Again, I’m not saying that’s what Dead Set is, it’s not. I’m just saying that in my view it is easy to imagine them all taking place at the same time.

All in all, grab a copy and follow the instructions; watch it in wide-screen and in a darkened room. If you are a zombie fan, this is a MUST SEE.

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