D&D Spell Critical Success Hit Chart

As much as I wanted to give a full 100 options to this one, I kept finding it difficult to introduce ways in which the spell worked without making it over-powered. It’s only a d20 (at this time.. I may revisit this chart and add more to it).
There also has to be the assumption that the Spell Critical Successful Hits are combat spells and not just a sucessfuly cast non-combat spell. For example:

Know Direction
Bards and Druids can cast this.
You instantly know the direction of North from your current position. The spell is effective in any enviornment in which “North” exists, but it may not work in extraplanar settings. Your knowledge of North is correct at the moment of casting, but you can get lost again within moments if you don’t find some external reference point to help you keep track of direction.

How would you define a Critical Success on that? Either it work or it doesn’t. Besides.. what GM is going to make you roll.. well.. okay, there ARE certain circumstances I suppose.. It’s windy, there is a sand-storm, at night, and you just woke up, it’ll be a DC check of.. 15? So yeah, I guess there could be an instance like that. But this chart does not go there. Instead it just applies to combat spells.

With that in mind, know also that the spell cast always works as intended with the following additonal effects:

1: You feel a twinge in your mind, you gain 1d100 exp.

2: You gain +1d8 to ALL saves for 2 turns.

3: Time stops for your enemies for 1d4 rounds.

4: You have no need for eating, drinking, or sleeping for 1d2 days. No spells are lost during this time.

5: You immediately are able to cast another spell on this same turn, but you cast it after all other initiatives have gone.

6: 1d4 lightning spheres bursts forth from the ground and each dealing 1d8 damage to your enemy.

7: Your target’s hands lose their bones for 1d2 rounds, if holding an item (weapon, wand, shield, etc) it is dropped and they are considered unarmed.

8: Your skin turns crimson for 1d8 hours and causes all enemies that see you to make a Fear check vs your Charisma. Should target fail this check, they are frightened.

9: A duplicate of yourself appears 1d5 feet away from you, they are an exact copy of you and for the rest of the battle each spell you cast they cast. Every roll you make applies to their actions as well.

10: Your spell does an additional 2d12 damage to your target.

11: Your eyes turn black for 2d5 days and you now have night-vision for the duration.

12: 2d100 small spiders erupt forth from the ground and mass attack your target, wrapping the target in webbing for 1d4 rounds. The tiny spiders seem to smile at you then march their way back underground.

13: After you finish your spell you notice a new ring on one of your fingers. It has within 1 limited Wish spell.

14: A random party member gains 1 point to their lowest stat, this is permanent.

15: You hear what sounds like a million voices cry out, then silence. All enemies are silenced for 1d2 rounds.

16: A shimmering Gate opens behind you. It is up to the DM to determine where it goes should you choose to enter. It will remain open for 1d4 hours.

17: All weapon on all party members glow blue for 1d4 rounds. While glowing the weapons deal as extra 4d6 damage.

18: Your target turns on his/her own party on the next round, if it is a solo fight then they attack themselves the next round. They return to normal the round after that.

19: Your attack deals 4x damage.

20: The area fills with whisps of black smokey tendrils, they weave among and around your party as if seeking something out. The tendrils come together and force their way into the mouth of your enemy. Your enemy is paralyzed for 1d2 rounds. At the end of those rounds, if your enemy is still alive, he/she will explode in a splash of black smoke. His/her gear is completely unharmed and can be looted.

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