Chronicles of Riddick – Review

This is an easy one to review. It’s action packed, fun, and highly entertaining. If you are expecting a rehash of Pitch Black, don’t. It has nothing at all to do with the storyline of the first, other than it is about Riddick, Imam, and Jack”ie”.

I liked this film for tieing in past characters and past events while taking the main character in a new direction. Yes it has Scientific flaws, but tell me, what sci-fi movie doesn’t?

Below is a synopsis of the movie. I’ve left out many details but below is the basic storyline, so if you don’t wanna know what happens, DON’T READ IT.

You have been warned…

It’s a sequal to the first (Pitch Black), and ties in via the “holy man”, Abu ‘Imam’ al-Walid – played by Keith David, and the young boy that was later to be discovered to be a girl, Jack/Jackie (at roughly age 13) – played by Rhiana Griffith, from the first movie, Pitch Black.

This one takes place 5 years later. A race called the Necromungers are planet hopping and destroying planets while taking the inhabitants and forcing them to either join the ranks of the Necros or die.

Meanwhile Riddick is in hiding on a frosty planet (sortav like Hoth) and is being tracked down by Mercs. Riddick gets the upper hand and takes off in the merc’s ship, figureing that more would come looking for him. He finds himself heading to a planet, Helios Prime, to go after the guy that hired the mercs to capture him. Yep you guessed it, it was Imam that wanted him. Riddick and Imam have a chat and it is explained to Riddick that the Necros are going to destroy everything, and “Save us Riddick, you are our only hope.”

Riddick is also told that Jack/Jackie went in search of him but was captured and sent to the prison planet of Crematoria, a planet that is 600 degrees in the sun side, -300 degrees on the dark side. At this same time the Necros begin to attack Helios Prime. Riddick is captured by the Necros, then escapes, then is captured by Mercs. While in chains on board the Merc’s ship he tricks them into taking him to Crematoria.

Once on Crematoria he finds Jack/Jackie, only to find out she has changed her name to Kyra, played by Alexa Davalos, and states that Jack/Jackie was dead because she was too weak. Riddick then manages to find a way topside and he and his party make a run for the ship, rushing to get there before the sun comes up and fries them all to bits.

Meanwhile it is discovered of a prophecy of sorts that riddick has the ability to kill the leader of the Necros. SO, the leader of the Necros sends out his #1 to track down and kill Riddick. #1 tracks Riddick to Crematoria, and in a battle Riddick is left wounded to die in the sun while Kyra is captured and taken to Helios Prime.

Riddick is saved by someone that is somewhat sympathetic to his cause and is able to return to Helios Prime as well. Once there we see that the Necro leader is about to destroy the planet, Riddick is able to infultrate his ship just before it takes off.

Riddick confronts the leader only to find that Kyra is standing beside him and appears to have been converted!

The movie ends in a very Conan the Barbarian type way; when you see it you will understand what I mean. I’m all ready for the 3rd Riddick movie.

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