Chest Burster from FingerFunk

I loved the movie Alien and.. most of it’s sequels. The idea that there was a space monster that could pop out of my chest at any moment gave me chills. Now it can happen!

The folks over at have a Chest Burster app that will.. well.. let a Chest Burster burst out of your chest!

How does it work?

First you gotta download the App. I’ll give you the link in just a moment. Then, from the app, you have to download the Marker Image (super simple, just click a button and it downloads, then click a button and you return to the main screen of the app). Then you start the simulation. You will hear the Proximity Alarm letting you know that the app is tracking properly. Easy Stuff.

Now, in order to get the Chest Burster to start bursting, you also need to either grab a t-shirt that FingerFunk sells, or simply download the image (By the way, the image at the top of this post works too).

You should be able to find the app simply by searching for “Chest Burster” or you can grab it from one of these links:
The link to the app for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad fans can be obtained here.
The link to the app for Android fans can be obtained here.
The tracking image itself that you can print out can be obtained here.
The app DOES require a camera.


Now that we have tried the app you can see why having it on a shirt works best. Still, with the print-out I’m having fun watching this guy pop out of the walls, the floor, the fridge, the car, and everything else..

If only we could get this same technology into some sunglasses.. Imagine a world in which some people could be Aliens but no one would know unless they had the app on their “smart sunglasses”! That way the one way to see those aliens would be to wear sunglasses! I bet I could even get Roddy Piper to do a video for the app!

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