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Adventure Journal

In my tavels I sometimes find that several months later I am forgetting some of the details.  I love going on adventures, and as such I need to keep better track of them.  In the true spirit of blogging, I have decided to create this Adventure Journal.  I am writing it for myself, but feel […]

Look what we just got in!

Hot out of some boxes, I found some hidden gems from yesteryore.  Take a look at this! That’s not even 1/4 of the Dungeons and Dragons books that I got in.  And yeah, hidden kindav at the top and right of the photo is a Games Workshop box of skeletons. Over the next couple of […]

Status of

I know I’ve been neglecting for the past few months.  My time has been consumed by  Seriously, it’s infected me like a virus.  I’ve had such positive feedback from it from everyone that has stopped by to check it out. What is Put simply, it is a website that sells Horror related […]

Masters of the Game

Game Masters has been around since about 1994. Starting out as a brick and mortar retail location in Memphis, Tennessee, GameMasters is now a website dedicated to the review of games, movies, and other assorted geekery. Should you want us to review a game feel free to drop us a note.  We have almost every […]

Hurricane Jeanne 9-24-2004

You can view some pictures as I take them here: Friday, September 24th, 2004. 7:07 PM Eastern. Yeah.  Another one.  This one did a really wierd curly Q in the middle of the ocean.  It took a westward path then once it got to Jamaca it turned due north and stayed about 600 miles […]

Hurricane Ivan 9-07-2004

Won’t this madness stop? 3 Hurricanes in the past 4 weeks!  Ivan is about 5 days away, so it’s still a little too early to tell if Florida will get smacked again, but as it is going; it’s taking pretty much the same path as Hurricane Charley did a few weeks ago. I hope Ivan […]

Hurricane Frances 8-31-2004

I live in the Melbourne, FL. area. Tuesday, August 31st, 2004. I went to Wal-Mart today. The only water they had left was the expensive bottled kind, like Disani and Zephyr Hills. Instead I got some of the new Minute Maid Limeonade and some donut holes. Went to Windixie and got 4 gallons of distilled […]

Hurricane Charlie 08-13-2004

Hurricane Charlie Digital Oil Print – $25.00 I went to work today, had to drive about 70 miles south of where I live to get to the job location in Jensen, Florida, and noticed that the roads were simply desolate. I am covering someone’s shift here. I turned off I95 and took Orange Ave to […]

George RIP

June 29th, 2002. George died today. She was a (roughly) 10 year old Striped Knee Tarantula. George was a she? Actually, yeah she was. For many years I had a very bad phobia of spiders. Shortly after I graduated high-school I we casually walking through the mall and happened across the pet store. I went […]

Star Wars Episode 2

Ah, yes. Yoda. The Countdown has begun! Are you getting ready for May 21st 2002? If so, come by GameMasters and ask what Flisk and his wife Sonja are going to have set up at the theater for all the campers! WOW! November is upon us already! That means a tremendous amount of new games! […]

GameMasters Games Workshop

The Games Workshop Wall keeps getting bigger and bigger!   We have tons of demos going on; everything! 40K, Fantasy, Warmaster, Epic 40K, Battle Fleet Gothic, and more! Oh yeah, we also have demos of the new Inquisitor! I suppose I should also mention that we have a fantastic Blood Bowl League going on too! […]

GameMasters Collectable Card Games

Looking for some Magic Cards? Or perhaps an old Legends of the 5 Rings Starter Deck? What about some Magi-Nation Boosters? I know! You want some Warlord boosters! Well, you have found the place for all of that and more! Give us a call or stop by and get ready to game! – GameMasters

GameMasters Spokesperson

Hail All! The summer seems to hit us all at once, but never fear, we chall keep the AC cranked up for you! Come on in and pull up a game! We have new in stock StarFarers of Catan and Risk 2210 (or some future date)! Also in stock is the new HackMaster Game based […]

GameMasters RolePlaying

Roleplaying Games are our specialty! Whatever you are looking for I’m sure we have it! D&D? Oh yes. L5r? Yep! Blue Planet? yes. Vampire, and all? Of course! Yosagi Yojimbo? yeppers! Ghost Dog? yeah we have that too. Let us know what you are looking for and if by some remote chance we do not […]

GameMasters Look

We thought it would be neat to put some pictures in of our store so you can SEE what we are all about. If there is anything you would like to take a gander at let us know! I know what you are thinking, but remember this is a family site. – GameMasters New Look New Look We have listened to our patrons in regards to our web page and have done away with all the frames. Also this version should be both Netscape and IE compatable. You will also notice that we have added a few new areas to site that should be fun to explore. Go to […]

ATTENTION Games Workshop Fans!

ATTENTION Games Workshop Fans! Be sure to look at the calendar for the first weekend in June! We are doing a 40K Tournament for a prerelease for the new GW game INQUISITOR! ATTENTION Magic the Gathering Fans! Be sure to check out our calendar on June 2nd for the MINI-PRERELEASE TOURNEY FOR THE NEW EXPANSION […]

Welcome Gamers!

  Greetings Ladies and Gentlegamers of all ages. Welcome to the Gamemasters Web Site. Here you will be able  to find all manner of strange animals, including our Forum, Ebay listings, Calendar and other special little tidbits. In this Ring, you will find the Gamemasters Forum (no longer exists). Here you will be able to find and […]

Happy Valentines Day!!

GameMasters is a full service, full line gaming supply store. We carry all the best games that you are looking for at the best prices around.  We handle Magic the Gathering, Star Trek,  Star Wars, Rage,  Guardians, Doom Trooper,  Shadowfist, The Crow, D & D, Battletech, Warhammer 40,000 and many, many more!  We also sell […]

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