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A D20 Fail.. Ouch!

And then sometimes our dice just hate us. they really hate us…

Funny D&D Meme

This is a scenario that took place during this past weekend’s Dungeons & Dragons session.. too funny not to share!

D&D 5E House Rules: Luck Bonus

Our 4th Edition House Rule of the Luck Bonus was crazy popular so we decided to modify it up to D&D’s 5th Edition! The core of what the Luck Bonus is stays pretty much the same, but there are a few tweaks.  If you wish to download this as a .pdf feel free to click […]

Quick Characters for D&D

We’ve all been there.. You’re about to run a session of Dungeons and Dragons, you have your snacks and drinks all set out.  The chairs are all wiped down.  Ambient music is playing in the background.  Your players have all arrived and you have all just sat down to play.. Only.. You forgot that tonight […]

Tyrants of the Underdark Deck Building Board Game

I’m not sure how I missed this one, but Tyrants of the Underdark came out two days ago!! What is it? Wait, you haven’t heard about this yet? Then allow me to explain! Tyrants of the Underdark is part deck building and part board game. It pits 2 to 4 players against each other to […]

Wizards of the Coast Wants to Pay YOU to Scan Their OLD D&D Books!

Through the years movie studios have remastered their movies by digitizing the master film and converting it into a high quality film for home use.  The process is difficult, and in some rare cases cleaning up the film just cannot be done because the master film is too far gone or has been lost forever. […]

D&D5E: Return to Ravenloft with Curse of Strahd

Vampires + Werewolves + Horror = Ravenloft! Wizards of the Coast announced today that the original authors of Ravenloft, Tracy and Laura Hickman, are revamping (pun totally intended) the classic adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Originally published in 1983, Ravenloft quickly became the nightmare fuel that made many an adventurer scared to fall […]

Dungeon Masters Guild Opens as a Marketplace for D&D Creations

I remember back when Dungeons & Dragons came out with the Forgotten Realms gray boxed set.. I also remember submitting an original adventure to the publisher based on an area in the Forgotten Realms. I was about 14 at the time and was rejected (this was back when TSR ran D&D).  My adventure was rejected […]

DRAGON+ APP Now on the Web!!! (Dungeons and Dragons)

Back in May I wrote a small blurb up about Dragon+, the App from Wizards of the Coast, that essentially put Dragon Magazine back on the map. Well, they went and did it again and upsurged the Dragon+ App and made it available online and accessible on your computer! Getting it’s debut on the web, […]

D&D: Rainn Wilson Interview

You guys know of Rainn Wilson, probably from The Office, but he also does voicing on Adventure Time, and also was the lead detective in Backstrom. Did you know he was a fellow geek? This week he joins the Dungeons & Dragons Podcast with hosts Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble and they talk about his […]

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