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Mage Tier 20 Armor – Regalia of the Arcane Tempest

With the Tomb of Sargeras raid opening in late June, we’re revisiting the Tier 20 armor sets with in-depth previews! Since our first round of Tier 20 armor previews, Blizzard has updated some visual details and we’ve set up transmog set and modelviewer pages on Wowhead. Today we are previewing the Mage Tier 20 set, […]

Patch 7.2 Hotfixes for May 22nd – Artifact Knowledge Cap Lowered to 40

Hotfixes have been posted for May 22nd, including the lowering of the Artifact Knowledge cap to 40, down from 50. At AK 40 you will receive a 4000000% gain from Artifact Power items. This is still a huge gain, but some players were looking forward to AK 50 to make leveling alt artifact weapons even […]

Legendary Rings, Healing Items, and Upgrades in Patch 7.2.5

Patch 7.2.5 adds new legendary rings for all classes which grant the effect of a particular talent, new legendaries for all healers, and a quest to upgrade existing legendaries to ilvl 970. Here’s our recap of everything coming to legendaries in the new patch. Learn more about legendaries in the Guide to Legion Legendaries. Death […]

Wowhead Weekly #120 and Week in Review

Catch up on the recent week in WoW News – 7.2.5 Chromie Scenario, Destiny 2 on, giftable Wowhead Premium and more in our weekly recap. Wowhead Weekly is a World of Warcraft podcast with Wowhead Site Manager Perculia and Video Manager TradeChat where all the recent Blizzard news and Wowhead developments are discussed. You […]

Mage Tower Artifact Challenge Guides for All Specs

The Mage Tower is back up on NA realms from May 19th through 22nd, opening up the spec-specific challenges for A Challenging Look. The Mage Tower buff up for this rotation is Knowledgeable, which grants a chance at bonus Artifact Power in Dungeons and Raids – great for Nighthold or Mythic+. Today we are excited […]

Powerlevel Pets with Squirt on NA Realms for May 19th

Squirt is now up in the Garrison on NA realms for May 19th! This is an amazing day to powerlevel pets during the Pet Battle Bonus Event due to Sign of the Critter. With Squirt up, you can repeatedly farm this Menagerie battle with one main pet and two “carry” pets that need experience. If […]

Destiny 2 Coming to

On the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal today, Mike Morhaime made the surprising announcement that Destiny 2 will be coming to Blizzard is partnering with Bungie and Activision to bring Destiny 2 to the PC — only through You’ll be able to use your Blizzard Balance to purchase Destiny 2! This is the first […]

Petopia: Suggestions for Matching Mounts and Pets, More Feathermane Tames

Our friends at Petopia have added some neat matching mounts and pet filters, as well as discovered several more hunter tames. We wanted to highlight their work as their community has been great about sharing their findings on Wowhead! On the Petopia search page there are new filters for matching mounts and battle pets. Clicking […]

Warrior Tier 20 Armor – Titanic Onslaught Armor

With the Tomb of Sargeras raid opening in late June, we’re revisiting the Tier 20 armor sets with in-depth previews! Since our first round of Tier 20 armor previews, Blizzard has updated some visual details and we’ve set up transmog set and modelviewer pages on Wowhead. Today we are previewing the Warrior Tier 20 set, […]

Warcraft Logs Launches Raiding Character Profiles

Warcraft Logs has added Character Profile pages this week, fusing important character data with their unique raid rankings! Wowhead has partnered with Warcraft Logs to provide some of the tooltips and data, and we wanted to highlight the new feature. To get started, simply type in the name of your character in the search box […]

A Found Memento: Raising a King

Last month, Alliance players were treated to a special questline about King Anduin Wrynn, starting from A Found Memento off the coast of the Broken Shore. Today, Blizzard has provided more insights into this epic questline and cinematic. Blizzard For those of the Alliance, the loss of King Varian Wrynn at the Broken Shore continues […]

Maiden of Vigilance Tomb of Sargeras Early Preview with FatbossTV

Tomb of Sargeras, Legion’s 4th raid, opens in Patch 7.2.5 in mid-to-late June. In preparation for the upcoming raid, FatbossTV created early previews of all the bosses. Closer to the launch of Tomb of Sargeras, Fatboss will be creating in-depth video guides, as well as written raid strategy guides published on Wowhead. Maiden of Vigilance […]

Method Acquire Four Serenity Members, Mythic Raid Testing: May 18-19, WoW Arena Cup #2 Results

Today’s news includes a large in the roster for the upcoming Tomb of Sargeras World First race, upcoming Mythic Raid Testing and results for WoW Arena Cup #2. Method Acquire Four Serenity Members Earlier today, Method announced its acquisition of four former Serenity members: Fragnance, Lazel, Gingi and Deepshades. Several high-profile Serenity main raid team […]

The Deaths of Chromie Scenario – 7.2.5 PTR Preview

The Deaths of Chromie is a new solo challenge scenario up for testing on the 7.2.5 PTR! While the scenario title sounds quite serious, it’s actually tongue-in-cheek. Chromie finds herself in trouble across multiple timelines and it’s up to you to help her disrupt all the threats! Earn reputation, special transmog sets, and more for […]

7.2.5 PTR – Build 24116 Data Updates – More Legendary Rings and Healer Items

This week’s 7.2.5 PTR build features the remaining procs for new legendary rings and more changed Tier 20 set bonuses, including Vengeance Demon Hunters. Wowhead’s database is now updated for the latest PTR, check out the latest items. They include the new legendaries described in this post, items for the Chromie Scenario Transmog datamined last […]

New Events in WoW for May 16: Relieved of Their Valuables, Pet Battle Bonus Event, Deepwind Dunk PvP Brawl, Flotsam World Boss

New World of Warcraft Legion Events for the week of May 16 includes , the quest for Week 8 of the Breaching the Tomb quest chain, the Pet Battle Bonus Event, Deepwind Dunk and a new World Boss. For the day-to-day updates on Emissary quests, Xurios, Mythic+ Affixes, Violet Hold Mythic and more, please visit […]

May 15 Hotfixes, Christie Golden Working at Blizzard, Overwatch Books, Blue Tweets

Today’s Roundup includes May 15 Hotfixes, Christie Golden Working at Blizzard, two new Overwatch Books and Blue Tweets.For more recent news, check out Season 4 Prestige Rewards, Wowhead Weekly #119 and a Gifting Feature for Wowhead Premium. May 15 Hotfixes Today’s Hotfixes include the fix for the Warrior Class Hall skyjump disconnect. BlizzardMay 15HotfixesClasses Monk […]

Legion PvP Season 4 Prestige Rewards and Order Revealed

Blizzard has revealed the order of the rewards for Prestige 15-18 in the upcoming Season 4 of Legion PvP. These rewards are the final Artifact Appearance color, the last of the PvP Pennants, a new mount Prestigious Forest Courser and the title . For more information on the Prestige system and tips on earning Honor, […]

New Site Feature: Gift Wowhead Premium to Friends

Wowhead exists as a free resource due to our loyal users. With your support throughout the years, we’ve been able to hire additional writers for topics like classes and raids, localize Wowhead into many languages, and expand our development team to showcase our data in cool ways like the Flying Tool and Dressing Room. A […]

Arena Cup #2 will be LIVE Sunday 11am PDT

Cup #2 of the WoW® Arena World Championship takes place today, Sunday, May 14th. Blizzard has written a blog covering everything you need to know about the event! Just getting into PvP? Check out our Season 3 Rewards and Honor Guide. BlizzardCup #2 of the WoW® Arena World Championship goes live Sunday 14th May. To […]

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