Battle: Los Angeles a review

Several months ago a movie came out called Skyline. I saw it on opening day and saved you guys the trouble of the review because, yes, it was that bad. Had it come out on perhaps a made for TV Sci-Fi station it might have been okay to glance at every now and again, but as it was, it was pure crap.

The same cannot be said about Battle: Los Angeles. BLA starts off with an All Star cast, Aaron Eckhard (Two-Face from Dark Knight) heads up a Marine platoon against an all out battle of the ages.

There is wonderful character development, introducing the key players through small vingettes. Once the major battle begins, which is pretty much from the start, it simply does not stop. Which, if I had to complain, might be the only thing I would complain about. The movie clocks in at 116 minutes (just over 2 hours once you count in all the commercials and previews), so it’s not that long of a movie, but the battle scenes could have certainly been edited down a fair amount. Don’t get me wrong, the battles were good, full of neat eye-candy, and in-your-face, and well, yeah, that’s the title of the movie.

I’d recommend it if you are looking for a fun sci-fi movie. Lots of action. The story is very driven, and is actually less about an alien invasion as it is more about the camaraderie among the people thrust into this extraordinary situation.

Short version: I recommend it.

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