ATTENTION Games Workshop Fans!

ATTENTION Games Workshop Fans! Be sure to look at the calendar for the first weekend in June! We are doing a 40K Tournament for a prerelease for the new GW game INQUISITOR!

ATTENTION Magic the Gathering Fans! Be sure to check out our calendar on June 2nd for the MINI-PRERELEASE TOURNEY FOR THE NEW EXPANSION APOCOLYPSE! WOW! This one is gonna be FUN! Unfortunatly we have to limit this one to the first 24 people to sign up. YOU CAN PREREGISTER!!! Entry fee is $25.00. You will get 1 Invasion Tournament Starter and 3 (yes 3) Apocolypse boosters! Tonns of prizes will also be given away! This prerelease also triggers the kickoff of the next Arena Season! Come by early and start signing up!

As you know the Mithril Card has been done away with. Also done away with has been the drawing for gift certificates. Why have we done this?
Simply put: It was too hard for people to keep up with their Mithril Cards, and we had a hard time remembering to ask for the Mithril Card Number. As for the Gift Certificate, well, we simply could not remember to hand out the tickets.
*Time to tell you all about the new Bonus Program!*
All In-Print CCG’s are now 10% off at all times!
If you buy an entire box of In-Print Starters or Boosters it’s 20% off at all times!
All Magazines are now 10% off at all times!
All Core Products are now 20% off at all times!
All Bargain stuff in the back is now 50% off MSRP at all times!


If you purchase between $100.00 and $149.99 your entire order gets a 10% discount!
If you purchase between $150.00 and $199.99 your entire order gets a 15% discount!
If you purchase more than $200.00 your entire order gets a 20% discount!
Be sure to explore the rest of the website for 1 more discount oportunity!
That’s 100% of the merchandise in our store being BELOW retail! Come in and take advantage!

* – This discount offer does not apply to multiple discounts. For example, you could not purchase 3 boxes of boosters for 20% off, putting the price right at $200.00 and get another 20% off your order.
– GameMasters

New Store Hours
Monday – Friday 11am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 9pm
Sunday Noon – 6pm

New Game Room Hours
Monday – Friday 11 am – Midnight
Saturday 10am – Midnight
Sunday Noon – 8pm

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