Animal Crossing GameCube

Animal Crossing for the GameCube shows exactly what the GameCube can do. Get this; You can hook up your GameBoy Advanced without a game in it and download a game onto it with Animal Crossing!
Also included with Animal Crossing are many many classic Nintendo games; Clu Clu Land, Donky Kong, and many others (those also can be downloaded to you GameBoy Advanced, but when you turn it off the games turn off too. However you can still redownload them).

The game also requires a full memory cartridge to play; but get this; it comes with it’s own!

The gameplay seems to be set up for a 12 year old; but it has many antics that seem to have been designed for adult players.
The neatest thing about this game is that it continues to play and evolve even when you are not playing it. The GameCube itself has an internal clock; and the game is made in such a way that events happen at certain times and on certain days. They celebrate Holidays, birthdays, etc. It’s as close to playing an online role playing game as you can get without actually being online.
Oh! And you can also have up to 3 friends play in your same town. Each time you create a new game (town) the setup is different (but to be honest I don’t recommend ever creating a new town once you have already started unless you do it on a new memory card). You can also trade items between your friends and also visit their towns.

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this game!

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