Candlekeep Mysteries book review

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Candlekeep Mysteries is a campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons set in the Forgotten Realms.  The book is really designed for the Dungeon Master, not much of the information within should really be for the player’s eyes (well, other than the maps, which would really be the DM’s discretion).

Candlekeep itself, is a big library in Baldur’s Gate which is about 500 miles south of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms.  If you don’t play in the Forgotten Realms, not to worry, you can easily transplant this campaign into any other setting, or to even your own homebrew world, the setting is really quite generic so doing this makes it very easy.

The concept is that the players are in a massive library (what gets them there can be a hook within itself) and there are several books that they can run across that will open up a world of mystery.  17 adventures (each one centered around a single book found within the library) are contained within Candlekeep Mysteries, each one designed for various levels and party size, however, it is quite easy to adjust the level of the adventure to suit your party.  As best I can tell, none of the adventures within have been previously published, all look to be original to this campaign.

The adventures themselves will take your party on a variety of.. Well.. adventures.  From finding a missing sage to finding a long lost town, from unlocking a strange event involving organ transplants to hunting down a lich with strange new abilities.

There are new monsters to encounter, puzzles to solve, and mysteries to unravel.  New magic items to be found, and hey, who knows the players may just discover a book (or two) that grant untold power, anything can happen in Candlekeep Mysteries!

The book itself releases on March 16th of 2021 and there are two versions of the cover, the regular and the collector’s edition.

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Until next time, adventurers, game on!