Game News

Okay, this is really bizarre.. Old Spice (as in the deodorant company) has made a new class for Dungeons and Dragons called “Gentleman Class”.. Now, this is all unofficial because, well, Old Spice is not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast, but still.. What’s cool is that a company known for making deodorant is kindav putting some light onto Dungeons and Dragons, which further goes to show that it’s gaining in popularity.

Sure, there is a lot of advertising ploy in their Gentleman Class, but it actually looks like it would be fun to play. I wonder what happens if there are two of these classes in a party.. And when will L’Oréal Paris make a class for the ladies? Okay, enough of my blather, check this out from Old Spice’s Twitter post from February 7th..

Download this new Old Spice Gentleman Class for the greatest role playing game of all time, which we cannot mention for legal reasons, to fulfill that fantasy dream you have always had since reading this post. https://t.co/sz1D2hMMm9 pic.twitter.com/f7KsKE6aiQ

— Old Spice (@OldSpice) February 7, 2018